Journal: 365+ writing prompts, ideas and quotes to cultivate joy

Journal: 365+ writing prompts, ideas and quotes to cultivate joy

by Judy Shafarman


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Journal: 365+ Writing Prompts, Ideas and Quotes to Cultivate Joy and Well-being offers close to 400 prompts alongside thoughtful or whimsical quotations as well as two bonus appendices of folk wisdom for writers, and writers on writing.

A detailed introduction explains the benefits and value of journaling along with suggestions for daily writing practices.

Many of the ideas in this book would be welcome as dinner table discussion material along with family sharing of gratitude, brags, desires and even vulnerabilities (just like in a journal).

Journal: 365+ Writing Prompts, is part of the kindle matchbook campaign. When you get the paperback first as a gift for a friend (or yourself), you can then get the kindle version for free.

Set down your memories, experiences, gratitude, goals and achievements.

Use your private journal time for your "brain drain." Scan and sweep your mind and don't forget to appreciate all the good around you. Vent your anger, exult in your accomplishments, savor your blessings. Write poetry, short stories, or letters to your younger or older self.

Journal-keeping has a way of making things happen. It's a processing plant for projects in the future and challenges and annoyances from the past. Get the words in your heart out. Find clarity. Prioritize goals.

If you absolutely insist you can even get digital and password-protected, but then you'll miss the fun of doodling, adding arrows and mind maps along with the romantic pen and paper connection.

Begin this book any day of the year or go out of order--be free . At each writing session, read a quote and a new prompt and get comfortable with your few minutes of sweet private time away from the world. Journal in bed first thing in the morning, at the end of the day, or with your 4 pm tea break. Make it a new habit that becomes your gift to yourself. (Go on and skip a day now and then. No one's taking attendance.)

Find additional strength and support by finding a trusted journal-reading partner or non-judgmental, small, intimate group with whom to share your writing. This could be a soul mastery group which meets once a week or by Skype or however you develop it.

Of course you can journal with only your simple blank notebook, but this book will give you a real push to sustain your writing along with some novel ideas for releasing that inner junk that's been looking for a way out.

Go ahead, crack open that notebook and pick up that beloved pen you got as a present. Choose your favorite location and preferred time. WRITE one day at a time until you've found a new loving introspective behavior.

Give yourself the gift of this journal writing book.

Judy Shafarman has been a teacher and workshop facilitator for many years in several countries. She has a B.A. in English and M.A. in education.

Judy is the compiler of 2 other distinct writing books for journal-writers: My book of Appreciation and My book of Grief and Loss

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About the Author

Judy Shafarman has an M.A. in education and has taught at four universities, colleges, residences, private companies, public institutions, and conferences in several countries.

Judy kept diaries in junior high school, angry journals in high school and tried her hand at poetry in college. Somewhere in her home she has a box full of scribbled-in simple notebooks of varying size and quality that she occasionally re-visits.

A lover of books, Judy has also compiled many limited edition teaching coursebooks along with two additional journal books available at, the completely distinct writing books: My Book of Appreciation: A Journal and My Book of Grief and Loss: A Journal

The author donates 10% of her proceeds to non-profit health care services.

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