Juice It!: Energizing Blends for Today's Juicers

Juice It!: Energizing Blends for Today's Juicers


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Juicing is cold off the press! Filled with 65 vibrant recipes for turning fresh fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthful juices, this refreshing cookbook offers essential guidance for utilizing the increasing number of juicers and high-performance blenders popping up in home kitchens. From perky blends such as Mango Green Tea Booster and Ginger Jolt to quiet soothers like Berry Melon and Grape Night's Sleep, these inspired beverages guarantee invigorating flavor combinations and prove the power of drinking your vitamins and loving it too. Whether the goal is weight loss, cleansing, increased nutrition, or more energy, Juice It! makes it easy to whip up blends that taste great.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781452125398
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
Publication date: 04/15/2014
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Robin Asbell is a chef, food writer, and cooking teacher specializing in natural foods. She lives in Minnesota.

Antonis Achilleos is a New York–based photographer.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Why Juice? 11

Health 12

Flavor 13

Cooking 14

How Food Becomes Energy 15

Getting Started 17

Purchasing a Blender or Juicer 17

Planning to Juice 18

Your First Juices 19

Prep for Juicing 20

What to Do with the Leftover Pulp 21

Cocoa Pulp Muffins 23

01 Energizing Juices 24

Green Sweetie 25

Green Lemonade 26

Oh My Darling Rosemary Clementine 28

Kale-Carrot Bonus Round 30

Ginger Jolt 33

Red Rush 34

Sprouted Green Beet Blaster 36

Salsa Stinger 37

Orange Sunrise 38

Juicy Lime Green Tea 40

Mango-Green Tea Booster 41

Sweet Pea Tea 43

02 Healing Juices 44

Vegetable Six 45

Super Protector 47

Tummy Tamer 48

Glowing Skin 49

Mood Lifter 50

Melon Collie 51

Green Clean 52

Orange Popper 55

Kale Country 56

Tart 'n' Green 58

Big Salad 60

Lean Green 61

Hangover Fix 63

Clear Head 64

Bright Eyes 65

Cranberry Cocktail 66

Skinny Hot Lemonade 68

Brain Booster 69

Persimmon Punch 70

Fresh Air 72

Red Relief 73

Pineapple Digestif 75

Monsoon Season 76

Sniffle Squelcher 78

Antioxidant Pom-Pear 79

03 Relaxing Juices 80

Cucumber Herbal 81

Waldorf 83

Sleepy Salad 84

Gorgeous Grapefruit and Greens 86

Grape Night's Sleep 87

Pinky Melon 88

Berry Melon 89

Mag Melon 90

Watermelon Agua Fresca 93

Potassium Soother 94

Apple Pie 95

Purple Haze 97

Mango Mellow Out 98

PearChai 100

Strawberry-Banana Spritzer 101

Raspberry-Apple Shrub 103

04 Pure Pleasure Juices 104

Cucumber Mojito 105

Chipotle Mary 107

Tangy Tomato 108

Superfruit Sangria 110

Sushi Martini 112

Holy Basil Martini 113

Ginger Piña Colada 115

Cosmic Cosmo 116

Blue Lemonade 119

Strawberry-Vanilla Spritzer 120

Strawberry Daiquiri 123

Produce Measurement Conversions 124

Index 128

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