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Journey To The Heartland

Journey To The Heartland

by Xiaolong Huang
Journey To The Heartland

Journey To The Heartland

by Xiaolong Huang


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Fans of Life of Pi and A Long Way Home will fall in love with this inspiring, insightful novel about the complex reality of LGBTQ, Asian-American immigrations, and one man's ability to transform his painful past into a bright future. Based on a true story, Journey To The Heartland is an unflinching tale of oppression, healing, and inspirational hope for social change.

Hanwei wasn't always proud. Growing up with a gay father in 1980s China introduced him to oppression early in his childhood. As the stress of homophobia turned his father manipulative and cold, Hanwei's childhood trauma threatened to destroy his life forever. With courage and ambition, he will stop at nothing to fight against injustice for a better life and world.

When Hanwei falls in love with a man and moves to the United States, he must cope with a slew of new problems that tug him into darkness. Life as a gay Chinese immigrant in California isn't always sunny. Facing endless struggles and all hope seems lost... until he understands that life has a greater purpose. He can't change his past, but he can fight for a better future for others.

Xiaolong Huang's book offers a rare glimpse into a life at the crossroad of homosexuality, immigration, interracial love and rising authoritarianism, and pays tribute to "everyday people who lived an honest life, struggled, cared for others, and fought for our humanity".

If you're passionate about cultural diversity, inspiring characters, social activism, and creating a better future for humankind - this book is the perfect read for you!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798218006143
Publisher: Xiaolong Huang
Publication date: 07/12/2022
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Xiaolong Huang is a Chinese-American immigrant with a PhD from UCLA. He works as an engineer in Silicon Valley's high tech industry. He wrote his debut book, Journey to the Heartland, for cultural and intellectual influence, and celebrates social justice pioneers who fought and sacrificed for a better world.

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