Journey to the Center of the Universe

Journey to the Center of the Universe

by R. Scott Lemriel
Journey to the Center of the Universe

Journey to the Center of the Universe

by R. Scott Lemriel


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Journey to the Center of the Universe

The Parallel Time Trilogy (book three) expanding adventure unveils the ever more revealing nature of the mysterious Master Adepts of The Ancient One and their involvement with Admiral Starland and the space fleet of the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free Worlds. The ongoing battle of Master Ra Mu, Captain Kalem, Mayleena, Etta, and the mystic adepts of The Ancient One concludes in a very unexpected finale against Sen Dar's continuing cunning attempts to gain mastery over the Earth and the entire universe. Witness the ever-deepening love affair between the now mystically married Captain Kalem and Mayleena, Etta's courageous antics, and their ongoing struggle to achieve self-mastery - so that one day they can return to The Ancient One's far higher mystic realm of sublime Sound and Light. Along the way, they must survive seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat Sen Dar's ever more expanding occult powers he wields with unremitting effort.

Journey to the Center of the Universe

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ISBN-13: 9780578270548
Publisher: Total Spectrum Publishing
Publication date: 11/30/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 323
File size: 601 KB

About the Author

R. Scott Lemriel writes and publishes books and eBooks that are designed to assist fellow human beings to remember what they were made to forget before they were born on Earth with little or no former memory intact. His 4 published books titled: The Seres Agenda & (the 3 books of The Parallel Time Trilogy) The Emerald Doorway, Guardians of The Ancient One & Journey to the Center of the Universe, are entirely based on his lifetime of 'direct experience-based' explorations beyond Earth and into parallel & higher dimension realities. Along the way he uncovered vast arenas of enlightening hidden or suppressed truth through contacts with very evolved wondrous beings not from Earth, and through many out-of-body journeys to other worlds and in parallel and higher dimension realities. What he refers to as kind Master Teachers were met along the way that have assisted him to create his books to be special doorways or portals that can assist others to reconnect with the one omnipresent living energy that supports and sustains the entire grand multidimensional creation.

Table of Contents


Title page

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1  There's No Place Like Home

2  Finding the Fountain of Youth

3  Honeymoon Under the Sea

4  Inter-dimensional Diplomacy

5  Prying Eyes Slither from A Hole

6  A New Insight and True Love

7  A Tyrant Spy and Entrapment

8  To Be or Not to Be... Boiled Alive!

9  Bliss Suspended by A Mission

10  Kalem and Etta Return to Starland

11  Battle at the Blue Star Cluster Nebulae

12  Benevolence and Tyranny

13  Confrontation in the Sacred Chamber

14  Romance in A Higher Paradise

15  Rude Awakening Under Heavenly Skies

16  The Adepts Join Forces

17  Now I Have You - Where You Want Me!

18  Aftermath and Discovery

19  Journey to the Center of the Universe

20  After All - Fair Is Fair

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