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Juliet 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 509 reviews.
TheCrowdedLeaf More than 1 year ago
The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet is a beast you don't mess with; star-crossed lovers are untouchable in my book. By reinventing this well-known plot, Anne Fortier took a risk; a calculated-check the wind direction and temperature, analyze the audience and market-risk. Thankfully it paid off. In a maneuver comparable to Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian, Fortier retells a well-known story by delicately narrating two distinct plots: present day Julie Jacobs, hunting down a mysterious treasure armed with nothing but a cryptic letter from her dead aunt; and Giulietta Tolomei as she falls for the devilishly handsome, charming, and romantic Romeo Marescotti in 1340 Siena, Italy. Set amongst lush and fragrant vineyards and crumbling ruins, these two women, centuries apart, are somehow linked and it's up to Julie to set the record straight. Was Shakespeare's tale really what transpired so many hundreds of years ago? Reading two plots with several characters with the same names (lots of Tolomeis, Salimbenis, and Marescottis throughout) can be a little confusing at times (especially when those characters may not be who they say they are). But pushing on, the reader is rewarded with an enthralling and richly detailed story arc. Drifting from the romantic to the tragic to the thrilling, the idea of Juliet is wonderful. My one disappointment was that the 1340 storyline of Giulietta and Romeo ended too swiftly, I didn't feel it was given appropriate time and attention. With such a well-known event and characters being used, I wish there'd been a more dramatic conclusion. Reading Juliet made me woozy with heady romance; the fourteenth-century kind with flowing dresses and balconies and poetry. In short, it made me desperate to read Romeo and Juliet, or at least watch the movie. The ache of their tragedy seeped through Fortier's words to pierce my heart with sadness. Overall, it was a beautiful and refreshing story, not entirely perfect, but lovely regardless.
kmlsdlion More than 1 year ago
I may be alone in my assessment of this book, but I was thoroughly disappointed. Hearing it was a feminine "Da Vinci Code", and reading the synopsis, I was intrigued, and yet from the get go, I felt let down. In the very beginning, our heroine Juliet/Julie/Giulietta, states that her identify is an anti-war activist with no real aims or goals in life. She is not truly anti-war, she is simply pacifist by some magical hereditary desire to end the conflict between warring families. She never does anything with her life because she plans on inheriting her rich Aunt's money. She is not passionate. The author never clearly develops her character or the story beyond a tale of reincarnation through rather confusing means. She never displays any sparks of intelligence, wit, strength, or other notable characteristic which would make her a heroine. Other people solve the riddles to the story, the bad guys are underdeveloped mafia hit men, and Julie/Julie/Guiletta has weird jealousy issues with her twin sister and is the epitome of the helpless damsel in distress who wins the man with little effort. I am sorry, but I am a big believer that a heroine of a novel can do better than be a hood ornament. I grew up in the era of Mulan, not Sleeping Beauty. If I had saved the receipt for this book, I would have returned it and got my $29.00 back. I am not saying the Da Vinci Code was world class literature to last the ages, but "Juliet" is not either. If you are looking for women of depth such as The of Mists of Avalon, or Memoirs of a Geisha, do not look here.
nancymitchell More than 1 year ago
After the death of her Great Aunt, Julie's world is turned upside down. Aunt Rose raised Julie and her twin sister, Janice, since they were three years old and survived the car crash that killed their parents. Now, more than twenty years later, Julie still doesn't know much about her family, except that her mother was American and her father was Italian and that they both died near the city of Siena. Aunt Rose leaves her estate to Janice and gives Julie nothing but the key to a safe-deposit box. She's intrigued, however, by the chance to find out more about her own heritage. She jumps on a plane to Siena and quickly discovers that her real name is not Julie Jacobs, but Giulietta Tolomei, and that she is a descendent from the Giulietta Tolomei who was the inspiration for the character of Juliet in Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET! The clues left behind by her mother lead Julie to search out the crux of the family feud between the Tolomeis and Salimbenis in modern day Siena, and to delve deeper into the origins of the Shakespearean play. The novel switches between modern day events from Julie's first-person narration the events surrounding the tale of Romeo and Giulietta. As Julie reads the documents left for her by her mother, she discovers alarming facts; for example, that Romeo and Giulietta were not from feuding families, and that a third man stepped in and caused the trouble and in her quest for the truth of her background might put her in danger. A really terrific read! I enjoyed every beautifully written page!
