Journeymen II: Day of Reckoning

Journeymen II: Day of Reckoning

by Ray Sullivan

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Journeymen II: Day of Reckoning by Ray Sullivan

Four years after the dramatic events at Jodrell Bank and the Journeymen have decided that their tasking is functionally complete. They have secured the Colonist DNA and, over the last six thousand years, have driven the inhabitants of Earth to develop the technology to transport it back to the Home Planet. They no longer need to pander to the Colonists and can start to rule the planet first-hand, instead of pulling the strings in the background.

They know that the only impediment to taking complete overt control are the Sons of Arlgon, who won’t want to see the Earth controlled by Journeymen for Journeymen purposes. The High Council decides that they need to quash the Sons once and for all in a mass cull, in a day of reckoning, that will keep them in their place while power is wrested from the Colonists.
After attending the funeral of a friend killed by Journeymen, Cheshire Police detective Alan Thomas is approached by John Markerson to help the Sons thwart the Journeymen and once again finds himself dragged into the complex and dangerous world inhabited by both the Journeymen and the Sons of Arlgon. He quickly finds himself rubbing up against Detective Inspector Strong of the Metropolitan Police, an up and coming Journeyman with a taste for power and a total disregard for human life, and is rapidly drawn into dark and dangerous waters on the eve of the cull, in a zero sum game as he tries to eliminate Strong before Strong eliminates Alan in a heart stopping finale.

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BN ID: 2940045180719
Publisher: Ray Sullivan
Publication date: 07/22/2013
Series: journeymen , #2
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Ray Sullivan was born in Flint, North Wales. Just before his 21st birthday he joined the Royal Air Force as an airframe mechanic, intially on a three year term which stretched to twenty four years, that saw Ray posted around the UK, Cyprus, Germany and the Falkland Islands working on various aircraft types ranging from the venerable Hawker Hunter to the battlefield horse, the Chinook. He spent the second half of his military career in the technical training environment, as an instructor, training manager and finally as a project engineer on innovative engineering projects. It was during this period that Ray started to write - initially producing a 2 hour comedy script based on the X Files TV series and a series of short stories. Some of these stories were later revisited and morphed onto full-blown novels, and although the TV script never saw the light of day it proved a useful training ground in writing. In all of Ray's work he has drawn heavily on his military experiences and generally includes a serving or ex serving character to drive his plots forward. Since leaving the RAF Ray has worked in various project roles and has experienced extended periods away from home, periods that provided the time and opportunity to develop his writing style, ultimately producing six full length novels plus two comedic novels to date plus a number of novels that are work in progress. His first full novel, Parallel Lives, based on a short story written in 2000, was completed in 2004. Ray's second novel, The Journeymen, grew out of a short story written in 2002 and completed as an unrecognisably related novel in 2005. The third novel, Skin, was completed in 2007 and his fourth novel, DLF (listed as 'Digital Life Form on Smashwords and affiliated sites such as Apple) was published in 2011. The sequel to The Journeymen, Journeymen II: Day of Reckoning was released in 2013. Ray has also written two comedic books, The Last Simple and Project: Evil. Ray's latest book, Assassin, is due to be released on 1 May 2014 All of Ray's books are available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore and other channels in formats suitable for most eReader devices. Ray is currently working on a couple of projects, including a shockingly funny look at the after life seen through the eyes of a Border Agency Immigration Officer who dies before his allotted time and is refused entry to Heaven due to not having enough points. Consequently he has to go 'over there' or complete a favour back on Earth, where he can attempt to improve his points. Only two problems - he's not allowed to discuss his after life experience with anyone, and the favour is for Satan, or Eric as he prefers to be known. Ray can be emailed on

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