Juliet Immortal

Juliet Immortal

by Stacey Jay

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Fans of Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver and Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush will relish this intense paranormal love story featuring Romeo and Juliet, literary history's most tragic couple, who meet again, not as true lovers, but truly as enemies.

The most tragic love story in history . . .

Juliet Capulet didn't take her own life. She was murdered by the person she trusted most, her new husband, Romeo Montague, a sacrifice made to ensure his own immortality. But what Romeo didn't anticipate was that Juliet would be granted eternity, as well, and would become an agent for the Ambassadors of Light. For 700 years, she's fought Romeo for the souls of true lovers, struggling to preserve romantic love and the lives of the innocent. Until the day she meets someone she's forbidden to love, and Romeo, oh Romeo, will do everything in his power to destroy that love.

"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss consume."
—Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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ISBN-13: 9780375898938
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 08/09/2011
Series: Juliet Immortal
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 553,535
Lexile: 770L (what's this?)
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

STACEY JAY lives in the California wine country with her husband and their two boys. She is the author of the Megan Berry, Zombi Settler series and several other books for young adults.

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Tonight, he could have come through the door--the castello is quiet, even the servants asleep in their beds, and Nurse would have let him in--but he chooses the window, climbing through the tangle of night flowers, carrying petals in on his clothes.

He stumbles on a loose stone and falls to the floor, grinning as I rush to meet him.

He is a romantic, a dreamer, and never afraid to play the fool. He is fearless and reckless and brave and I love him for it. Desperately. Love for him steals my breath away, makes me feel I am dying and being reborn every time I look into his eyes or run trembling fingers through his brown curls.

I love him for the way he sprawls on the freshly scrubbed stones, strong legs flexing beneath his hose, as if there is no cause for worry, as if we have not broken every rule and do not face banishment from the only homes we have ever known. I love him for the way he finds my hand, presses it to his smooth cheek, inhaling as if my skin smells sweeter than the petals clinging to his coat. I love him for the way he whispers my name, "Juliet"--a prayer for deliverance, a promise of pleasure, a vow that all this sweet everything he is to me will be forever.

Forever and always.

Despite our parents, and our prince, and the blood spilled in the plaza. Despite the fact that we have little money and fewer friends and our once-shining futures are clouded and dim.

"Tell me that tomorrow will never come." He pulls me to the floor beside him, cradling me on his lap, hand curling over my hip in a way it has not before. Heat flares from the tips of his fingers, spreading through me, reminding me I will soon be his wife in every way. Every touch is sanctified. Everything we will do tonight is meant to be, a celebration of the vows we have made and the love that consumes us.

I drop my lips to his. Joy bleeds from his mouth to mine and I sigh the lie into the fire of him. "It will never come."

"Tell me that I will always be here in this room. Alone with you. And that you will always be the most beautiful girl in the world." His hands are at the ties on the back of my dress, slow and patient, slipping each ribbon through its loop with a deliberate flick of his fingers.

No urgent, shame-filled fumbling in the dark for us. He is steady and sure, and every candle shines bright, the better to see the tenderness in his eyes, to be more certain with every passing moment that this is no youthful mistake. This is love. Real. Magnificent. Eternal.

"Always," I whisper, so full of adoration the emotion borders on worship. A part of me feels that to love so is sacrilege, but I do not care. There is nothing in the world but Romeo. For the rest of my life, he is the god at whose feet I will kneel.

His cheek presses to mine, his warm breath in my ear making mine come faster. "Juliet . . . you are . . ."

I am his goddess. I can feel it in the way he shudders as my fingers come to the buttons of his cotehardie and pluck them from their holes, one by one, revealing the thin linen of the shirt beneath.

"You are everything," he says, eyes shining. "Everything."

And I know that I am. I am his moon, and his brightly shining star. I am his life, his heart. I am all that and the answer to every unspoken question, the comfort for every hurt, the companion who will walk beside him from now until the end of our lives, reveling in the bliss of each simple chore done in his name, overflowing with beauty because I am blessed to spend my life with my love.

My love, my love, my love. I could hear the words a thousand times and never grow tired of them. Not ever.

"Forever," I whisper into the hot skin at his neck, sighing as the last tie holding my dress to my body falls away.



Dying is easy. It's coming back that hurts like hell.

"Oh . . ." I press my hands to my forehead, where hot, tacky liquid pours from a cut above my eyebrow.

There is a lot of blood this time. Blood on my hands, smeared onto the dashboard, dripping through my fingers onto my jeans, leaving black spots I can see in the dim moonlight shining through the car's glass sunroof. It's messy, frightening, but, amazingly, the accident hasn't killed her. Killed me.

Me, now. Her, sometime again soon, depending on how long it takes to ensure the safety of the soul mates I've been sent to protect. Or how long it takes Romeo to convince one lover to sacrifice the other for the boon of eternal life.

It might not be long. He excels at his work.

