Jorid Linvik's Big Book of Christmas Knits: Over 70 Scandinavian Holiday Patterns

Jorid Linvik's Big Book of Christmas Knits: Over 70 Scandinavian Holiday Patterns

by Jorid Linvik


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Dozens of delightfully colorful holiday patterns from popular designer Jorid Linvik.

Make it the best time of the year—all year long! Fan-favorite Scandinavian knitwear designer Jorid Linvik, the bestselling author of the beloved Big Book of Knitted Mittens and Big Book of Knitted Socks, has brought together an all-new collection of patterns: over 70 projects bursting with holiday cheer. Whether you're a planner who preps for Christmas months in advance, or you're looking for a fast, fun gift at the last minute, the perfect pattern is waiting for you, with Jorid's trademark flair, color, and sense of style.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Everything you need to stay snug all winter, including hats, mittens, sweaters, and more, for children and adults.

  • Christmas fun for the whole family: charming dolls, adorable toys, and even a hand-knit advent calendar!

  • Dozens of ways to embrace the spirit of the season, with handmade Christmas-themed home décor and knitted ornaments perfect for even the tiniest tree.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781570769528
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,195,938
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 10.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jorid Linvik lives in Bodø, Norway, where she runs her pattern shop and the knitting blog, and has over 29,500 followers on Facebook. In addition, she travels around teaching and giving inspiring lectures about her great passion for knitting.

Table of Contents

7 Preface

8 Basics for Knitting the Patterns in This Book

11 Understanding Charts

13 Yarn, Knitting Needles, and Gauge

15 Pompoms

16 I-Cords

17 Fringe and Doll’s Hair

18 Felting


21 Advent

22 Advent Calendar Bags

33 Dolls

38 Patterns

42 Hair and Accessories for the Dolls

42 Hair

43 Scarf

43 Pants

43 Bib

45 Hair

46 Slippers

47 Backpack

48 Vest

49 Dress with Wings

50 Wings

51 Pants


54 Christmas Stockings

58 Christmas Stocking, “Jonas”

60 Christmas Stocking, “Pony”

62 Christmas Stocking, “Martin”

64 Christmas Stocking, “Teddy Bear on Skis”

66 Christmas Stocking, “Birgitte”

69 Design your own Christmas Stocking


72 Potholders

74 Pigs on the Run

77 Gingerbread House

79 Winter Birds

83 Silverware Holders

84 House with Wood Siding and a Rounded Roof

86 Gingerbread House

88 Church

90 Block

92 Bead-Knitted Holder

94 Christmas Tree

97 Pig


102 Snowmen

106 Cap and Scarf for the Snowman

108 Mini-Caps, -Mittens, and -Socks

110 Mini-Elf Cap

112 Mini-Mittens

114 Mini-Socks with Flowers

116 Flag Color Striped Mini-Socks

121 Initialed Mini-Socks

124 Striped Mini-Stockings


129 Bows

130 Spotted Bow

130 Bow with Diagonal Stripes

131 Striped Bow

133 Winter Birds

133 Child’s Cap with Bullfinch

137 Sweater with Winter Birds

141 Bullfinch Mittens

147 Winter Birds, Socks

153 Cap with Magpies

157 Elf Mother’s Heart

159 The Elf Mother’s Heart, Mittens

163 The Elf Mother’s Heart, Socks

167 The Elf Mother’s Heart, Cap


170 Good, Old-fashioned Christmas Gifts

170 Durable Socks

173 Work Mittens

176 Everyday Caps


180 Felted Mittens

184 Felted Children’s Mittens

186 Felted Cap and Headband


190 Women’s Slippers with Ridges and Pompoms

192 Easy Men’s Slippers with “ Shoe Strings”

194 Easy Women’s Slippers

198 Easy Baby Slippers and Mittens with Ties

203 Fringed Cowl

204 Wrist Warmers with Buttons and Fringe

207 Cap “with a Twist”


I am certainly not the only one who thinks that Advent and the Christmas holidays are the best time of the year. The good feelings arrive on December 1 when the advent stars and advent candles are placed in the cottage window to mark the time leading up to Christmas.

December days go by quickly with all sorts of Christmas preparations. Christmas concerts and other Christmas events are pleasant touches. At home, there is so much to keep your fingers busy – presents to wrap, Christmas cakes and other tasty Christmas food to be prepared, as well as decorating the house so it’s ready for Christmas. You have to be careful not to lose all the good feelings in the midst of this.

We want to get the most out of Christmas, so much so that all the preparations can lead to stress instead of comfort. So, don’t forget to rest between activities! Make time to sit down and knit because it is good relaxation. While you are relaxing, you can make both Christmas gifts and decorations, a win-win situation. Perhaps you’ll be able to also watch some TV or listen to music while you knit? Triple joy.

Besides, what’s stopping you from starting early, if you are that type of person? Christmas gifts and decorations can be knitted all year round so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it.

This book was written precisely for those of you who want to relax as you make your lovely knitted items. You’ll find many knitting projects here that offer comfort and usefulness for both big and small. All the projects in this book were designed with Christmas in mind, whether as gifts or toys and decorations.

Have a good Christmas!

Jorid Linvik

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