Juicy Rebound

Juicy Rebound

by Toni Aleo

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Chandler Moon's career as a defensemen for the IceCats is on fire. However, his marriage has gone up in flames...literally. He's resigned himself to the single life and being the best dog dad he can be, but he still holds out hope that one day he'll find "The One." So, imagine his surprise when he runs into "The One Who Got Away."
Amelia Justice.
His best friend's baby sister.
AKA: "The One Who Is Totally Off-Limits"
Amelia is broken. The punches that life, and her ex-husband, have thrown at her have her down for the count. She's cut herself off from her family and friends as she works to rebuild her self-esteem and her spirit. Hidden away in a small town, she never expects to reconnect with "The One She Should Have Chosen."
Chandler is so much more than he was in college: more handsome, more muscular, more tattooed... It was supposed to be a casual fling while Amelia and Chandler worked to put the pieces of their lives back together.
But as every good hockey player knows, a rebound can turn into one hell of a goal.

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BN ID: 2940161250266
Publisher: Toni Aleo
Publication date: 01/29/2019
Series: IceCats , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 6,109
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Juicy Rebound 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
I know this will be hard to believe, but this is the first book I have read by Toni Aleo. I thought this was a good opportunity to make a start since it is book one in her new series IceCats. This is Chandler Moon and Amelia Justice’s story. A second chance at love story which captured my attention from the first chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed Toni Aleo’s style of writing and Juicy Rebound was a joy to read. Amelia is the one who got away and yet now she has returned, a broken, disillusioned woman, she also happens to be the sister of Ryan Justice, Chandler’s best friend and therefore should be off limits to Chandler. However……….. Chandler is so swoon worthy that he just about melted my heart at times. Amelia has been through more than she should have had to endure and yet she is so much stronger for it. All the characters were well developed and easy to relate too. This was an entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed and I will be looking to read more books from Toni Aleo as and when time permits. I cannot wait to read more in this series.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in Toni Aleo’s IceCats Series and if this book is anything to go by this will be another hit series for this very talented author. Chandler is playing hockey for IceCats and he is just trying to enjoy making a living playing the game he loves while getting over the divorce he went through a year ago. Amelia Justice is the last woman he expects to come across and once again the feelings he had for her back in college are rekindled but she is still his best friends little sister will this time around be any different ...... Amelia has also recently gone through a divorce that wasn’t pleasant she suffered terrible abuse from her now ex partner, is she ready to move on and trust Chandler with the heart he once broke all those years ago when he put hockey and his friendship with her brother first..... Second chance romance and sports themed romance are at the top of my list of books I love to read and this book did not disappoint, if you are a Toni Aleo fan you will want to read Juicy Rebound and if you are new to this author you will also want to read this book. Watching Chandler and Amelia get to know each other all over again was beautiful and I loved catching up with some of my favourite characters from the Assassins series as well as meeting the new ones from this series. This couple are easy to love and I’m so excited to see where we are taken in the next book in the series
SaraBetty 10 months ago
Ms Aleo is a favorite story teller.. She is "real" and tells it like it is... Love hockey "bad" boys and and this one is very "good"... Great Read and part of a great series... Do not let the hockey part stop you from reading a great love story that is well written, worthy of a few tears and has special characters... Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amelia and Chandler are perfect. Toni Aleo writes strong, sensitive men like only she can- you feel Amelia and Chandler’s relationship build and fall right along with them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
The moment he walks into the coffee shop Amelia Justice is hit with memories of his kisses, and damn if she doesn't want more of them. Time has been good to him, he was good looking back then, but he is beyond gorgeous now, but unfortunately she is not in the market for a man. She just got out of a crappy marriage and she is not about to wander down that path again, now matter how tempting he maybe. From the moment they met back in college Chandler Moon knew Amelia was someone special, but she was his best friends little sister, and that was a line he knew he shouldn't cross. But one night they shared a few kisses, and he was ready to go all in, but she chose someone else, and it stung. He let her go, moved on, thought he found his happily ever after, but he was wrong, so wrong. And it cost him a lot, and made him second guess getting involved with another woman. But when he made that decision he never thought he have a second chance with his "one"...Amelia! Juicy Rebound is a second chance romance story that packs an emotional punch. From the first page this one lured me in and had me hooked, and the characters found their way into my heart almost instantly. You couldn't help but feel for these two and the crappy situation they were dealt, but they found their way out of the darkness, and found something really beautiful... and steamy!! I loved this first installment in the IceCats series, and I look forward to meeting more of Ms. Aleo's sexy hockey players, especially if their anything like Chandler! I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it's loaded with everything to leave your heart happy! I requested an advanced copy of this title and I am leaving my unbiased and honest opinion.