GailCooke More than 1 year ago
Actress, director, and teacher Cassandra Campbell presents an artful narration of this story of a young woman who discovers much from a long buried past. Campbell's voice is fresh, articulate, and a pleasure to hear. She speaks as if she is telling her story directly to the listener, almost in the form of a confidence - very effective. She has done numerous books on tape, documentaries, and commercials in both Italian and English. Today in addition to her acting and voice work she is on the faculty of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Julie and Janice are twins, although very different - Julie being sweet, demure, rather quiet while Janice is outspoken, a bit strident. When their elderly Aunt Rose dies Janice receives the bulk of her estate and Julie must make do with a letter from her late mother telling her to go to Italy where she will make a wonderful discovery. Seems mother thought Julie was descended from Giulietta Tolomei - yes the Juliet of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet who lived in the 14th century. So, although she's a bit leery of this whole situation Julie goes to Italy. Once in Sienna she discovers a box holding among other things the story of Giulietta Tolomei and Romeo Marescotti. As we know, these were actual historical figures upon whom Shakespeare based his story. Was Julie's mother's belief that Julie was a descendant of the ill-fated Juliet a possibility? Perhaps so, and that's when the skillful Fortier takes us on a journey segueing between the present and several centuries ago. She does this with both ease and lively dashes of humor. As Julie searches for the truth about her family history she meets a cadre of folks including Alessandro, a handsome policeman, and a mysterious figure who pursues her through the streets of Sienna on a motorcycle. There's never a dull moment in JULIET, which marks an auspicious debut by Anna Fortier. Highly recommended. - Gail Cooke
Buukluvr08 More than 1 year ago
Words can not explain what I feel about this amazing story. Anne Fortier instantly captured me and took me on a tilt-a-whirl ride to Italy right beside Julie Jacobs. Anne blended wit with pain and tragedy, suspenseful mystery and intriguing history to a create an excellent romantic mysterious drama. Julie Jacobs was fascinating. She was created with flaws and really dug her way into my heart. When she learns of a secret waiting for her in Siena, Italy, the twists of suspense begin. Julie sets out to her birth place, Italy, to the place where Romeo&Juliet took place, to discover what her long deceased mother left her. The intriguing part of the suspense is when Julie's history falls into place and the story takes on deeper meaning, as it switches from present day to a historical place in time. She learns there is that dreadful curse that started way back in history, and falls upon her family today, passed on by her descendants....none other than Guiletta Tolomei- the REAL Juliet, whom Julie was actually named for. And, as Julie is searching out her history, can a man bring out the best in her and be her Romeo? Or is the blasted curse going to cause her true love, just like Romeo and Juliet? This beautiful two part book was perfect for laughs and cries. I did both! The secondary characters, like Janice and Umberto, added an extra oomph to the plot, giving it an added meaning. The story is full of everything from history to romance to mystery, and would make the perfect read for any genre lover. What was particularly intriguing to me was Anne Fortier's AMAZING research for this novel! It was like she really was there, with the real Romeo&Juliet, seeing it, and then transcribing it to paper. Not only did my emotions run wild with this story, I felt a pull to the historical side of this modern day Romeo&Juliet love story. I could see the gowns and dresses of Juliet and feel the powerful love of Romeo, from all the finely described details that Anne added to the story. The research was just exquisite! As I said above, there are no words to describe my feelings of this truly enchanting story. So, please don't delay in grabbing your copy today. It's a book that has genres for everyone. A 5 star rating does not do this novel justice....it needs more like 105 stars. Anne Fortier is superb in her skills and I'm looking forward to more modern day, historically epic novels by her! *This book was provided for review by PUYB Promotions*
DEVILICIOUS More than 1 year ago
Aunt Rose had raised Julie and her twin sister, Janice, since they were three years old tots and having survived a car crash that killed both of their parents. Aunt Rose dies about twenty years later and shockingly leaves the entire estate to Janice, and gives Julie nothing but the key to a Sienese safe-deposit box. Julie sets out on a quest to Siena, Italy to retrace her Ancestry. She soon discovers that she is a direct descendant of Giulietta Tomei, the inspiration for Shakespeare's Juliet. This novel is a wonderful story with an interesting, exciting plot that you won't regret reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A classic tale with a totally new twist, adding the mystery to the story really makes this a GREAT read...I bought the Hardcover book and started it too late in the day and so I literally stayed up half the night unable to put the book down. This is a must read if you like to escape.
dweston More than 1 year ago
This has become one of my favorite books! I love the exchange between time lines. The writing was captivating-I felt as if I was there in Siena. I'm not usually one for romantic novels but the addition of historical information as well as the mystery made this a complete story. I intend on re-reading this many times!
