Journey into the Deep

Journey into the Deep

by Guy S Stanton III


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ISBN-13: 9781499353655
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/03/2014
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

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Journey into the Deep 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
LibraryThing Book Review~ Levi "Eli" Warner knows what it means to lose his family suddenly. Eli drowns his sorrows and pain by being the best treasure seeker there is. But God has different plans for Eli. Eli's faith in God is severely tested through out this journey. Eli believes that he isn't meant to love again despite his wife's wishes otherwise. Will Eli find his treasure? Will it matter? Can Eli let go of the past? Your answers await you in Journey into the Deep. I found this book to be a page turner. Both the story and characters were compelling, real, honest, and down to earth. I really like the author's writing style and gift for storytelling. I look forward to more from this author in the future.
Yellow30Sci-Fi More than 1 year ago
Eli might be considered a black Indian Jones as he scours through derelict houses looking for an ancient artifact that suppose to have links to finding a fabled Confederate treasure fleet lost at sea a little over a hundred and fifty years ago. Eli’s frustrated efforts suddenly vanish as he discovers that the trunk in the musty old attic he’s been fumbling through has a hidden compartment. Inside is the fabled key to all his troubles. Eli and his crew are going to be rich, or are they? Other whispered rumors suddenly manifest as to the possibility that the treasure fleet vanished to the mysterious island of Atlantis. Eli and his crew of misfits set sail to find out if the treasure fleet may be resting on the bottom of the Atlantic or will he and his crew stumble into the fabled Atlantis in their search for Confederate gold?  Guy Stanton III spins an interesting tale here, but falls short to deliver a dynamic piece of storytelling. The book is keyed on adventure, action and romance, yet more descriptive narrative would have help this tremendously. The pace of the story action was quick and some of the characters were just stage dressing with no appeal for the reader to linger on them. A second and or third set of eyes would have help catch the grammar and spelling errors that haunt this book. The first person / third person view points seemed out of place, but after a time, worked out to move the story along. The Christian element in this book is good, but is also a little thin at times. All in all this is a good book with action, adventure and romance and a fairly quick read. Hopefully Mr. Stanton will connect with a couple good editors and iron out the weak links in his writing. --- Steven C. Macon, Editor
books4nana More than 1 year ago
Suspense, Romance, Treasure Hunters in a Parallel Universe - a Great Read! Stanton's notariety for delving into a genre seldom visited in Christian fiction has offered us a new series, Water Wars. The first book in the series, Journey into the Deep, offers suspense, intrigue, romance, mystery, supernatural occurences, parallel worlds, and a candid look at the depravity of mankind. We are introduced to Eli and his crew as they embark on a dangerous journey unlike any they have taken before. Eli is a treaure hunter and is good at what he does. He is doing so just to survive as he lives in bitterness and self-loathing after the deaths of his wife and two young daughters. He stumbles onto something much larger than ever imagined, an artifact with ties to Atlantis or civil-war era ships laden with wealth, plantation families and slaves. Soon he finds a calling to more than treasure hunting. Journey into the Deep took me a few chapters to get into but once I did I was hooked. Stanton mixes a lot of real history in with his fiction and at times I find myself trying to recall which is which. I also remind myself the biblical references are also part of his story and unless a direct quote from the Bible to keep my fiction mindset separate from scripture interpretation. I do enjoy the truths of the walk with Christ his characters reflect. One thing I do not understand is why Stanton doesn't in story come right out and say marriage. In this time period marriage would have been the recognized way of securing a life mate. So why avoid it completely? The battle of good and evil and alertness of spiritual warfare are an intense part of our story with vivid descriptions of the creatures and the places of these battles. Also threaded throughout is personal brokeness and the healing process. Eli, our captain is a broken, bitter man when we meet him. He thinks his life is over and seeks nothing that requires giving of himself. He would as soon die as live. Katurah, who we meet later has suffered horrible autrocities leaving her disfunctional in some areas. We see through the need for, and the availabilty for healing and restoration. Stanton brilliantly weaves these real-life things in an adventure story filled with sea monsters, giants and such. Stanton's writing style is heavy on description which is often necessary. The storyline flows well with no transition problems. His development of characers is good. He gives us a deep look into Eli's heart making us want to know him and look forward to his next adventure. We see Matt and other crew members as they relate to each other and then ultimately how they battle in the end. We also are given a look at Keturah who is fascinating. Stanton's characters are so unique one can only imagine how he comes up with them. I highly recommend this book!