Journey into Narnia

Journey into Narnia


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ISBN-13: 9780932727893
Publisher: Hope Publishing House
Publication date: 04/04/2004
Pages: 229
Product dimensions: 5.96(w) x 8.88(h) x 0.70(d)

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Kathryn Lindskoog is a first-generation C. S. Lewis specialist who has studied his writing since 1954. She went to Oxford to meet Lewis in 1956 and has published eight books about him since then, including “Light in the Shadowlands” and “C. S. Lewis: Mere Christian.” She has taught writing and literature in several institutions, including Fuller Theological Seminary and Biola University. For almost two decades she produced a quarterly newsletter called “The Lewis Legacy”.

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Lewis’s View of Truth:

It is true that there is little original material in Lewis’s books for children. He tapped many literary sources for the fanciful frameworks of his stories. Most of the Christian convictions expressed within these frameworks are traditional Christian beliefs freshly stated. Lewis believed in the divine creation of nature and humankind, the subsequent corruption of both of them and the personal love of God which redeems them.

Lewis’s credo, we have seen, can be divided into three major categories: his opinions about nature, God and humankind. These opinions establish Lewis’s position in the areas of philosophy, theology, psychology and sociology.

Lewis’s concept of nature is threefold. It consists of a romantic appreciation of untamed beauty, a rational acceptance of the supernatural and a realistic awareness of the corruption and ultimate destruction of our present system. His concept of God is that of a creator, redeemer and sustainer who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. This personal God of love, simultaneously an awesome authority figure, has the power to be revealed to creation by assuming an incarnate form....

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Edmund Fuller in “The Wall Street Journal”: “An excellent exposition of the sinewy theology that underlies the Narnia tales.”

Colin Manlove in “The Chronicles of Narnia”: “Lindskoog’s success is in enriching and deepening our understanding of the implications of the Narnia stories.... She shows how the books are part of a far larger fabric of imagery and idea.... It is small wonder that C. S. Lewis valued this book.”

A Great Travel Guide to Narnia—Chronicles of Narnia is a set of books that adults readers want to reflect on, to figure out what it all means. Lindskoog knows these books at many levels—-the concrete and story-line connections across stories, how the connections were put there by the author who did not write the books in chronological order, and the connections between story elements and philosophical and religious themes. All adult readers of the Chronicles should also read this book. Teachers who want to include any of the Narnian books in their classrooms will really benefit from the insights and the instructional aids provided by Lindskoog. —G. Michael Pressley

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