CherylNorris More than 1 year ago
Whoa. This is going to go down as one of my all time favorite Toni Aleo books. Amelia has had a rough few years. She married her high school sweetheart, only to find out the hard way that he wasn't who she thought he was. Chandler is her brothers best friend. They met briefly in college but haven't seen each other since and he now plays professional hockey in South Carolina. Fate intervenes and Chandler happens to walk into the same coffee shop where Amelia has been working, and the rest as they say, is history. I loved the character development of Amelia especially. She has been in a dark place for a while and seeing her come to life and work through all her emotions and feelings was fantastic. I said it earlier but I'm saying it again..Chandler and Amelia are going to be my fave couple, right behind Shea and Elli.
Lelim0612 More than 1 year ago
O!M!G! I NEED a Chandler Moon hug!!!! I so love Ms. Aleo’s hockey series’, yes, she has more than one, and 3 of them are in some way intertwined, starting with the Nashville Assassins series, continuing with Bellevue Bullies, and now the IceCats. Ms. Aleo’s latest release, Juicy Rebound is the 1st book in the IceCats series, and OMG I totally loved Amelia and Chandler!!! Their story….sigh!! Chandler has had a “thing” for Amelia for many years. The problem, Amelia is his best friend’s little sister, and the hockey “bro” code. So, she is off limits… Chandler wants what his parents have, and ends up marrying a girl after 3 weeks against his parents’ wishes, only to find out later that his parents were right about her and they divorce. She was bat sh… (PG, I must keep this PG). Let me put it this way, she was a real nut job!!! After his ex-wife “accidently” burns his house down, he moves to the other side of town. He goes into the local coffee shop and there she is!!! Amelia and after several years, he finds her just as beautiful as ever. He is NOT giving this second chance up. He is going to go after Amelia with skates blazing!!! Meeting her brother’s best friend, OH! MY! Is he HOT!!! And that kiss at the frat house party…. But alas, Chandler is her brother’s best friend, and she knows that she is not what Chandler is looking for as a girlfriend anyway, but sigh, a nice dream. She ends up going back to her old boyfriend and they marry. What a disaster, and she has the emotional scars to prove it, she divorced his butt!!! After the divorce, she moves into her grandmother beachfront house and working at the local coffee shop until she can get her life back together. Looking up at the next customer, wow, it is Chandler Moon, at her counter!!! He gives Amelia the biggest, best hug, EVER!!!! Ladies, there are 13 books between the 3 series, and I think this is one is my absolute favorite. I really liked hearing about some of the characters from previous books. I freaking loved the description of Shea Adler….sigh, sorry Elle. I really enjoy reading about the next generation from all of the families from previous books. Then, the hint about possibly the next book in the series…. EEEK!!!!! Shellie and Aiden?!?!?! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Ladies, if you love hockey romance, this book is DEFINITELY for you!!! Go you your favorite book vendor and buy this book! You will not be disappointed. Thank you for reading my review. Now, what are you waiting for, go hit that buy button!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Toni Aleo is such an amazing writer. You will not be disappointed with book! Love Amelia and Chandler!!!
NickNack715 More than 1 year ago
Juicy Rebound is a great way to kick off the second generation of the Assassins! After a failed marriage Amelia Justice has left her family to find herself again. Enter Chandler Moon, Amelia's brother's best friend. Chandler has had a thing for Amelia since college but she was off limits but decides he can’t let this opportunity pass him by to make Amelia his. After reading the authors last book and thinking it was her best, I was mistaken she has surpassed herself. I cried with Amelia as she fought to find the confidence to love someone after everything she's been through. The chemistry between Chandler and Amelia is explosive and I enjoyed how the characters from the other books are incorporated. And last but not least lets not forget Shelli, everyone needs to have someone like Shelli having in their lives. I can't wait for the next installment in this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Toni Aleo once again scores a goal with Juicy Rebound! It will make you laugh, cry, and far too often say “Aww.” Chandler and Amelia’s love shines through this book of second chances and will inspire its reader to never back down.
Bethani90 More than 1 year ago
I am a huge assassins fan and have been so excited for this new series! Of course. I wasn’t disappointed, Juicy Rebound was amazing. We have already met the main characters Amelia and Chandler. They are the sister and best friend of Ryan Justice! Chandler and Amelia have both been burned by love. Will the scars of the past prevent them from finding love and happiness. I absolutely loved this book, it is easily one of my new favorites.
