by Hugh Martin


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Hugh Martin on Jonah is both a commentary and a devotional classic. Referring to the unobtainable 1866 edition of this work, C. H. Spurgeon wrote: 'A first-class exposition of Jonah. No one who has it will need any other. It is not a small treatise, as most of the Jonah books are; but it contains 460 pages, all rich with good matter. It is out of print, and ought to be republished. What are publishers at to let such a book slip out of the market?'

Hugh Martin (1822-85) was one of the most outstanding men in that 'galaxy of gifted and devoted ministers of the Gospels' in Scotland during the second half of last century. After a distinguished university career, in which he obtained the highest mathematical honours, he entered the ministry and held pastorates at Panbride and Edinburgh before he was forced to retire in 1865 because of ill-health.

'All his writings', in the opinion of John Murray, 'exhibit an unexcelled warmth and fervour. No one could scale higher heights of sanctified eloquence.' His other principal works were The Shadow of Calvary, Christ's Presence in the Gospel History, The Atonement, and Simon Peter.

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ISBN-13: 9780851511153
Publisher: Banner of Truth, The
Publication date: 02/28/2001
Series: Geneva Commentaries Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.75(w) x 8.64(h) x 1.01(d)

Table of Contents

I.Jonah i. 1.--Jonah's Mission; its Place in Historical Development1
II.Jonah i. 1.--Relations between Jew and Gentile15
Part 1.The Commission Issued--and Refused
III.Jonah i. 2.--Jonah's Commission; its Sovereignty and Righteousness25
IV.Jonah i. 3.--Jonah's Flight; its Meaning and Motive33
V.Jonah i. 3.--Jonah's Flight; its Lessons51
VI.Jonah i. 4.--The Storm67
VII.Jonah i. 5.--The Prayer of Terror, and the Sleep of Sorrow, in the Storm80
VIII.Jonah i. 6.--The World Rebuking the Church94
IX.Jonah i. 6.--Natural Religion; its Strength and Weakness108
X.Jonah i. 7.--Casting the Lot123
XI.Jonah i. 8, 9.--Jonah in the Ship: Achan in the Camp140
XII.Jonah i. 9, 10.--Aggravations of the Guilt of Backsliding158
XIII.Jonah i. 11-17.--The Casting of Jonah into the Sea172
XIV.Jonah ii. 1-9.--Jonah's Prayer: The Conflict of Faith and Sense188
XV.Jonah i. 17; ii. 10.--New Testament Commentaries: No. I.--The Type205
Part 2.The Commission Re-issued--and Fulfilled
XVI.Jonah iii. 1.--Jonah Restored to Office226
XVII.Jonah iii. 1-4.--The Commission Re-issued--and Accepted244
XVIII.Jonah iii. 5, 9.--Nineveh's Repentance:--its Origin and Nature260
XIX.Jonah iii. 6-8, 10.--Nineveh's Repentance:--its Nationality; its Expressions; its Efficacy276
XX.Jonah iii. 10.--New Testament Commentaries: No. II.--The Parallel294
XXI.Jonah i. 17; iii. 10.--New Testament Commentaries: No. III.--The Sign309
XXII.Jonah iv. 1-11.--Jonah's Anger--and the Gourd344

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