Either way, Ariel Dragland will wear this shell again. Until then she'll wait in the realm where I've spent most of my eternity, in the mists of forgetting, that place outside of time where the gray stretches on forever.

I've been assured by my contact in the Ambassadors of Light that there are worse places, realms of torment where the boy who bartered our love for immortality will suffer someday. Nurse never uses the word hell, but I like to imagine that Romeo will number among hell's inhabitants. Of course, she never mentions heaven, either, or whether I might go there when my work is finished . . . if it is ever finished.

There are a lot of things Nurse sees fit not to mention. Including the exact workings of the magic that pulls me from the mist again and again, now more than thirty times in seven centuries. All I know is life comes suddenly. One moment I'm numb and bodiless, the next I'm slipping into another's skin, another's life--the ultimate, dreadful disguise.

I shiver as the memory of Ariel's last moments sweeps through me. I watch her snatch the wheel from the driver's hands before a deadly turn in the road and pull hard to the right, hoping the dive into the ravine will kill them both--her and the boy who hurt her. My eyes flick to the driver's seat. The boy--Dylan--slumps forward, the downward tilt of the car making his limp body curl around the wheel. He is still, not a puff of breath escaping his parted lips.

It seems one half of Ariel's wish has been granted.

I shiver again, but I can't say I'm sorry. I know what he did, can feel Ariel's shame and rage rush inside me as the rest of her life pours in to fill the empty corners in my mind.

Behind my eyes flash images from her eighteen years. I focus, sucking in every detail, taking her memories as my own.

Tiptoe, tiptoe, always on tiptoe. Up the stairs, across the kitchen, down the hall to the room where the crayons live and I can breathe. Where she isn't watching. My mother, with her sad, sad eyes.

Seven, ten, fifteen, eighteen years old and still there is nothing finer than a blank sheet of paper, the white promise that the world can be what I make it. A magical place, an adventurous place, a possible place. Erasers take away the mistakes. Another coat of paint to cover them up. Black and red and purple and blue. Always blue.

Mom sees in blue. She sees the scars she made. I was six. She sees Gemma, my one friend, as a mistake, not a lifeline. She sees my hours alone and feels more powerfully every hour she's wasted. I am the waste, the thing that's eaten her youth alive. Refused to cough up the bones.

Sometimes it seems all I have are bones, scraps, a frame with nothing to fill in the empty space. Sometimes I hate her for it, sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I hate everyone and everything and imagine the world melting the way the grease melted my skin.

Skin and bones. Mom and I are both so thin. Hugs hurt, but there aren't many. Not for years. There are surgeries and pain and bright lights and then days trapped in the house with the shades drawn on our shame. There is the darkness inside, that baleful intruder that comes just when I dare to believe I might one day be whole.

There is school and the misery of being a person unseen, the jealousy that I can't be wild and beautiful like Gemma, that I am always an audience, never a player. There is the frustration of words that won't come out of my mouth no matter how hard I try. A D in public speaking. The one step up to the podium is an impossible climb. Everest. Higher. I hate Mr. Stark for his frustrated sighs, hate the class for their muffled laughter. I want to hurt them, to show them how it feels to have your insides twisted into knots you can't unravel.

Gemma doesn't care, tells me to get over it, stops sharing her adventures, closes the window into her vibrant world, forgets to pick me up for school at least twice a week. I'm losing everything. My only friend, my perfect GPA, my mind. How much longer can I live like this? Can I make it four more years, sleeping in that room, commuting to the nursing college in Santa Barbara, learning to live with more sickness and pain, when all I want to do is escape?

But then . . . there is him. His smile, his voice singing so strong, cutting through the curtains where I hide with my paints, curling into my ear, spinning dreams I want to come true.

They don't.

It's a joke.

We're kissing--slow, perfect kisses that make my heart race--when the text comes, asking if he's taken the Freak's virginity yet. He tries to hide the phone, but I see it. I start to cry, even though I'm not sad. I'm angry, so angry. He offers me fifty dollars--a piece of the bet--if I let him have what he's come for. I explode. I try to run from the car, but he grabs my hand, squeezing as he pulls back onto the road, telling me to "chill the hell out," promising to take me to a better place.

But there is no better place. I know that by now. There are only mirrors reflecting disappointment, shattering it in a million different directions, filling the world until there is no way out. It will always be this way. Always, even when I finally leave the house on El Camino Road.

The road, the road is . . . impossible. I won't let him drive it a second longer. I won't let him steer through the hole in the mountain down to the beach, where the cold, dark ocean waits like a nightmare creeping. I won't let him.

Not now. Not ever again.