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
In hockey, a rebound occurs when ‘the puck bounces off the boards or the goalkeeper's equipment,’ either providing the offense a second opportunity to score or placing the puck on one of the defenseman’s sticks forcing play to head towards the other end of the ice. A rebound that’s ‘juicy’ is one where scoring a goal is at a premium, putting the pressure solely on the shoulders of the player who snags the rebound, hoping the puck hits the back of the net. In personal relationships, a rebound makes someone feel second best...someone who is USED to get over the person who dumped the user…someone who will never be enough because they’re merely a distraction…a way to move on and still feel comforted in some way, even if it’s only a physical comfort. Thankfully, when it comes to a rebound in hockey, Chandler Moon is quite apt at maneuvering those to his team’s advantage…now, do they sometimes take a bad bounce and end up hurting the IceCats? Absolutely, but Chandler’s an excellent defenseman, which means he knows how to do his job. Personally, Chandler Moon may be up for a rebound or two since his divorce, but it’s beyond clear that he is not really a rebound kind of guy and when it comes to Amelia Justice, his best friend’s little sister and the object of his past infatuation, Chandler doesn’t view her as a rebound and he’s hellbent on proving that fact to Amelia as well, even if he leads Amelia to believe that, that’s all they’ll be if that’s what she needs in order to give him a chance. The fact that Amelia is more than a little gun-shy when it comes to relationships is understandable. She lost herself, her family, and her passion for a sport she loved, and that’s going to take time to come back from, because not only does she have to heal from the loss of her marriage, but the heartbreak from her family making her choose between her ex and them and that ultimatum destroyed her and made her feel utterly alone, which means that the path of forgiveness and healing will take time to work through, but it seems Amelia is ready…she just may need a bit of a push to get things started…thankfully, a certain professional hockey player will help Amelia in any and all ways that he can. Chandler and Amelia rushed into their respective marriages when they were younger, completely wrapped up in what they thought would be their forever love, but now they’re both on a new journey in life and hopefully in love and the fact that there was a connection between them back in college and it’s one that continues in the present helps readers to hold on tight as Amelia heals a bit more and figures out that even though she thought she was only looking for a rebound that what she was really searching for and hoping for was to get a second chance with Chandler Moon. I’ll never get enough of Toni Aleo’s sports romances and the way she includes the characters’ hockey family members and their actual families. Both groups are pivotal to the success of the hero and heroine, which means that all actions taken to push the main characters and/or to make them aware of everything that is happening around them is done with good intentions, even if the male and female leads don’t feel that way in the beginning or even at the end. Juicy Rebound is a great start to Aleo’s new hockey romance series, and I’m excited to see where she takes her IceCats both personally and professionally. 4.5 Poison Apples
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Toni does it again. This is an amazing story. I finished it in a day, I just couldn't put it down. Toni always makes me feel so many emotions when I read her books. Bravo to another fantastic, wonderfully written book. I love seeing where our Assasins family goes. I'm so excited for the next one. Already starting the count down. Great job Toni.
TheBookNookBlog More than 1 year ago
Chandler Moon has worked hard to become a player in the NHL, so when his marriage fails, it takes its toll on him. He has struggled over the last several months and has learned that he has to do what makes him happy. When he runs into a flame from his past, Amelia Justice, something inside him reawakens. Over the last few years she has become even more beautiful than he remembers. She also shares the same pain of a ruined marriage and they are able to heal from each other through their friendship. Chandler wants to make Amelia his woman for good, but there is only one problem... she is his best friend's sister. She has always been off limits, but Chandler can't seem to stay away from Amelia. Will Chandler risk everything, including his best friend, at a second chance at happiness? Or will fate once again decide that he and Amelia aren't meant to be? (I received and ARC of Juicy Rebound from Toni Aleo in exchange for my honest review.) Juicy Rebound is the sweet love story of two characters that you may recognize from some of Toni Aleo's previous stories. Chandler and Amelia have both suffered the loss of a marriage and are able to find comfort in each other's arms. If you are a fan of Toni's work, then you will love this novel just the same!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chandler is to DIE for! OMG! Oh boy!! THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! It had me in fits of laughter one second, and then streaming with tears the next! So be prepared! Lol! Juicy Rebound is the first book in the IceCat series. Although many characters feature from previous Toni Aleo books, this can be read as a complete standalone. Chandler Moon, (defensemen for the North Carolina IceCats), and Amelia Justice, (ex gymnast/gym coach), haven't seen each other in years. The last time they came across each other was at a college party – they shared a kiss - but it didn't go any further. Amelia was strictly off limits. (Chandler was, and still is, Amelia's brother's best friend)! Fast forward to now and the connection they feel when they meet again is so hot it could melt ice! Do they risk upsetting Amelia's brother? And with Chandler and Amelia both having recent failed marriages, are they ready to try at dating or even a relationship again? Oh man – you HAVE to read to find out! So very well written - I loved every second of this. A definite 5 star read!