Gertt More than 1 year ago
A wonderful novel filled with secrets (both past and present), romance, adventure, history and wonderful characters that make you want more even after the story ends. This is the story of Julie and Alessandro and their stormy attraction for each other, brought together by their family's history and the suspense and mystery of the 1340 (pre-Shakespeare) tale of Romeo and Juliet. This was Anne Fortier's first novel and hopefully it was the first of many.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
After the death of her great-aunt, Julie's world is turned upside down. Aunt Rose had raised Julie and her twin sister, Janice, since they were three years old and survived a car crash that killed both of their parents. Now, more than twenty years later, Julie still doesn't know much about her family, except that her mother was American and her father Italian, and that they both died near the city of Siena. So when Aunt Rose leaves the entire monetary value of her estate to Janice, and gives Julie nothing but the key to a Sienese safe-deposit box, Julie is horrified at such an unequal distribution of her aunt's fortune, but also intrigued by this chance to find out more about her own heritage. With nothing left to lose, she hops a plane to Siena and sets to work uncovering the mystery that her mother had been at work on when she died. Julie quickly discovers that her real name is not Julie Jacobs, but Giulietta Tolomei, and that, if her mother's theories were correct, she is descended in the female line from the Giulietta Tolomei who was the inspiration for the character of Juliet in Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET - a story, she discovers, that was originally set, not in Verona, but in Siena. The clues left behind by her mother lead Julie to uncover the remains of the family feud between the Tolomeis and Salimbenis in modern-day Siena, and to delve deeper into the origins of the Shakespearean play that Julie already knows by heart. The novel switches between presenting modern-day events from Julie's first-person point of view and narrating the events surrounding the original medieval tale of Romeo and Giulietta. As Julie reads the documents left for her by her mother, she discovers alarming facts - for example, that Romeo and Giulietta were not from feuding families, but that a third man stepped in and caused all of the trouble - and begins to ask questions that might put her in danger if heard by the wrong people. Without a doubt, my favorite parts of the book were when Fortier described modern-day Siena. I've traveled in Italy before (though not to Siena), and her depiction of a city so steeped in history and so connected to its own past both rang true from my experiences of other cities and made me want to visit Siena. I enjoyed Julie's first-person segments of the narrative more than the flashback tale of the original Romeo and Giulietta, where Fortier's attempt to use more time-appropriate language resulted in a strange mishmash of medieval and modern phrasing. I felt much more strongly for the characters in the present of the story than for Fortier's recast Romeo and Giulietta (though I must admit that I never really liked Shakespeare's version, either). The plot twists and turns itself into an impressive labyrinthine structure, but if you're not paying attention, it's possible to get lost. For this reason, I'd recommend this book primarily to readers who've already encountered ROMEO & JULIET, and particularly to those who enjoyed the story but aren't afraid to see it rewritten in some thought-provoking ways.
Bookventures More than 1 year ago
I really jumped at the chance to review this historical fiction because the entire package (the title, synopsis and the book cover) was really appealing to me. And I have to admit, I did enjoy the story. Who knew that I would begin to have an appreciation (whether it is a negative or positive one will have to be put aside for another rant.I mean discussion) for Shakespeare. In Juliet, Ann Fortier seeks to bring some truth to one of Shakespeare most popular plays Romeo and Juliet while wrapping in it modern day romance and suspense. This story intertwines with Julie Jacobs in the present and Giulietta Tolomie (Juliet) in 1340. The former is the descendant of the real life version of Juliet and is thus thrust into a mystery and a curse that surrounds this famous couple. The tactic of meshing the past with the present and vice versa made it really difficult to put this book down. I think it really helped to create a sort of natural suspense for the reader since both periods are juxtaposed and so the only way for you to find out what happens to one character in one particular period is to first read about the other character. The author also recreates Siena so vividly that it makes you want to go live there. The architecture, the people, the food and the local parlance are all well described and well represented in Fortier's debut novel. As Fortier states in her Author's Note "While Juliet is a work of fiction, it is steeped in historical fact." This statement is testimony to the level of research that went into this piece. The information did not overwhelm you but instead encouraged you to do your own research into some of the themes that Fortier brings out in the book. I was not always convinced of the characters themselves though. Julie at times was inconsistent and her strained relationship with her sister was over exaggerated. I mean how many times do you have to spell it out for the readers.Julie is the antithesis of Janice. I think that the characters who were much more interesting to me were the ones featured in 1340. They had more depth than the modern day ones and were much more exciting to get to know. Readers should