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Juliet Immortal 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 159 reviews.
OtotheD More than 1 year ago
We all know the story: Fourteen-year-old Juliet Capulet falls for Romeo Montague. Their love is forbidden because their families are constantly at war with each other. The two are secretly married, Romeo kills Juliet's cousin and is banished to Mantua. Juliet fakes her death, Romeo comes back for her and believing her dead, kills himself. When Juliet awakens and finds Romeo dead, she plunges a dagger through her heart to join him. In Stacey Jay's Juliet Immortal, that isn't exactly how it all ended. Rewind to the moment Romeo finds Juliet in her tomb. Juliet awakens only to be stabbed in the heart by none other than Romeo himself. He has made a pact with a group of immortals who call themselves The Mercenaries. By killing his soul mate, Romeo will be granted immortality, and allowed to join The Mercenaries. He will roam the earth, inhabiting the bodies of dead people and enticing others to kill their soul mate in exchange for their own immortality. What Romeo doesn't realize is that Juliet was saved by her nurse, a member of another paranormal group called The Ambassadors. As part of this group, Juliet will temporarily assume the body of someone and fight to keep love alive, hopefully preventing them from falling prey to Romeo's destruction. 700 years after she died, Juliet finds herself inhabiting the body of seventeen-year-old Ariel. Not only will she work to restore Ariel's relationship with her mother and friends while attempting to boost her self-confidence, Juliet must search out and help two soul mates realize their love for one another before Romeo gets to them. She doesn't expect to fall head over heels in love in the process, something that is strictly forbidden by her elders. With Romeo hot on her heels and her heart on the line, Juliet must put her feelings aside to save not only the soul mates in love, but herself as well. This book was much more violent than I expected, and it had a lot of action which kept me rapidly turning the pages. The story is engaging and has many twists and turns which keep you guessing. In the end, I think it was the number of twists involved that dampened the ending for me. I really enjoyed the story up until about the last six or seven chapters which was when something stopped working for me. It seemed like the twists the story kept taking got to be a little too much, to the point that I just gave up trying to follow everything. The first few chapters of the book are great. Ms. Jay sets up the story with a lot of tension and mystery which I loved. The characters are well-drawn and fit the story (though the character of Gemma grated my last nerve) and the writing is strong. I just had a hard time with the resolution. It isn't that it was bad, it just felt . off. Part of that may be because my head was spinning so rapidly by the end of the book I had just stopped caring and wanted it to be over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was pretty good. I liked that Juliet was tough. Like my girlfriend.
Adriana Perez More than 1 year ago
This book is a modern take on the old time classic Romeo & Juliet. Its a book i just couldnt put down from the beginning. At the end, it was definetly a twist & i wasnt expecting it but i loved it. Im sure you will too, so im recomending it to you.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
This outstanding book retells the tale of Romeo and Juliet, with a much-needed and amazingly fantastic spin on a very old love story. In fact, Stacey Jay has brought us a completely thrilling story that finally uncovers what really happened that 'suicidal' night in Verona, and announces that the greatest love story ever told, was a complete and utter lie. Over thirty times in the last seven centuries, Juliet has come back into the world on a mission. Each and every time she's supposed to bring two soul mates together, BEFORE her own evil love - Romeo - appears once again and rips the two lovers apart. It is so funny to Juliet that the world believes she and her Romeo were so madly in love. At one time, Juliet thought they were. The tale was told correctly up until the ending Shakespeare had written - as if her hero was actually a hero, and not the blood-thirsty killer he'd turned out to be. Juliet was lied to, and became an Ambassador of Light after her hideous ending. She is the one with the bright light - the good energy - who is allowed out of her "hazy" existence to save another couple. Romeo has stayed on earth. In fact, the way he "goes" into another human being, and where he finds the "husks" that he hides himself in, are truly disgusting. But Juliet knows she only has a short time to complete her mission before her once true love, now a Mercenary of the Apocalypse, comes to kill her once again. This time, Juliet finds herself in the body of Ariel Dragland. Ariel is a nice girl, but she is deeply disturbed. She has been lied to and used by Dylan - a boy she actually was in love with before finding out what a hideous person he really was. Juliet must save Ariel, and find a way to convince her that her real soul mate is a wonderful young man by the name of Ben. Unfortunately, Ben may just be the soul mate meant for Juliet, herself, and the story erupts in passionate flames. Add to this the fact that Romeo is back, but this timehe is trying to 'change his ways' and get Juliet to become his 'partner' instead of his opponent, and this story goes from great to phenomenal in only pages. Quill Says: Solvang, California in 2011 is a far cry from Verona in 1304, but this writer has certainly put together one of the best Romeo and Juliet "spins" ever written.
KaleoOkelani More than 1 year ago
One of the best teen fiction books I've read in a long time :)
Jewels98 More than 1 year ago