sasper5 More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for Amelia’s story, and it was really worth the wait. Amelia Justice is Ryan’s younger sister who gave up her gymnastic scholarship to marry Drew. She left college and moved away from her family to be with him which turn out to be her worst mistake. I was heartbroken to read that she didn’t have her family to be there for her. Amelia went through a couple of rough years without her family except her cousin Shelli. Now that she finally woke up and took back her life living in her grandparents beach house in South Carolina where she meets back up with Chandler (Moony)her brother’s Bullies hockey teammate. Chandler has always had feelings for Amelia but her brother didn’t want any of his teammates dating his sister. Chandler is now on the NHL IceCats hockey team and divorce from his crazy wife. He runs into Amelia “The One That Got Away” at the coffee shop where she works. I’m glad they met back up with each other. I had always hoped they would have got together in ‘End Game’. This was a little sad but later uplifting book. I cried and laughed through it. Amelia’s ex-husband left her feeling with a low self- esteemed which was devastating when you know she came from a family that loved and cherished her. I think not having her father there made it extra worse for her. Chandler helped her tremendously along with her cousin see the worth in herself. He keep after her until she finally said yes to a date. After that they were able to find their way. I think everyone will enjoy Amelia and Chandler story. A very deep read for me. Another great book from Toni and can’t wait for Shelli Adler and Aiden Brooks story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Toni Aleo has one again stepped up her game! I was a huge fan of her Assassins' series and I couldn't wait for her to bring us the next generation for us to love. Juicy Rebound introduces us to the ICECATS team members. We were introduced to Chandler Moon as Ryan's best friend in "End Game" when he had eyes for Amelia (Ryan's sister) but it wasn't the right time for them. Both Chandler and Amelia had to go through their own personal issues. Amelia has a history of picking the wrong men and her last one was a real doozy. After all, she did marry the man only to realize was a colossal mistake that was. She cut herself off from her family and didn't know to get back to being the person she was. Thankfully, a chance meeting brings Amelia and Chandler back together again. Chandler is now a member of the ICECATS and has moved on from his failed marriage and knows what he wants; he just has to help Amelia figure out that it is her. Amelia is done with relationships, especially ones that involve hockey players. That doesn’t bode well for Chandler. He has to try and convince her that just because her ex was a loser and a jerk it doesn’t mean all hockey players are. Plus, rumor has it that Chandler gives good hugs. How could Amelia pass that up? I have to say, as much as I enjoyed reading about Chandler and Amelia, I loved when Amelia's cousin Shelli Adler would pop up. She's always had Amelia's back and she was definitely a scene stealer throughout the book. I also have two words: Nico Merryweather. He is Chandler's teammate and voice of reason. (Even if he is the only one who thinks so) I can't wait to see him pop up in more books. From reading this book I was hoping for a Shelli/ Nico love connection but I think Toni may have something bigger in store for us. Throughout the book I wanted to yell at Amelia and at the same time cry along with her. That’s what you want in a book. You want to feel invested in the story and you want to go along their journey with them. I read this book in almost one sitting because I didn’t want to put it down. I would definitely recommend this book no matter if you have read all her books or this is Toni’s first book you are reading. It’s a good quality and entertaining read.
Willoughby-Marrero More than 1 year ago
Once Again Mrs. Aleo pulls you deep into the true meaning of love. This time we get to see whats going on with Amelia Justice. You can't help but what to shake her for not seeing whats wrong and what actually good but you still root for her to open up. You want Amelia to see what a real good man is and what is worth fighting for. You want Amelia to have exactly what her mom and dad had and to recognize it with Chandler Moon. Mr. Moon, aaaahhh what to say about him. He too went through his own hell but lessons are meant to be learned and moved on. So happy he never gave up. His parents were also the best! I enjoyed reading this story just as much as the last!
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Absolute Perfection! All the stars and Moon too! I was so excited to read the first in this Ice Cats series, where the next generation of The Assassins series families grace the pages. I can't even begin to tell you how much this story and these amazing characters met and then far surpassed my expectations! This book has all the goods!! Everything you could want in a romance! Amelia Justice and Chandler Moon met in college and that seemed like that was as far as it would go, she being his best friend Ryan Justice's sister and all. They both move on and get married to other people and both those marriages fail for very different reasons, or maybe it was fate. Years later, they happen to run into each other again and this time Chandler has no plans to let the chemistry that is clearly there slip away like he did back in college. But will their pasts define them, and stop what would clearly be the best thing ever from happening? If you love The Assassins series, or even if you have never read it, just read this book! You will believe in the all consuming power of love again!
