Journal of the American Revolution: Annual Volume 2015

Journal of the American Revolution: Annual Volume 2015

by Todd Andrlik (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781594162282
Publisher: Westholme Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/2015
Edition description: 1
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 6.30(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Todd Andrlik is editor-in-chief of Journal of the American Revolution (, and author of Reporting the Revolutionary War (Sourcebooks, 2012), which was named Book of the Year by the New York American Revolution Round Table.

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction ix

The Currency Act: A Problem and a Solution Bob Ruppert 1

The Stamp Act-A Brief History Mary Nesnay 8

The Hidden Life of Crispus Attucks Jerome J. Palliser 16

How Samuel Adams Recruited Sons of Liberty J. L. Bell 22

Benjamin Franklin: America's First Whistle Blower John L. Smith, Jr. 26

Congress Bans Theatre! David Malinsky 34

The American Revolution Comes to Albany, New York, 1756-1776 Elizabeth M. Covart 43

Paul Revere's Other Riders and Rides Ray Raphael 51

The Tryon County Patriots of 1775 and their "Association" Hershel Parker 63

The First Naval Skirmish of the Revolution Derek W. Beck 73

Clarifying Washington's Rank's William M. Welsch 76

Misinformation, Disinformation, and General Washington's Gunpowder Supply J. L. Bell 80

Billy Flora at the Battle of Great Bridge Norman Fuss 86

The Worth of a Continental Michael Barbieri 98

Bows and Arrows-Pikes and Spears Hugh T. Harrington 102

Disarming the Disaffected Thomas Verenna 107

Breaking News: First Reports of Independence Todd Andrlik 121

On His Majesty's Secret Service Jimmy Dick 128

How Old Were Redcoats? Age and Experience of British Soldiers in America Don N. Hagist 133

Plotting the "Sacricide" of George Washington Gary Shattuck 137

Rawdon's Ruse Don N. Hagist 148

"Cursedly Thrashed": The Battle of Harlem Heights Joshua Shepherd 151

Easton's Missing Dead Thomas Verenna 158

Top Ten American Loyalist Officers Gene Procknow 172

The British Spy Plot to Capture Fort Ticonderoga in 1777 John A. Nagy 179

A Patriot-Loyalist: Playing Both Sides Todd W. Braisted 184

So Heavy a Trial: The Burning of New York's First Capital Jack Kelly 191

The Great West Point Chain Hugh T. Harrington 198

Explaining Pennsylvania's Militia Thomas Verenna 205

The Whaleboat Men of Long Island Sound Jackson Kuhl 218

Allen McLane: A Case Study in History and Folklore Kim Burdick 224

An Elegant Dinner with General Washington at Valley Forge Nancy K. Loane 236

Silas Deane, Forgotten Patriot Elizabeth M. Covart 241

The Three Documents that Brought France into the War Bob Ruppert 251

Honorable Lords and Pretended Barons: Sorting Out the Noblemen of the American Revolution Jim Piecuch 257

The Greatest Siege Don N. Hagist 262

James Screven-Ambushed! Wayne Lynch 267

Raid Across the Ice: The British Operation to Capture Washington Benjamin L. Huggins 271

Washington Authorizes a Plan to Kidnap a Future King Christian M. McBurney 280

Infantry vs. Cavalry Daniel Murphy 287

Race to the Dan: "Pushed with Great Expedition" Michael Cecere 292

A Revolutionary Friendship Jack Kelly 297

General Washington's Deviation to Virginia Michael Cecere 305

Who Really "Crossed the T" in the Battle of the Saintes? Bob Ruppert 309

Elijah Clarke and the Georgia Refugees' Fight British Domination Wayne Lynch 315

Francis Marion Meets His Match: Benjamin Thompson Defeats the "Swamp Fox" Jim Piecuch 331

Anthony Wayne's 1782 Savannah Campaign Hugh T. Harrington 338

Fanning Outfoxes Marion Hershel Parker 350

George Washington's Top Ten Talents According to John Adams John L. Smith, Jr. 357

The Top Ten British Losers Andrew Jackson O'Shaughnessy 361

Wrecked in a Thousand Pieces: Loss of the Martha Todd W. Braisted 371

William Lee and Oney Judge: A Look at George Washington and Slavery Mary V. Thompson 379

George Washington's Mount Vernon: A Landscape for the New Cincinnatus Joseph Manca 396

Author Biographies 405

Index 414

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