I'm not usually crazy about retellings of famous stories, but I'm glad I gave JULIET IMMORTAL a chance because I ended up loving it SO MUCH. It's very romantic, but there is also a lot of action, which is my favorite kind of book to read. Plus, I like that Ariel/Juliet (the main character) has some physical imperfections (scars from getting burned when she was little) instead of being a Barbie doll with a designer wardrobe the way a lot of main characters in teen books are. I felt like I could relate to her more. And I really loved the concept of Romeo and Juliet being enemies. If you are looking for a really interesting, romantic book with lots of action, I highly recommend Juliet Immortal!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone who likes Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story would like this book. Really loved this book!!!!! I was left wanting more! What happens to Romeo?!
NatyRu More than 1 year ago
One of the best books of paranormal romance that I have read, I love the way in which the story develop and the question on the $100000 what is really true love worth of? I can said that now I love Romeo and Juliet story more than ever
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing i couldnt finish it fast enough:)
BookPortrait More than 1 year ago
Really 3.5 stars Although I am not a huge fan of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (don't shoot me, some of his other plays are just better), I do love retellings of classic stories. This book reimagines Romeo and Juliet's entire story, placing them both in a new light and adding a paranormal twist. Seven hundred years ago, Romeo murdered Juliet so that he could become immortal. But Juliet didn't die; instead, her Nurse offered her a new life. She became part of the Ambassadors of Light, a group who works against the Mercenaries to preserve soul mates and true love. But every time Juliet returns to earth, Romeo is there, trying to thwart her and win one of the lovers to the Mercenaries' cause. This time, Juliet has found herself in the body of Ariel, a girl who has had a rough life and been badly hurt by those she thought she could love. While Juliet tries to find the soul mates she has been sent to protect, she also tries to improve Ariel's life and her relationships. But this isn't a routine mission. She never expected to find someone new to love, someone with whom a future would be impossible. Nothing seems to be as it should, and for some reason seeing Romeo again only confuses her more. Will true love win in the end? This story wasn't quite what I was expecting. Instead of being a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, it places the familiar characters in a new setting entirely; however, some of the dialogue from the play does make an appearance, and certain ideas from the original story make an appearance. In this book, Juliet is not the love-struck girl she was in the play. Instead, she is strong and independent, slightly jaded, and someone who doesn't really believe in love despite her constant work with soul mates. When she finds someone she thinks she can love, she fights her feelings every step of the way, afraid of being betrayed again. I have to say that my favorite character in this book was Ben. While Romeo worked for the dark side, Ben was caring, passionate, and sweet. I did enjoy the brief intermezzi from Romeo's point of view, however; they shed new light on his character and added more depth to the story. The book was certainly interesting, with both two different plots running side by side and the mystery and paranormal twist throughout the book. Juliet spent a lot of time frustrated in this book, and as I result I sometimes found myself frustrated as well. Although I understood her reasons for pushing Ben away, it was always sad to watch her do that. However, after the plot twists and changes of heart from some of the characters, I loved the way that everything turned out in the end. Juliet Immortal is an enjoyable book, one that will take you to Verona and beyond and one that will make you believe in soul mates again. I will definitely be reading more books by Stacey Jay.
writingirl_15 More than 1 year ago
4 ½ Stars: Everybody has heard of the most tragic love story in history, Romeo and Juliet, written by the famous William Shakespeare. Die-hard romantics can't get enough of Romeo and Juliet, although I have never really liked the story. I'm a happy ending type of girl and everyone knows that the story Romeo and Juliet doesn't have one. Well, Stacey Jay is transforming that famous story into something a little more YA and supernatural. Juliet Capulet died seven centuries ago but instead of going to the afterlife and resting in peace she agrees on her death bed to help the Ambassadors of Light. So for seven centuries she has slipped into other people's bodies to help soul mates find and love each other. Enter Romeo, it turns out Romeo wasn't such a great catch all those years ago after all, as he works for the Mercenaries to rip apart love. But this time she slips into a girl is different in more ways then one. And maybe, just maybe, Juliet will find true love. A true "Romeo", that is if she can keep him safe from Romeo and the Mercenaries. I loved Juliet Immortal! It was such a compelling read. All the characters were fantastic, with very distinct personalities. Juliet was extremely likeable and you just had to sympathize with her for everything she has gone through. Ben was incredibly sweet and cute. Gemma was, well... an interesting character although not very likeable. Finally Romeo, I have to give the author props for writing a villain where there are times you actually feel sorry for him. Romeo was an interesting character to read about because there was a battle going on inside him. He was extremely evil but then I'd melt a bit when I saw him struggle with not wanting the life he chose and wanting peace for Juliet. Then he'd go do something horrible and I'd hate him again. It was a terrific read, very dark and emotional. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because of how many spelling and grammatical mistakes there were. Also, Juliet waffled A LOT with Ben and it was a bit annoying. But all in all, a super great must-read for all romantics out there!