Rachael Gibson More than 1 year ago
What a great book. You are hooked by Chandler Moon and Amelia Justice from the very beginning. You are rooting for those two throughout the entire book. Amelia & Chandler should have been together from the very beginning, but fate had a different journey for them, which made them stronger and more mature in the end. I recommend you read the other books by the author so that you can get the full story and dynamics of the Justice Family. I like how the author incorporated different parts from the other stories about the Justice Family, which to me plays an important role in the flow of this book. This book will have you laughing, crying, and so happy by the end. I can’t wait to see what the author writes next!
LexyH More than 1 year ago
Where do I even begin!? I knew Amelia’s story was going to be something special, I just wasn’t prepared for how amazing it was going to be. Toni wrote an amazing story that tugged at my heart strings. From the very beginning I was hooked and I wanted to know what happened. I’ve always been curious how bad Chandler really had it did Amelia, but oh my. I wasn’t prepared for how amazing Chandler was going to be. From start the finish, I loved him. Every book of Toni’s I read has me head over heels for the leading male... but I’ve always gone back to Shea, Phillip and Benji. That was until Chandler Moon. Everything about him was exactly what Amelia needed. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t about to lose her. He fought for her, for their relationship, but most importantly, he let her be herself. I seriously couldn't get over amazing Chandler was for Amelia. I knew he was cautious of wanting to start anything with Amelia because of his friendship with Ryan, but I LOVED how he handled it and handled her when she out Ryan knew. Chandler just flat out amazed me and I couldn't help but love her. Their story was so sweet and the perfect story.
Febbabie212 More than 1 year ago
I've been waiting for Amelia's book since the very first Toni Aleo book I read, which was Taking Shots. And I've been waiting for Amelia and Chandler's story since End Game. When Juicy Rebound finally arrived, my heart was full. This was the perfect reunion and healing book. Amelia needed the simple love and devotion of Chandler. And Chandler needed to give his pure love to someone who deserved it and could love him back. I was a little concerned when Chandler and Amelia first reunited because he was persistent in asking her out. However, it wasn't creepy but rather showing that he wanted to be there for her in any way she'd let him. What started as a rebound for the both of them quickly grew into something more. As much as I loved their relationship, I also loved watching Amelia's relationship with her family heal. The life choices she and her family made drove them about but part of her healing is reuniting with them as well. Her relationship with her cousin Shelli didn't suffer and I loved her subplot and hints at her future. And you know I'm anxiously awaiting Shelli's book now too! Juicy Rebound is, quite simply, a book of healing and love. And it will be a reread book for when I need that simple beauty in my life.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Toni Aleo scores with JUICY REBOUND, the first book in the IceCats series. I had been looking forward to reading Amelia Justice’s story since reading WHEN YOU'RE READY, which was released in the Hockey Holidays Anthology. WHEN YOU'RE READY is Amelia’s parents’ book. The ending of the novella started Amelia’s story prior to JUICY REBOUND. In JUICY REBOUND, Amelia runs into her college crush and brother’s best friend, Chandler Moon, who is a defenseman for the South Carolina IceCats. Amelia’s brother is Ryan Justice from book four in the Bellevue Bullies series, END GAME. Both, Amelia and Chandler are in that story. I loved JUICY REBOUND. Amelia and Chandler are both divorced and scarred from their previous marriages. They were interested in each other in college but since Chandler is Ryan’s best friend, Amelia was off limits. I love that these two get a chance together. Ryan and Amelia are the perfect people to help each other heal. The character development was noteworthy. Amelia is the niece of Shea Adler (TAKING SHOTS, Nashville Assassins book #1); needless to say a lot of the characters have been around for a while and made many appearances in multiple books and series. Toni Aleo does a fantastic job of making the characters feel believable and grow throughout the series. They are not perfect. They are relatable. The characters have weaknesses and strengths. They have high and low points. In this story, Amelia is trying to come off a low point. She hasn’t spoken to her family in four years. She’s embarrassed and trying to make a new life for herself. Chandler is at a high point in his career but not in his personal life. Chandler is an amazing guy. He is patient and kind. Amelia has lost her confidence and on the journey to healing. The plot was relevant and skillfully executed. I love the similarities between Amelia’s and Chandler’s story and her parents’ life. Amelia is a lot like her mom and Chandler is like Amelia’s dad, James. It’s sweet and heartwarming. I don’t think I have read a book by Toni Aleo that hasn’t made me cry; JUICY REBOUND was no exception. I love that Toni Aleo’s books tug your heartstrings. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.