Juicing Bible: Complete Guide to Juicing for Weight Loss: Juicing Detox and Cleanse With Recipes

Juicing Bible: Complete Guide to Juicing for Weight Loss: Juicing Detox and Cleanse With Recipes

by Margo Wilson


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Tired? Stubborn pounds you can't lose? Can't focus? Creeping weight gain? Do you desire to do more but can't muster the energy to get moving?

In today's age, we have an abundance of food but a lack of nutrition that is starving our cells of vital nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and high-performing biological machines but only if a foundation of proper health is in place. If its not in place, the result is a lack of energy, focus, and drive with the negative side-effects of creeping weight gain, disease, and obesity to name a few.

But, the good news is that the raw material that our bodies need to be healthy, slim, and beautiful again are contained in the concentrated state of natural fruits and vegetables. Juicing offers the answer to these problems and has become a popular tool to increase your energy, quality of life, and lose unwanted pounds of fat.

But, getting started can be a challenge and leave you with more questions in the beginning than before you started. What fruits and vegetables to use? Juice or smoothies? What machine to use? What combination of juices do you use for your fitness goals? How do you maximize your results?

"The Juicing Bible: Complete Guide to Juicing for Weight Loss" is a juicers dream. It not only has great juicing recipes but also expounds on the purpose of juicing and the main benefits that can be accrued from adopting this lifestyle. Many persons are trying to lose the excess weight that they have gained and keep it off. Juicing is simply one of the ways that this can be done with ease.

Juicing in not hard to do but it does require a bit of skill to know which combinations work best for you. The book highlights all that and more including how to pick the right juicer.

Put yourself on the path to vitality and weight loss by learning:

- The most important thing to do before getting started and its not what you think.
- Juices or smoothies- which is best? (the answer may surprise you)
- What is the most important key when selecting a juicing machine.
- 11 quick, simple juicing recipes that will turbo-charge your energy.
- Which fruits and vegetables to use for optimal health and weight loss, and why.
- The cornerstone principle to use for juicing to reach your fitness goals.
- What is in leafy greens that can keep cancer and serious illnesses away.
- Super-foods to include in order ramp up your immune system and quality of life.
- Why the greatest juicing machine in the world is actually your own body!

This is just a small sample of what you'll learn in the "Juicing Bible: Complete Guide to Juicing for Weight Loss".

The book is a concise guide to be read quickly and absorbed, with simple steps to put into action and help you get thinner and more fit as quickly as possible.

If you put this book to work for you today, then in 6 months you can look back on your decision to act today as one of the most positive things you did to become a healthier, more fit, and slimmer version of yourself.

Don't wait! Go now and get started right now!

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ISBN-13: 9781499518542
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/14/2014
Pages: 48
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About the Author

Margo Wilson grew up on healthy juices that her mother used to prepare for her. She was a picky eater so her mother ensured that the juices she gave to her had all the nutrients that she would need to get her through the day. She also found that juicing was beneficial to not only help keep her body working properly but it also prevented her from gaining excess weight.

Margo introduced others who were not keen on eating salads and fruits to juicing. They would get what they needed without having to chew and swallow a plate of fruits and veggies. It was so successful that she went ahead to write a book on the benefits of juicing.

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