nsjlh on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I read a review right before I began reading this book and the reader/blogger did not love this book at all. The review indicated this style was not for them, they didn¿t care for retold classics. As I began reading, I kept thinking ¿What if I don¿t like this?¿ Wow, was I wrong. As the summary from GoodReads indicates that it¿s for fans of Maggie Stiefvater, which I am a fan of, they were not wrong.The love story(ies) are amazing and heartbreaking. Ariel, Ben, Gemma, Dylan, Mike. I grew to love all the characters and after figuring out the premise of the book, I was completely taken in. It is a Romeo Juliet Love Story Tragedy, but even more. The involvement of all the other characters into the main plot of the story consumed me. As you¿re reading, you think ¿Oh she¿s not going to get her man¿ because of course it¿s a tragedy. But don¿t think too soon!! The ending is amazing.I was able to snag Romeo Redeemed from Netgalley and can¿t wait to read it! Of course, the actual book doesn¿t come out until October 2012 and so my review will not follow until about a week or so before.Advice to Readers: Don¿t begin reading it and wanting to compare it to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Yes, it does have a basis off that original story, but the premise of this book is amazing. If you want a great love story like Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, read this book.
AnnaKay21 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Everything that you've ever been told about Juliet and Romeo was wrong. They were in love in medieval Italy, but Romeo sacrificed Juliet for eternal life through a faction of evildoers, the Mercenaries, who spend eternity separating couples who are made for true love by getting one to sacrifice the other. Juliet was taken into the service of the Ambassadors, rivals of the Mercenaries who fight for the survival of true love, trying to make it into an unshakable bond. Juliet and Romeo have been rivals for over half a millenia but now it might be coming to an end. Juliet suddenly finds herself in the body of Ariel Dragland, a seriously miserable teenage girl who has led a fairly painful life with her single Mom, scarred and unable to find the beauty in herself. She is plagued by a popular boy name Dylan who acted like a creep on their first date, before crashing the car. This is when Juliet posessed Ariel and Romeo posessed Dylan, attempting to kill Juliet. Thankfully, a great guy named Ben comes to her rescue. Before long Ariel finds herself falling in love with Ben, but thinks that it's doomed and he's meant to be with Ariel's best friend Gemma, because they both show the glow of someone who's found their soulmate. Romeo is meanwhile trying to win Juliet back because he thinks she's his only hope of escaping the service of the Mercenaries and still living forever. It turns out that Ben and Gemma aren't soulmates - they are each meant for someone else. We learn more of the politics of the Ambassadors and Mercenaries (Juliet's Nurse was an Ambassador in disguise). The ending is really shocking, has two parts to it (one for Juliet and one for Romeo) and it involves alternate universes. I really loved Juliet's alternate universe ending, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Romeo's left me feeling creeped out and semi-cheated, especially after the tragedy that led to the necessity of alternate universes. This entire book was sort of a conundrum - beautiful and twisted at the same time. I can see why there are so many mixed reviews out there, but my love for the beauty of the way the story was told outweighs my disgust for Romeo's behavior and subsequent ending. It definitely is not for everyone but I'd recommend trying to read it if you're hardcore for Shakespeare and literature in general. VERDICT: 3.75/5 Stars (Yes that's right, I said 3.75!!!)*No money or favors were exchanged for this review. This book is now available in stores and online.*
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
can not believe it took me so long to read this book! It totally blew me off my feet! I read this book fast. Not only was it so simple to get into but very action packed from the very first page.I have read lost of renditions of Romeo and Juliet. And I admit this one is my favorite. I love that Ms. Jay took a classic tale putting a very unique fresh spin on the story. It was captivating and such a page turner. The plot is so amazing. I loved each twist of the story. It gave the reader so much more to look forward to as the reader continues diving deep into the story.What caught me off guard about this book is the great feelings. I loved feeling the emotion of Juliet. Watching her struggle, fight, and come to terms with certain situations made me feel if I was in the story right by her side. I rooted for her to make it through and to no t give up. The love interest totally surprised me. Here I thought I knew exactly who she love and BAM! Ms. Jay kept her readers on their toes and never let them down. With such amazing characters in the book, you never know what is going to happen.Juliet Immortal is deeply entertaining book. The rousing re-retelling of star-crossed lovers strikes a good balance of love and lost. Juliet Immortal is ultimately beautiful and very satisfying.
LiederMadchen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My first reaction on seeing this book and reading the description was pure curiosity. The cover was beautiful (yes, I can be quite shallow) and the idea of Romeo and Juliet not only surviving but but surviving as immortal enemies fascinated me. I had always disliked the classic play because the characters were so young and foolish and died so pointlessly. It never struck me as being particularly romantic or interesting and has always been one of my least favorite of Shakespeare's plays. This book made it much more interesting.Juliet, now an immortal Ambassador whose task it is to aid mortal lovers overcome any obstacles placed in their path, possesses the body of an emotionally and physically scarred teenage girl named Ariel. Ariel was on an unfortunate date with a cruel young man by the name of Dylan. When their car crashed, Dylan was killed and Juliet took control of Ariel. Romeo, now a Mercenary whose job is to destroy the mortal lovers, takes Dylan's corpse. That should give you an idea of the sort of villain Romeo is. Dark, tormented and downright creepy.While taking possession of a girl's body is kind of freaky, Juliet treats poor Ariel with a great deal of respect and actually endeavors to make her life better, even though her job is to find whatever