Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan

Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan

by Michael Lingaard


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Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan by Michael Lingaard

Twelve thousand years ago, the fabled island of Aztlan, in a cataclysmic event, disappeared beneath the sea, taking with it all the island's mysteries, which were lost forever. Or were they?

Bloodlines lived on, passed on through Aztlan's survivors. These bloodlines included powerful priests and priestesses, who controlled almost mythical powers through the magic of Greater and Lesser crystals.

In modern day England, 16-year-old Jonathon Goode and his cousin, Elizabeth Waterhouse, are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold. It comes to pass.

The elf gives Jonathon an Everywhere Key, opening a doorway to a realm between realities. Three Muses of magic in the realm are convinced that Elizabeth is the heir to an ancient bloodline of Priestesses, and believe she has the power to control a Lesser crystal.

They were wrong. Elizabeth does have a magic power, but it is the power of a biomorph. Elizabeth is a shape-shifter.

It is Jonathon who has the true power.

The Muses tell a tale of a crystal that is no longer lost and is being use for evil. They want Jonathan and Elizabeth to find it and return it to them. But the crystal is in another reality, one they can access through the Everywhere Key. They end up in the land of Thallos, where the survivors of Aztlan fled when their island home was submerged. But Thallos is also the home of Great Worms, dwarves, trolls, and magicians.

Born in Manchester, England, Michael Lingaard spent his formative years in New Zealand, and is now an engineer in Australia. This is the first book of a trilogy.

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ISBN-13: 9781681811055
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 11/18/2015
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.48(d)

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Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite Sixteen-year-old Jonathon ‘Jack’ Goode spends his school holidays in the little village of Upper Uffing, together with his parents, his aunt and his cousin, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Waterhouse. One night, at the town’s fair, a fortune teller tells Jack that he “will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold.” Little does Jack know that the ‘mumbo-jumbo’ is true and that he and Lizzie will discover a doorway to a realm between realities. There, with the help of Three Muses, the cousins find out they have magical talents, and they need to recover a stolen crystal in another realm called Thallos. Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch (The Crystals of Aztlan) by Michael Lingaard has an intriguing premise and a great set of characters which include elves, centaurs, dwarves and dragons. Lingaard gives readers a new spin on the legend of Atlantis, which provides a great basis for the story. The plot is well-written, although I thought that several events could happen at a faster rate. The world-building is deftly done and rich with details. The prose has a good flair, even though the narrative has sporadic repetition throughout the story, which is due to Lingaard’s storytelling style. The moment when Jack and Lizzie discover their talents is one of the highlights of the book. The reason that Jack is considered an ‘Honorary Witch’ is one of the funny parts of this modern fantasy tale, and I'd rather not spoil it for others. Even though Jack has great magic power, I find Lizzie’s gift as a shapeshifter much more exciting, particularly when she meets Bessha, the dragon. On the whole, Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch has enough magic, fantasy beings, realms and actions to entice its targeted readers.
BaronessBookTrove More than 1 year ago
The publisher asked me to read this review for my honest opinion. Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan by Michael Lingaard is really a great book. Despite some things that were a bit weird this book is definitely one that I can see myself rereading in the future. What first caught me about this book is the wonderful plot it made me think about Atlantis since Aztlan sounded a little bit like Atlantis from the plot. I am so grateful that I did read it as it is such a great book. I like how Mr. Lingaard created a bit of three worlds and together into this book. I especially like the way he had the magic aspect of the book. I also liked how we followed more than one character throughout the book. I really liked that it actually made sense to do that. I also like despite the differences between Earth and the other two worlds the characters are all becoming friends with each other. The people from Earth try to help one of the worlds out even more than what they are supposed to do. There were somethings I disliked about the book and the biggest one happened to be no chapters in the book. So, for someone, like me, who likes to read to the next chapter can’t exactly do that in this book. Instead I read from one set of bold words to the next. There were also some words missing but my brain was able to put the words in which is good and didn’t take me out of my story. That happens sometimes and I hate it when a story does that to you. Another thing I liked about the book are the references to some past history thrown in. That history helped the protagonist a lot. Each of the characters are so well-crafted that I am glad to have read this book and created a lot of new friends. I am giving this book a five-star rating because it is that good. Though I am sure by now my mom is tired of me talking about this book. I just can’t help it! Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan by Michael Lingaard is definitely a book good enough for both young adults and adults’ a like. The ending also left it open for a sequel or for us to just contemplate about Jonathon, Elizabeth, and everyone else’s lives now. I will definitely say more of the second option though. Anyways until the next time enjoy this review brought to you by Baroness’ Book Trove. To read other reviews like this one please visit my site: