Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life's Setbacks to Create a Life you Love

Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life's Setbacks to Create a Life you Love

by Frances Hickmott


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You’ve put your past in the past and moved on, but is it still effecting you?

Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life’s Setbacks and Create a Life You Love poses the question – who do you choose to be? This powerful question sets the path for the transformation and healing possible when facing the effects of childhood adversity. In these pages you will find the guidance and tools for living a more meaningful, purposeful and joyful life.

You’ll discover ways to:

  • Build courage to face, embrace and grow from life’s adversities
  • Conquer limiting beliefs and negative self talk
  • Grow your self esteem and self confidence
  • Re-connect with your authentic self
  • Uncover and re-discover passions for the things you love
  • Re-ignite the power of play and curiosity as fuel for the journey
  • Move from passenger to driver of your life
  • Create your personal map for your own journey of joy

Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life’s Setbacks and Create a Life You Love is filled with moving stories, current research, wise advice and heartfelt encouragement. It is an essential read for anyone ready to take charge and find the hope and courage to creating a life of meaning and joy.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999199302
Publisher: Frances Found
Publication date: 11/25/2019
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Frances Hickmott is a self leadership speaker, mentor and author who's addressed hundreds of people on the topics of mindset, resilience and courage. Her expertise comes from hard won personal experience growing up in a family troubled by alcoholism, emotional abuse and bullying. It wasn't until midlife, following the deaths of her mother and sister, that she decided to search out the cure for a life lacking the success and happiness she longed for. That decision put her on the path of discovery and the power of personal responsibility. Committing to her own personal development was the key to unlocking her deeper purpose and passions allowing her to re-connect to her authentic self and develop the self-esteem and self confidence needed to fully embrace life and all it's ups and downs. Frances has been interviewed for print and podcasts on how to overcome life's setbacks and adversities. She lives happily in southern Ontario enjoying a life filled with family, friends. Stay in touch with her at

Table of Contents



PART ONE: Reality Check

CHAPTER ONE: State of the Union – Restless

  • Dismantling Myths About Change

CHAPTER TWO: Right Here, Right Now

  • Understanding Self Leadership
  • Accepting What is Holds the Key for What Can Be
  • X Marks the Spot(s)

    CHAPTER THREE: Growing Up Lonely

  • When You Grow Up Feeling on the Outside
  • Bullied Child and the Adult Mental Health Consequences
  • Searching for Belonging
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Flawed

  • Mindset. How We Think Matters, Part One
  • Before the Pinnacles of Success Were the Thousand Tries
  • What’s Important About Failure
  • Introducing Negative Nelly
  • Choosing to Persist

    CHAPTER FIVE: Striving to Be Enough
  • How Strong Boundaries Create Self-Worth
  • Receiving is a Lesson in Self-Love
  • Pulling Away the Shroud
  • The Mind-Body Connection

    PART TWO: Transformation – Reconcile & Renew

CHAPTER SIX: Who Are You? Reconciling All the Versions of You

  • Are You Living the Lottery Mentality?
  • Living from the Inside Out
  • Self-discovery Allows You to Live Authentically
  • The Languages of Love
  • Values, Religion and Spirituality

CHAPTER SEVEN: Finding Your Way

  • Creating Your My Time Chapter
  • Self Leadership is the Key to Transition
  • Start with What You Enjoy
  • Vision, Personal Power and Success

CHAPTER EIGHT: Stepping Into Your Life

  • The Tides of Change are Never Stalled, Only Our Responses to Them
  • Blossoming Happiness
  • Own Your Life. Show Up
  • Retiring Old Stories and Creating New

CHAPTER NINE: On the Path of Change

  • Self-care During Times of Transition
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • How Art Imitates Life
  • What Version of Your Life Awaits Expression?
  • Self-imposed Boundaries

CHAPTER TEN 10: Stay the Course

  • Saying Goodbye: The Pain and Promise of Change
  • Practice Resilience
  • Your Emotional Core
  • Creating, Caring for, and Maintaining Happiness




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