starcrossed lovers she is supposed to help. I found myself really liking this clever, strong Juliet. But as much as I liked Juliet, my favorite character is Ben Luna, a cute, sensitive Hispanic boy. Juliet finds herself falling in love with him...unfortunately, he is supposed to fall in love with someone else. And she is supposed to help him.The love triangle was brilliant. I was on Team Ben the whole time, Romeo being too much of a bad boy even for me. Yet you couldn't help but wonder if Romeo was really as bad as he seemed. Was he misunderstood...or even worse? The romance was threaded throughout with dark desperation on Romeo's side, and blind hope and optimism on Ben's. Juliet is caught in the middle with Romeo, the Mercenaries and even her own side pulling her away from Ben. Ben was...wonderful. Sweet and kind with a hard edge and a temper that is always directed to helping others.As much as I enjoyed the novel, there were several things that bothered me. The minor characters, save for Ariel's mother Melanie, were bland and their behavior at times incomprehensible. Gemma, the girl Juliet is supposed to convince Ben to fall in love with, switches from mean to nice to strange and back again. Some of this is explained by magical means, but not all. Melanie, the only other minor character who stands out, was as troubled and scarred as her daughter. I have hope for them both.The other flaw was in the plot. There were parts that just didn't make much sense or that I wished had been explained better. On the whole I understood and enjoyed the story, but I was left puzzled at a few points. However, I will give the author a little slack in that department because it is the first book in a series and some of it may be explained later.I loved the ending. Absolutely. Loved it. It left me wanting to read the aftermath from every different character's point of view, even the ones I hadn't previously cared about. Really, I would love to read three different sequels all stemming from that ending but about different people.Overall, I enjoyed this book despite its flaws. The three main characters were great and well written; the story dark and strange and lovely. I would recommend this story to lovers of unique paranormal romance. And unexpected plot twists. I don't want to give anything away, but there are some great plot twists.
mimi-vee on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I actually love all things Shakespeare, so I was really excited to read this book. And it was completely original in every way!Juliet Immortal was nothing like I thought it would be, but that wasn't a bad thing! Although a little confusing at first, Stacey Jay quickly sucked you into Juliet's world where Romeo was to be hated, her very existence was for saving other soul mates, and falling in love with the super-awesome new boy (Ben) was impossible.I just adored everything about Juliet. She was sweet, caring, incredibly intelligent, yet she had a fire in her that was hard not to admire. And I expected to hate Romeo way more than I did, but I just couldn't dislike a boy who was obviously suffering from his past decisions every single day.Overall, I really enjoyed Juliet Immortal! I felt that some things were simply breathtaking while others were a little unbelievable, but that didn't lessen the enjoyment factor one bit. Even if you haven't read Romeo and Juliet before, you should still pick up this book! :)BUY or BORROW?: Definitely a book for any Shakespeare-lover's bookshelf!
titania86 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The tale of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous romantic stories in history and has been retold countless times. The real Juliet is so annoyed because their real story didn't happen like that at all. Everything is correct up until she wakes up and, in reality, Romeo stabs her in order to live forever. While she was dying, her Nurse granted her immortality as well to work for the Ambassadors of Light, who work to save soul mates and allow them to live happily. Romeo is on the opposite side, the Mercenaries, and works to get one to sacrifice the other for eternal life as he did. They have been doing this for centuries, but something is different this time when they appear in modern day California. Juliet inhabits the body of a physically and emotionally scarred girl, who will return to her body when the mission is done. Both Romeo and Juliet's strength is diminished and they can't contact the powers that be in their two factions. Romeo, after initially trying to kill her, tries to convince her to cast a spell with him so they can be human together. Juliet is completely uninterested, but starts to develop feelings for a boy she meets named Ben. Can she still complete her mission? What will happen when she leaves the body and the real girl takes over?I love Juliet Immortal. This isn't your typical retelling story where it's simply transported into the present day. Based on the cover, I was expecting a regular kind of West Side Story retelling with less dancing, snapping, and singing and I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't. I like the supernatural elements because they are completely unexpected and very different from other paranormal books I've read. The two factions, the Ambassadors of Light and the Mercenaries, aren't present for much of the book, but influence the actions of Romeo and Juliet throughout the novel. Romeo inhabits dead bodies and walks the Earth for eternity in them, discarding old bodies in favor for fresher ones. Juliet, on the other hand, only inhabits living bodies in times of need. Her task also involves improving the life of the person whose body she is borrowing. When she isn't in a body, she is trapped in a cloud of nothingness, not aware of anything. Romeo is more experienced than her and stronger than her, which is usually the case in good vs. evil conflicts. This unique paranormal world made the book an interesting, fun read.Juliet's attitude is the most unexpected aspect of the book. The naive and idealistic Juliet from the past is gone and replaced by a bitter, angry, and jaded being whose only focus is constant vengeance against Romeo. It's completely understandable in her situation. I enjoyed seeing a more confident, self assured Juliet who