Journey's Through Time

Journey's Through Time

by Christa L. Sagmoe


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Journey Through Time in a collection of three novellas that will take

you through time and around the globe...

First journey to present day France in "Only Time Will Tell" where Marie Sinclair sets off for a new life when she moves to Paris after graduating as an art major in the states. Unsure of what she'd like to do she comes across an advertisement for an art restoration expert needed at a chateau near the Loire Valley. She travels there and finds a dashing but very wild young man, Pierre, who is restoring his families' chateau. Over time she builds a deep dislike for Pierre even though he does everything to win her purely because she is the one woman he can't have.

Pierre and Marie soon have a huge disagreement resulting in Marie leaving for a much needed break, where she meets Basil St. James a historian from London. After touring the chateau of the Loire together Marie returns to Pierre's chateau and continues to be courted by Basil. This of course causes Pierre to be miserable.

However after Pierre is injured in an accident Marie finds that she has feelings for him, but they are both too stubborn to be the first to admit it. It's only after Basil proposes that Pierre at last reveals his true feelings, but is it too late? Only Time Will Tell....

Then journey back through time to WWII Northern Ireland where Alexander Campbell is injured when he plane goes down between England and Nazi controled France during the height of WWII. He losses his memory and much more. While recovering in a London hospital he is flooded with memories, and struggles to piece together the fragmented pieces of his past. All dreams seem to lead to one thing, a woman that he is unable to rememberwho comes to him only in his dreams.

When he is at last identified he is sent home to Belfast where he comes face to face with the very woman he thought he had merely imagined, Brooke Hamilton. He soon finds that they were more than mere acquaintances, they had been betrothed! Thinking him dead Brooke had been forced to agree to marry another to save her family from losing their land. Alexander becomes determined to win her back, but will he be too late?

Finally travel for an adventure in 1850's Australia in "Destination Unknown". Never would Andrew Thomason have expected what lay in store when the fates dealt him the hand of being shanghaied on a pirate ship that would leave him on the shores of the wild and untamed continent of Australia. Reunited with a long-lost brother, Lawrence they strike out on their own to make a life for themselves only to be sepearted once again. Love then finds its way to both young men in the gold fields of Victoria and in the port town of Adeliade. Hardship and redemption at every turn the brother's struggle to make their lives their own. Will any good come from this Destination Unknown?

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ISBN-13: 9781453590805
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 11/12/2010
Pages: 786
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.73(d)

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