Journey of the Scrolls: The Merovingian Legacy

Journey of the Scrolls: The Merovingian Legacy

by Ed Strum


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Journey of the Scrolls: The Merovingian Legacy by Ed Strum

Across two millennia, the Merovingian Scrolls and the Bloodline have been passed down through the generations, hidden from the world and those who seek to destroy them.
Sarah lives in the first century AD. She flees Aegyptus with her mother Mary Magdalene across North Africa and sails to Southern France, seeking safety in Rhédae.
Sarah noticed the small mark in the middle of her chest. Her skin was dark but this mark was white and round.
"Mama, why do I have this mark on my chest? Is something wrong with me?"
"Sarah, that mark is very special. It is a sign from heaven. You are the only one that has it and you are indeed very special."
The genealogy of the birthmark, the Merovingian Cross, is described in the scroll carried from Egypt to Rhédae, and later in the Merovingian Scrolls, tracing the origin of the birthmark and the journey of the bloodline through generations, linking Sarah to the Merovingian Dynasty.
In 679 AD, Dagobert found a small crevice in the undercroft of the church of Sainte Marie-Madeleine and hid the scrolls behind a small marked brick. "They must never under any circumstances fall into the hands of the Church."
Jeb and Magda live in the 8th century. The last of the royal Merovingian bloodline, they flee Rhédae, on an arduous six month march through western France to the King's castle at Stenay in the north.
Their protector warrior, Clotaire, returned from Stenay and his face was ashen. "They have all been massacred." Clotaire broke down and wept. "All the men, women and children have been killed and put in a common grave. When my men arrived they were ambushed, slaughtered, and their bodies scattered. The assassins left quickly when they could not find what they were looking for: the two of you."
They flee to the seacoast, cross the channel, and march the length of Britannia at night, seeking refuge near Medcaut.
Jed and Martha live at the end of the 14th century in Roslin, the home of Prince Henry Sinclair, one of the last Templars and possessor of the Cathar and Templar treasures. Descendants of the Merovingians, they all flee Scotland and sail across the seas to New Scotland, a new life, new friends, and many dangers.
"Martha, I think the reason for this voyage is to bring all the treasures and manuscripts from the Cathars and Templars to New Scotland. What do you think?"
"What about bringing all the descendants of the Templars to New Scotland? And those of the Merovingians?"
"And the scrolls I have that he asked me to keep safe."
"Jed, I think you're right. We're not going home. This will be our new home."
Jes and Marya live in the middle of the 20th century. Pursued by an ominous stranger intent on killing or capturing them, they flee New England for Nova Scotia where the truth of their destinies is revealed to them
The black bearded stranger dashed straight at Marya. She started running but he caught her with one hand. She screamed and wriggled as hard as she could but could not escape. Jes raced toward them and threw himself at the man's legs, knocking him down. Marya wriggled free but the man leaped up, grabbed Jes, dragging him toward the woods. Marya bit him on the hand and he cursed and swung wildly at her, but still held Jes tightly in his grip.
Sarah, Jeb and Magda, Jed and Martha, and Jes and Marya live in different eras and places, but they share the same legacy: they possess the Birthmark, a white circle with a red cross within. Each of them protects and passes on the scrolls, proof of the progression of the bloodline flowing through ages. And each is fleeing from a similar danger.
Their destinies and the scrolls they guard, are interwoven over time and place. The future of the bloodline and the evidence of its continued existence are in their hands - and those of their descendants.

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