was willing to keep fighting for what she believes in, even if it makes her miserable. One thing that annoyed me was that she stumbled into the same pitfall as before. She fell in love with a forbidden boy in a relatively short amount of time and could never see herself with anyone else. She seems to think that it's different because it was over more than a couple of days, but it's very similar. It would be nice to see more teen romances feature relationships based on actual friendship and knowledge of the other person instead of love at first sight just based on looks. Romeo's character is kind of muddled. He is evil because he preys on the soul mates, trying to convince them to murder each other and he constantly tries to murder Juliet before she achieves her goal. Throughout the book, it seems like we're supposed to sympathize with him or think he wants to be better, but I was never convinced. He is best when he embraces his evilness and not when he's trying to garner sympathy or acting pathetic. Overall, I really enjoyed Juliet Immortal. The writing is engaging and fluid, but sometimes a little over dramatic. I was never bored and I read the book in only a couple days. I would recommend it to people who enjoyed the original play and fans of paran
kreagsheehan on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Juliet Immortal, in my eyes could have either failed, or succeeded. luckily, it was the latter of the two! Juliet Immortal was beautifully written, and the story line was amazing. I really felt connected to the characters, and every one of them felt real. The writing was beautiful and emotional and I loved it. My only complaint is about the ending, which seemed to be a bit to... convenient would be the word I guess. But other than that, I am really looking forward to the sequel, Romeo Redeems.
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Shakespeare had it all wrong! Romeo tricked Juliet into committing suicide so that he could ensure his immortal survival. But what Romeo didn¿t see coming was that someone would offer Juliet immortality also. Romeo walks the earth trying to get other star-crossed couples to betray each other while Juliet battles him trying to keep him from corrupting others. That is until Juliet meets someone and falls in love¿which is forbidden.This was a really different twist on the ¿greatest love story of all¿. You do realize R&J is the one that started all the ¿love at first sight¿ stuff don¿t you? Well, this version cops to the fact that maybe it was more ¿lust at first sight¿, which was refreshing¿that is until Juliet turns around and and falls instantly in love with a guy named Ben. But I digress.This was an interesting take on the Romeo and Juliet¿I love that Romeo was responsible for giving the story to Shakespeare¿that was funny. I loved that Juliet wanted to make Ariel¿s life better¿for example the LONG OVERDUE discussion she has with Ariel¿s Mom. But while Juliet is doing everything to boost up Ariel, Juliet is whining over her own circumstances which got annoying.Meanwhile¿The whole Gemma/Ben thing was ridiculous. Juliet has been doing this star-crossed lovers thing for 700 years and it never dawned on her there could be two sets of ¿true loves¿ floating around? This was pretty predictable¿save for the ending and the cliffhanger.If you love all things Shakespeare or Romeo & Juliet, then you will likely enjoy this slightly different take. If not, then I¿m not sure what to tell you. LOL.
TheRandomGirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"For never was a story of more woe,Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.Immediately, this book caught my eye. I've never come across much Romeo and Juliet novels with such a clever twist as Juliet Immortal. If I ever come across any other novels with a twist on the most tragic and greatest love story, they'll probably have a hard time trying to top off Stacey Jay's creation. She has set the bar for love stories and twists like this one, really, really, high.Upon reading the first few pages of the book, I fell in love completely. The writing was so beautifully written, it flowed effortlessly and it had a sense of timelessness just as William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet had. The book was full of passion and spirit which captured the essence of love and loss.The characters Stacey Jay created were also finely developed. They were so cleverly spun together and into the story, in my opinion. Juliet had to be my favorite character because she seemed real to me and I understood her motives. She was just a character I couldn't dislike, even if I tried (which I didn't, by the way). And between Ben and Romeo, I couldn't choose. Ben was what you wanted in a guy and I loved him, but I had trouble trying to hate Romeo as Juliet passionately had throughout the book.Juliet Immortal was so cleverly plotted out and Stacey Jay dreamed up a world so unique I was mesmerized. Romeo Redeemed, oh, Romeo Redeemed, why must you seem so far away?
dasuzuki on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I'll openly admit it was the cover of this book that really grabbed me because it is just absolutely stunning. Then the idea of the Romeo and Juliet romance being a sham caught my imagination despite contemporary YA stories not being my main area of interest. Juliet is sent into the body of a teenage girl, Ariel, and finds herself having to protect Ariel's best friend, Gemma, from Romeo who also returns in the body of another teenager on a mission to tear Gemma and her soulmate apart. Both Romeo and Juliet quickly realize everything is different this time around. There appear to be no others of their kind around, their powers are muted and Juliet falls herself falling for the boy that she suspects of being Gemma's soulmate. Then to just make things even more complicated Gemma turns out to be a real b*tch and probably a bit crazy and Romeo is convinced that if Juliet falls for him again they can both get their original bodies back and carry on with an actual life.The cast of characters ranged the wide spectrum from Romeo who I actually felt bad for. Yes he was despicable and was playing for the dark side but I loved his cockiness and the fact that despite all he actually did have a heart. When