Joshua, Judges, And Ruth (Dsb)

Joshua, Judges, And Ruth (Dsb)

by A. Graeme Auld


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ISBN-13: 9780664245764
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Publication date: 05/01/2006
Series: Daily Study Bible Series
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

A. Graeme Auld is Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Edinburgh School of Divinity in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Table of Contents

Moses is Dead: Long Live Joshua (1:1-6)5
Moses Lives On--in His Word (1:7-9)8
Land Promised: Land Taken (1:10-18)11
A Woman of Easy Virtue? (2:1-11)15
Faithful Rahab (2:12-24)18
Crossing the Jordan (3:1-17)22
What Mean These Stones? (4:1-5:1)25
Circumcision: A Reproach Removed (5:2-9)29
Passover and the Lord's Host (5:10-15)33
Jericho's Walls Came Tumbling Down (6:1-27)36
Jericho "Devoted"--Rahab Liberated (6:1-27) (cont'd)40
Archaeology and Israel's Settlement in Canaan42
"A Shameful Thing in Israel" (7:1-26)45
Trouble and Guilt (7:1-26) (cont'd)50
A Ruinous Heap of Stones (8:1-29)53
An Altar on Mount Ebal (8:30-35)58
Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water (9:1-27)61
When the Sun Stood Still (10:1-15)66
Mopping up in the South (10:16-43)70
Conquest Complete (11:1-12:24)74
"It was the Lord's Doing" (11:1-12:24) (cont'd)79
Developing the Land--First Principles (13:1-14:5)83
Judah First and Caleb (14:6-15:63)88
Joseph and the Northerners (16:1-19:51)93
Asylum and Levi (20:1-21:42)100
Campaign Over--Reserves Sent Home (21:43-22:6)106
An Altar Named Witness (22:7-34)109
"He Knows; and Let Israel Itself Know!" (22:7-34) (cont'd)114
Joshua's "First" Farewell (23:1-16)116
Joshua's Review (24:1-13)120
"Choose This Day Whom Ye Will Serve" (24:14-33)123
Holy and Jealous God (24:14-33) (cont'd)126
Covenant: Statutes and Ordinances (24:14-33) (cont'd)129
Judah's Settlement--A Success? (1:1-21)132
The Situation in the North and a Divine Warning (1:22-2:5)136
The Judges Introduced (2:6-3:6)140
Three Short Stories (3:7-31)145
Deborah and Barak (4:1-24)149
The Song of Deborah (5:1-31)154
Midianite Marauders (6:1-10)160
Gideon Called to Arms (6:11-24)163
Action Begins (6:25-40)167
"The Day of Midian" (7:1-8:3)171
Midian and Kingship (8:4-35)176
Abimelech and Jotham (9:1-22)180
The Fate of Abimelech and Shechem (9:23-57)185
A List of Judges (10:1-5 and 12:7-14)190
Setting the Record Straight (10:6-11:28)193
A Fatal Vow and a Password (11:29-12:6)199
Samson's Birth (13:1-25)203
Samson's Riddle of the Lion (14:1-20)207
Foxes' Tails and an Ass's Jawbone (15:1-20)212
The End of Samson (16:1-31)216
Micah and the Levite from Bethlehem (17:1-13)222
Micah's Levite and Migrating Dan (18:1-31)226
Models of Hospitality (19:1-30)232
"They Murder on the Way to Shechem" (20:1-17)238
Benjamin Brought to Book (20:18-48)243
"Speak a Word, but it Will Not Stand" (20:18-48) (cont'd)248
Benjamin Restored (21:1-25)252
A Sorry Situation (1:1-5)258
Return to Bethlehem (1:6-22)261
"Amid Alien Corn"--I (2:1-23)264
"Amid Alien Corn"--II (2:1-23) (cont'd)267
At Midnight on the Threshing Floor (3:1-18)270
Redemption (4:1-6)274
A Happy Ending (4:7-22)277
Further Reading281

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