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Journey to the Center of Your Soul: Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

Journey to the Center of Your Soul: Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

by Shirli Regev


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Rather than simply instructing readers in a passive way, Journey to the Center of Your Soul will empower readers to become an active participant in their journey by enabling them to delve into themselves and uncover their own unique motivations and inspirations. A series of thought-provoking questions readers will answer will allow them to expose the tools and skills they need to transform their struggles into the courage to live their authentic selves.

The book is divided into chapters spanning various topics examining key truths and principles necessary for growth and self-fulfillment. An example of several chapter subjects are highlighted in the following:

—Find your purpose by learning how to acknowledge, accept, and work with all the many unique sides of you.

—Uncover what drives your behaviors, both positive and negative, what allows you to flourish, what intimidates you, and what propels you to embark on otherwise daunting experiences.

—Understand the crucial functions of your mind and your heart (mind, body, and spirit) and recognize how they are interconnected.

—Learn how to bridge the gap between them in order to support your heart, thereby changing your reality and outcomes for the better.

—Realize that suffering in the form of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness exist as your spiritual teacher.

—Learn how to simplify your suffering into episodes of pain that you can strategically treat and overcome using the tools that you’ve gained time and time again.

—Improve your relationships and deepen intimacy with others by learning how to express your feelings and needs in a constructive, healthy way.

—Express yourself from a solid foundation of knowing yourself, without expectation from others.

—Determine how your unique “story” integrates with the collective stories of others. Use your own story to affect others’ stories for the better.

Traditional stories have a beginning, middle, and end, but learn to transform your story into one that has no end, only a continual, beautiful beginning at every stage throughout your life.

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