JOY, the KEY to Entrepreneurial Happiness: A Millennials' Guide to Starting, Continuing and Reinventing Your Business

JOY, the KEY to Entrepreneurial Happiness: A Millennials' Guide to Starting, Continuing and Reinventing Your Business

by Joy A. Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9780692140420
Publisher: Nails & Faces of Joy
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Pages: 118
Sales rank: 481,406
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Joy A. Johnson is a multi-licensed beauty professional, adjunct professor, international beauty educator, and the proprietor of Nails & Faces of Joy Spa. She's been in the beauty business for 10 years. She has wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, but it took her two more years to zero in on the specifics. At the tender age of 18, Johnson was bitten by the beauty business bug.

Upon entering college, Johnson needed a little extra cash to carry her through, so she decided to sell Mary Kay. During the years that followed, various setbacks might have caused her to look sideways, but after having discovered her passion, she never looked back.

As her love for the industry grew, what she hadn't realized was the fact that her love for the beauty industry had been in her all along. It was in her blood. Her mother, who passed when Johnson was only 16, was a New York and Los Angeles model in her younger years. Her mother was also an American Airlines flight attendant; she had to look and move catwalk-ready, 24/7. It was in her blood. So Johnson, gazing and little-girl sampling her mother's lotions and potions in their shared bathroom as well as admiring her mother's perfect looks - well, the seed had been planted, deeply, within her.

Fast forward to now, and Johnson is a 33-year-old serial entrepreneur, mother, soulmate, public speaker and now as an author, she's putting what she's experienced and learned into print. Johnson has been featured on ABC news for her philanthropic efforts to offer free monthly services to current cancer fighters. She has also been a Key Manicurist for New York Fashion World (NYFW) shows for designers Tadashi Shoji and Taoray Wang; she's also worked on teams for designers Jill Stuart, Zang Toi, Altuzarra and many others. Johnson has had editorial features in Real Simple Magazine, Ebony, Good Housekeeping and more. Public speaking is not a new art form for Johnson who has spoken, domestically and internationally, engaging and informing small and large crowds as she has lectured to beauty professionals for the last eight years. Hundreds of beauty professionals gather to listen to and glean from her educational seminars. Ongoing, she teaches and manages conferences for clients such as Sally's Beauty Group and Salon Centric as well as for a variety of manufacturers such as Ardell Lashes, Gigi Wax, China Glaze Nail Polish and many others. Her consulting and teaching have taken her to Europe and throughout the United States.

Johnson's intuition and examples of tenacity will unveil the keys to open-door perspectives and push-through attitudes. Her goal with the newly-minted title is to empower, encourage and inspire women and girls especially, to get up and do what it is they feel led to do - the men, too. She wants to water those seeds, and reveal every reader's golden key in life.

Table of Contents


Key 1: The Ones Closest to You Don’t

Always Support You Key 2: See Your Vision

Key 3: The “IT”

Key 4: Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Key 5: Have Faith and Be Reliable

Key 6: What Wakes You Up at Night?

Key 7: Vision-Sharing

Bonus Key: When You Share—Do It Right

Key 8: Goal Posters and Vision Boards

Key 9: Be Consistent Even if Others Around You Are Inconsistent

Bonus Key: Unreliability Is Rarely a Secret Key 10: Seek a Mentor or Confidant

Key 11: Not for the Faint of Heart or Faint Pockets!

Bonus Key: When You Don’t See a Way, Make a Way

Key 12: Understanding Seasonal Clients . . .and Even Friends

Key 13: Multiple Streams: You Gotta Have ’Em

Key 14: Reinvention

Bonus Key: The Assignment Doesn’t Change, but the Path May

Key 15: My “Why”

About the Author

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