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Journalist's Guide to the Internet

Journalist's Guide to the Internet

by Christopher Callahan, Leslie-Jean Thornton


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Journalist's Guide to the Internet

The Internet provides journalists with the most important new tool since the telephone. When used poorly, the Internet can result in both sloppy and inaccurate reporting. Part introduction, part hands-on tool, A Journalist's Guide to the Internet, Updated Edition is an invaluable guide for both practicing journalists and journalists-in-training. Facing tight and unbending deadlines in a fast-paced world, reporters and editors must know how to efficiently and effectively use the Internet. A Journalist's Guide to the Internet is packed with practical information and step-by-step guidelines to show you how to avoid potential pitfalls and use the Internet to improve the quality of your journalism. Through a journalistic prism, you will learn how to think strategically about the Internet and evaluate the realibility of Internet-accessed information.

A Journalist's Guide to the Internet, Updated Edition: Shows how to judge the validity of information from the Internet, including handling rumors and misinformation. Presents lists of reporting resources, references and top data sites for news stories, sorted by category, Evaluate different electronic search engines and electronic publications. Explores mailing lists, email discussion groups and electronic newsgroup bulletin boards, Contains anecdotes by some of the best and most Internet savvy journalists from the Seattle Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, the Detroit Free Press, the New Orleans Times Picayune, and more. Provides a listings of 100 of the most important Internet sites for journalists today!

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ISBN-13: 9780205565955
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 10/28/2007
Edition description: MAKE OP, LEAVE AS SOURCEBOOKS
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
About the Authors     xi
Journalists and the Net     1
What is the Internet?     1
Why Should Journalists Care About the Internet?     3
Thinking Strategically About the Net     3
Evaluating Information from the Internet     9
Myths About the Internet and Credibility     9
What's Out There?     9
Decoding Web Addresses     10
Federal Government and Military Sites     10
State and Local Government Sites     11
Educational Institutions     11
Nonprofit Organizations     12
International Sites     12
Commercial Sites     12
New Web Addresses     14
Third-Party Addresses     14
Techniques for Evaluating Web Site Credibility     15
Finding Web Page Owners and Operators     15
Truncating Web Addresses     15
Beware of Title Pages     15
Traveling in and Out of Web Sites     16
Truth or Scare     16
Newsroom Policies for Internet Reporting     18
Haven for Rumors and Misinformation     19
Basic Reporting Resources and References     33
Telephone Directories     33
Maps     34
In the Neighborhood? A Note about Accuracy     35
Map Mashups     36
Webcams     37
Building Your Source File     37
Freedom of Information Act     38
Accessing State and Local Public Records     38
Vital Records     39
Math Aid     39
Fast Facts     40
Other Reference Sources     40
Reference Collections     40
Top Data Sites for News Stories     41
Federal Government Sites, General     41
Census Bureau     41
Federal Register     42
Congress     44
Government Documents     45
Government Statistics     46
Federal Audits     46
Other Federal Agencies     46
Congressional Investigations     46
Library of Congress     46
Lobbyists     46
Politics and Campaigns     47
Campaign Ads     47
Federal Campaign Finances     47
State Campaign Finances     49
Campaign Finance Stories     49
State Lawmakers and Lobbyists      49
Political News     49
Polls and Parties     50
Health and Safety     50
Toxic Emissions     50
Highway Safety     50
Aviation Safety     51
Railroad Safety     51
Medical Library     51
Doctors     51
National Center for Health Statistics     51
Crime and Punishment     54
U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal     54
U.S. Supreme Court     54
U.S. District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts     54
Securities Cases     55
Federal Laws and Regulations     55
Legal Directory     55
Crime Statistics and Sources     56
Sex Offender Registries     56
Businesses and Nonprofits     56
Securities and Exchange Commission     56
Corporation Profiles and Press Releases     57
State Corporation Records     57
Property Records     57
Nonprofits     57
Workplace Safety     58
Census Bureau Economic Data     58
Banking Records     58
Patents     58
Business News     58
New York Times Business Guide     58
State and Local Governments     59
Online News Publications     61
Growth of Online Newspapers     61
Regional and Statewide Coverage     61
National and Topical Coverage     62
Out-of-State Publications     63
Citizen Journalism     64
Trade and Specialty Publications     65
Newspaper Archives     65
News Aggregators     65
Social Network Sites     66
Reading for Better Writing     66
Strategic Searching     67
Think Strategically: Develop a Game Plan     67
What Are You Looking For and Where Is It to Be?     67
Guessing     68
What to Do When You Don't Know Where to Go     69
Directories     69
Search Engines     69
How Search Engines Work     70
How to Use Search Engines Effectively     70
The Major Search Engines     71
Search Services     72
Aggregators or Readers     73
Storage and Retrieval     73
Find What's Popular     74
How Many Searches?     74
Building an Electronic Beat      75
Types of Beats     75
The Geographic Beat     76
The Issue Beat     77
The Institution Beat     78
Electronic Mail     81
E-Mail as a Reporting Tool     81
Decoding E-Mail Addresses     83
Finding E-Mail Addresses     84
Newsroom Policies on E-Mail Communication     84
Profnet     85
Electronic Press Releases and News Alerts     90
E-Mail as News     90
Mailing Lists: E-Mail Lists and Newsgroups     91
Journalistic Uses of Mailing Lists     92
Warnings     93
Journalism Mailing Lists     97
General Journalism Topics     97
Computer-Assisted Reporting     97
Beats     98
Specialties around the Newsroom     99
Online Journalism     99
FOIA and Press Law     100
Journalism Issues     100
Broadcast Journalism     101
Student Journalism     101
Journalism Education     101
Finding Mailing Lists     102
The Mechanics of Mailing Lists     103
Journalistic Uses of Newsgroups     105
Newsgroup Structure     105
Finding and Searching Newsgroups     105
Using a Group as a Working Tool     106
Weblogs     107
Blog Mechanics     107
Blog Types     108
Finding Blogs     108
Gathering and Organizing Blogs     109
Evaluating Blogs     110
A Selection of Useful Blogs     111
Blog Portals-Many Topics     111
Business     111
Education     111
Environment     111
Health     111
Journalism, Media     112
Journalism Training     112
Language and Editing     114
Law     113
Miscellaneous     113
Places     113
Politics     113
Reporting     114
Science     114
Search     114
Security     114
Sports     114
Technology     115
Warblogs/Milblogs     115
Weblogs from Around the World     115
Resources     115
Wikis     116
Professional Development     117
The Best Journalism Web Sites      117
Newsroom Specialists     120
Beats     122
Journalism Magazines and Newsletters     123
Minority Journalism Organizations     125
Newspaper Management and Leadership     125
Journalism Research     125
Women in Journalism     126
Broadcast Journalism     126
Other Journalism Groups     126
College and High School Journalism     127
A Journalist's Guide to the Internet: The Web Site     127
Index     128

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