Jonathan Womack Triple Book

Jonathan Womack Triple Book

by Jonathan Womack

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Jonathan Womack Triple Book by Jonathan Womack

From classic influences such as Superman and Lois, and Tarzan and Jane, come three fantasy adventures from the Stan Lee of novelists, Jonathan Womack. Includes the out-of-body superhero adventure, 'A Cry for a Hero', the Cheyenne Dogsoldier adventure, 'The Dogman Cometh', and the epic superhero saga, Old Souls.

A Cry for a Hero

After playing dead to survive a terrifying encounter high in the Rocky Mountains, 29 year-old Jack Ramsey discovers he is a ghostly, disembodied spirit with fantastic abilities, able to leave and return to his physical body at will.
Test-flighting his new powers, Jack stumbles upon a villainous plot to destroy Boston, the Cradle of Democracy. Jack answers the call by drawing on his love of comic books and transforming into the superhero "Ram." Joining forces with a female assassin, Vonya, they struggle to save Boston and each other.

The Dogman Cometh

The Past…
The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers of the old west, or Hoe-tuh met-tuh nay-yoh, were skilled warriors serving as a last line of defense, the embodiment of purity and sacrifice. Many gave their lives protecting the tribe from enemies. In November 1864, one hundred Cheyenne escaped the Colorado Sand Creek massacre and were chased into Montana, disappearing into the snow-capped mountains, never to be seen again.

The Present…
Intrepid anthropologist Jessica Corbett leads a team of nine diggers into the wilds of Glacier National Park, Montana, searching for signs of the legendary lost-band of Cheyenne, hot on a trail leading her to the heart of evil. Late one night, under the light of a blood moon, she learns one of her crew is a murderous racist who's after an amulet worn round her neck, and will kill to possess it.
Glacier Park-Ranger Jared Neeling is a man with no roots, his foster parents dead, his biological parents a mystery. Perched high on a remote cliff overlooking the majestic Ma'heono Falls, he ponders his place in the world, and where next to steer his life's course.
After a near-fatal misstep, Jared finds himself inside a dark cavern where a lone shaman shares a vexing tale. The White Devil of Sand Creek has returned, meaning to paint the earth red with Cheyenne blood. Even more shocking is the shaman's claim Jared is the one of legend, the Oeškeso He-tah-ne, the Dogman, a fierce warrior charged with stopping the killer from wiping out the Cheyenne people. In a night filled with terror, Jared and Jessica fight against threats from man and beast.

Old Souls

The Past…

Sixty-five million years ago, intelligent life evolved on a larger, fifth world orbiting beyond Earth known as Thayuh, Mars was its moon. In a catastrophic moment of Entropy, the planet Thayuh exploded: the resulting blast destroying all surface life on Mars, leaving behind an asteroid belt of debris and dead remnants of an Egyptian-esque civilization amidst the Martian craters.

The Present…

Sworn to protect mankind and the Earth from a repeat of ancient oblivion, a group of spiritually evolved, reincarnated superheroes known as "Old Souls" use their unique powers against an elite order bent on depopulating the planet with a cataclysmic attack.

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BN ID: 2940014425513
Publisher: Charles River Press
Publication date: 05/09/2012
Series: CRP Megabook Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Questions of spirituality, faith, the brevity of life and what becomes of us after death are enduring questions for the ages - brought into particularly sharp focus with the events of the last few years. However, author, visionary and regular guy Jonathan Womack has a few answers. Jonathan freely lectures on his own amazing out-of-body episodes and understanding of the soul's experience and existence before, during, and after death - in a captivating, compelling manner cloaked in an approachable, aw-shucks Midwest charm.

Jonathan is committed to raising awareness on this topic through his lectures, website ( and book, A Cry for a Hero, a semi-autobiographical fictional story about the world's first out-of-body superhero. He has had a positive impact on many people looking for a glimpse of what it all means and why we are here. Jonathan is employed by Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and writes in his spare time. He resides south of Boston and is currently at work on his third fourth novel, Ram I Am.

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