Jughead Double Digest #180

Jughead Double Digest #180

by Rex Lindsey Craig Boldman
5.0 2

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Jughead Double Digest #180 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So it goes like this. Dilton and Ethel started going out, after Archie chose Betty. I had a secret of my own. But first I must tell you this: Archie stood at the door of Bettys dorm room at UWV University of West Virginia. Archie had litterally just graduated from USC, University of South Carolina. Veronica was at a fashion school in France, along With Cheryl, and Reggie was at a film school in Russia. I, was at the best of the best; Chocazat Culinary School, or CCL Archie had prepared for this moment for a while. He had saved up, bought the ring, planned the arrival, and decided to go to a school only a few hundred miles away. Finally, well, he arrived. At exactly 3:37 PM, Betty got back from Law 101, as it was informally called. The first thing she saw was Archie on bended knee, inside the doorway. Let me explain something to you. Archie had matured, but now he was HOT. Like, sizzlin' HOT. He was completely ripped, but only made him look super handsome, his hair had grown out, and was now a brownish, reddish shade. His hair was swept in a wave on the right side of his head, and he was wearing a suit. His freckles had faded until only a few were left over his nose and cheeks. So you can see why Betty freaked. So, Archie gave her a diamond/amythest ring, and the are schelesuled to marry in a month and a half. End of part 1. Next Book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love all archie books