the ending is revealed and we find out why he did what he did I felt even worse for him and I did want to kind of slap Juliet around. Juliet was more of one of those characters I didn't feel very strongly about one way or another. I felt bad that her life was cut short and now she was doomed to spend eternity battling Romeo for souls of soul mates but I never really came to "like" her. Then there was Gemma who was beyond horrid. She was supposed to be Ariel's best friend but treated her like crap, she was unbalanced and even though supposedly she did truly care about Ariel I found that hard to believe. Instead she just comes across as a total whack job and it is hard to believe she was supposed to be the one one who ends up with happily ever after.The story itself moved along at a great clip and I was eagerly flipping through the pages waiting to find out what would happen in the end. Then the story comes to a screeching halt as one random act after another happens and I felt my head spinning by time the story was over. I still am not sure how the ending really came about. It was just too pat and didn't make sense how we got there. So I felt totally deflated upon finishing what started out as a great book and the only upside was it looks like we will get to see more Romeo in future books!
alaiel.kreuz on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Well, this book had the most original twist I've read in... I don't know, years! Because, all the girls (and I'm sure all the guys) know about Romeo and Juliet, I mean, who doesn't?! Sure, tragic story, sad ending but the reason we all love that book is because love is everything for both characters. And they can't live without it. That's why they are the ultimate romantic couple ever, right?Wrong. It all was a big fat lie. Poor Shakespeare get it all wrong which, by the way, was Romeo's fault.Let me tell you what really happened:Sweet Juliet, completely in love with Romeo, knows he is the love of her life, the only man she will ever love and, in her own words, worship.Sadly turns out Romeo decided that it was way better to gain immortal life in exchange of one little, simple, tiny thing: Juliet's life.And, obviously, we know he does it. How do we know it? Because of the title, of course!Since I don't want to spoil anything I'm just going to say that poor Juliet is saved in exchange of hard work. What is her work, you ask? Well, since killing her granted Romeo eternal life now she can have eternal life too in order to protect the life of true lovers like she and Romeo were supposed to be. Why does she have to do it? She doesn't really understand that.What happens if she fails? Well, first one of the lovers would die in hands of his/her "true love" who has been convinced by Romeo to do so.Why would they kill the love of their life? Because Romeo would promise them something in exchange.What do Romeo gets by doing that? No spoilers, sorry!And they have being doing this for quite a long time but in this "reincarnation" something is different. No one is watching them, not the good guys nor the bad guys, so for the first time in centuries they are alone. And Romeo wants something from Juliet, something that might stop this eternal war between them for ever.But Juliet, of course, doesn't want to hear a word. Can you really blame her?! I mean, he killed her! And not in a very nice way, you know? So, she does the only thing they always do when no mortals are around: they try to kill each other. But... something is wrong... there's no extra powers, no super strength... and they knew that somehow they were stuck in their bodies' hosts...Nevermind that, Juliet won't let Romeo win and only has one thing in her mind: Save the lovers! Which is very mature of her because she is scared and all but that doesn't make her loose her way. And she truly tries to save them until she realizes that somehow, along this whole thing happening, she fell in love with Ben, one of the lovers she is supposed to save. And looks like he is in love with her too... Which drives Romeo crazy (more crazy than he already is) but, he killed her, why is he so upset?!Confusing review? I honestly hope not because this book was good good GOOD! Buy it, burrow it, steal it, I don't care, just read it! (I'm joking, BTW. About the stealing part, I mean).And, while I was reading this book I found out that there's a sequel coming out next year BUT this book is auto-conclusive so don't worry about that.But believe me, you will want to read the next book too :D
eheinlen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book disappointed me. I was really looking forward to reading it as the plot was absolutely fascinating; however, I just hated the author's writing style. It was like trying to muddle through quick sand. The author took entirely took long to explain things that could have explained much later in the book or in a much shorter manner. If you can get past that, you might like the book. The plot is still fascinating and the story is quite good.
theepicrat on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Juliet Immortal takes on this iconic romantic couple and pits them against each other in a wholly imaginative way. Juliet is not the naïve, lovesick girl of years past and instead proves herself a force that I want on my side of a fight. There were times when I had trouble with the storyline, especially in regards to Romeo¿s intentions. Every once in a while, Romeo gets his own pagetime ¿ and it is both disturbing and confusing. It seems obvious that much larger forces were influencing Juliet and Romeo, but it was hard to discern who pulled the strings and why. A sequel would be nice to figure this out, but I doubt it will come since the ending for Juliet was more than perfect and conclusive. On the other hand, Romeo does excel in doing the unexpected. Juliet Immortal definitely felt a lot darker and more serious than Stacey Jay¿s UNDEAD series. This book may appeal to those who enjoyed mercy or RIPPLE.
ToxicMasquerade on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It was much better than I thought it would be. The ending was a twist that I never expected. The pace was really well. I didn't want to put it down. Definitely an interesting version of Romeo and Juliet. Can't wait for the sequel.