Judas: Son of Perdition

Judas: Son of Perdition

by Daniel Cravens Taylor


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Judas Iscariot, an infamous name, one of the Lord Messiah's twelve apostles, the one who betrayed Jesus. Judas' story has been told in many ways by many people over the centuries. He has been portrayed as the totally evil, ever lost, demon possessed infiltrator into the disciples. He has been seen as the disciple who started with good intentions but, having never made a true commitment to Jesus, was deceived and fell into the will of Satan. Others have told of him as working undercover for God and ensuring that the prophecies of Jesus' betrayal and death were fulfilled. He has even been said to have simply gotten impatient and merely attempting to jumpstart Jesus, pushing him into a situation where he would have to claim the crown of David, a plan that went wildly astray.Judas has been said to be all these things. But what if his path was not the totally evil, demon led plot against Jesus? What if he was not the simplistic follower who was pushing Jesus in a direction that turned out to be a misinterpretation of prophecy? What if Judas was just a first century Jew seeking the Messiah and failing to understand who and what the Messiah was supposed to be?Judas, Son of Perdition, is historical fiction based on what the Gospels tell us of Judas and coming to a somewhat different conclusion as to why Judas became the son of perdition, the betrayer of Jesus, the foreshadow of antichrist.

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Publication date: 01/06/2013
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