by Markelle Grabo


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ISBN-13: 9781634903905
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 06/15/2015
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

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JOURNEY INTO THE REALM: The Dream Catcher 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
PatriciaLantier_PhD More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic adventure with Ramsey! This fourth installment in Ramsey Wilder’s remarkable quest for truth and self-knowledge is brilliant! Gifted young author Markelle Grabo delves ever deeper into her beautifully-realized magical world, one that has become more intense, more shocking, and more real with every book. As Ramsey works with the Rebellion to steal evil King Vortigern’s crown, which she needs to enter the Golden Fairy Realm, Markelle’s skillful writing offers readers dazzling opportunities to accompany the charismatic Ramsey on her action-packed, angst-filled, fearless-forward journey. And make no mistake about it, we all want to join the quest with Ramsey. Her strong-willed, well-intentioned character draws us into her struggles and wins our support and loyalty, even when she makes questionable decisions, because we know her heart is in the right place. As readers, we want to cheer her on, watch her back, and help her achieve what seems impossible. And we want to believe that, like Ramsey, we can find a way to move past our own fears and face the unknown with similar courage. The Dream Catcher’s storyline moves forward swiftly and with purpose through more than one dimension. As readers, we can make the leap and allow ourselves to be swept away in these amazing adventures. Ingenious plot twists take the breath away; I found myself gasping aloud in surprise more than once. How can one, young half-elf/half-Golden fairy let go of her past, as well as her grief for Stellan; fight the terrifying Unknown; save the Realm, everyone she loves, and herself; and still keep the sometimes-fragile love she has found with Nathan? The tension in this story is palpable; in fact, it acts as another powerful character that heightens the situations in which Ramsey is forced to make impossibly difficult decisions that will affect everyone around her. A dynamite finish keeps us wanting more; we don’t want the story to end. The Dream Catcher is a must-read. Can’t wait for Book 5!
Fantasybkgirl More than 1 year ago
The Dream catcher took me on another wild magical ride through the realms. What can I say? Markelle has done it again. She has written yet another amazing book in this fun and magical series that I love so much. Every book just keeps getting better and the story keeps developing into something that I would have never imagined it going. Ramsey and some of her friends are almost to their destination, the rebellion. It's here that they will find assistance and guidance to get King Vortigen's crown from his castle in the element fairy realm. Ramsey will need the help of the King's son Joseph who is the leader of the rebellion. Things don't go as planned right from the start. Ramsey used a spell from a spell book that she was not supposed to and now Stellan is in her dreams every night. She can only keep this secret for so long. Her relationship with Eder is strained because he wants to be more than her protector all the while she has no memories of her time with him. Then there is her relationship with Nathan, which starts off good but takes a turn for trouble when he finds out she has been keeping secrets from him. If that's not enough, King Vortigen is using black magic to make soldiers that the rebellion might not be able to win against. Ramsey also believes that there is a trader among them, but finding out who it is will be a challenge. The true heir to the crown is kidnapped and it's not who you think. Will Ramsey be able to obtain the crown, take down Voritgen's army, save everyone and her relationship with Nathan? There were many twists and turns that I never saw coming and was very surprised by. There is romance, friendship, lots of action and suspense with a bit of mystery tied in. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for Markelle to hurry up and write the next one! I am so excited to find out what happens next in Ramsey's journey. This is a must read series, you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend reading it!