also watch out for the plethora of clues that are revealed in the book. Some of them feel unresolved by the time you are finished reading, some of them you forget and some of them are a bit confusing. Juliet is romantic and full of suspense and I think that people would forgive its size (its 447 pages long) for the share fact that it's good. Anne Fortier is definitely an author to watch and I look forward to reading more from her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel is so intriguing and beautifully written, I truly could not put it down! It has everything you could want in a book-- mystery,history, comedy, drama, romance, travel-- pretty much as many genres and styles as you can think of. The two stories of two separate women, somehow connected is wonderfully done! There's so much more I can say about it, but rather than spoil it for you, just buy it, you won't be sorry! :)
The_Weeweebee More than 1 year ago
I picked this up on a whim and was willing to give it a try; I was wowed by the fact that this was Anne Fortier's first fiction novel. It is incredibly well written and the background research makes it that much more compelling and real. The unexpected twists in plot coupled with the history of the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet brings a whole new subgenre to fictional romance. A wonderful read. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something new and exciting. Adults and teens alike would fall in love with it! Bravo Ms. Fortier! I look forward to the next novel...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really great story. I could not put it down! I completely got swept away to 1342. Thank you Anne
GI_Jane More than 1 year ago
This book just keeps getting better and better as the characters develop and the story unfolds. I hated for it to end and I look forward to more great stuff from this writer.
HisPrincess More than 1 year ago
Anyone who loves romance, this book is for you!! What a way to re-vamp the most romantic story of all-time, Romeo and Juliet. This author nailed it!! Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read more from Anne Fortier!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Following the death of her Great Aunt Rose who raised her and her twin sister Janice, the will left twentyish Julie with nothing; all went to her sibling. Heartbroken, a stranger Umberto gives Julie Jacobs a safety deposit box key. Inside allegedly is a treasure her late mom left to Julie. Curious, Julie travels to the bank in Siena, Italy where she opens the box. What she finds confuses Julie as the contents are a battered copy of Romeo and Juliet and letters. However, as she reads the correspondence, Julie learns she is a direct descendent of a member of one of the feuding families, fourteenth Giulietta Tomei, whose love for Romeo Marescotti inspired the Bard to write Romeo and Juliet. Additionally her mom left her clues to find the treasure of "Juliet's Eyes"; precious gems supposedly implanted in a golden statue. As she investigates, she meets her kin and the descendents of Romeo; still feuding after all these centuries. Juliet is an engaging modernization of the classic play using terrific historical references from the fourteenth century to anchor the original still going strong blood feud. The story line is fast-paced as Julie, supported by Janice, follows the clues to the real gems of the heart though she distrusts Alessandro who has her falling in love with him. Ironically though Julie is the star, the fourteenth century cast is deeper as the pure blood feud seems more genuine with it difficult to accept the blood has not been watered down after six plus centuries. Still readers will fully relish this historical-contemporary amateur sleuth romance as the Romeo and Juliet curse remains powerful in modern day Siena. Harriet Klausner
ethel55 More than 1 year ago
Julie Jacobs and her twin sister Janice were raised by their Aunt Rose in America after the death of their parents in Italy. After Aunt Rose's death, Julie is left a letter, while Janice gets the house, par for the course in their tempestuous twin world. Julie's letter directs her to Siena, Italy where the mystery of their parents' life work intersects with what is the historical origin of the original Romeo and Juliet tale. I find family genealogy to be very interesting and in this, Julie learns she and her sister are descended from a set of twins from 1340, Giulietta and Giannozza Tolomei. In both the historical and modern day sections, I really liked Fortier's description of the various districts of Seina and the strong-willed families that populate each area. A couple of the twists seemed a little far reaching near the end, but overall, this was a well-paced, captivating read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an exquisite novel. When I just wanted to escape from everything, this book was there to capture my attention. Every chapter beautifully brought new details and twists to the plot. Not only did I feel intelligent as I read along, I was also swept up by the classic romance of Romeo and Juliet. If you want the fun of a romcom and wit of a mystery, I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great Read Very well written. Interesting from start to finish! Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ValentineCO More than 1 year ago
Amazing, I could not put the book down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Undoubtedly the best book I've ever had the pleasure of reading! I love the back and forth between the past and present, and ADORE Allesandro and Giulietta's love story and the adventure.....Fascinating, heartbreaking, historically accurate and alluring, a book for everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago