Jump Off the Cliff: 13 Steps to The Real You

Jump Off the Cliff: 13 Steps to The Real You

by Jenny Funkmeyer, Otis Funkmeyer


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Beware! This book is no idle talk. OPEN this book, ACT on the steps & the powers of a HIGHER DIMENSION are called in.

These 13 Steps have been known to end bad relationships, cause massive career changes, lead to accusations of insanity, and put a complete stop to uncertainty and impotence. Don't open it unless you're ready! Consider yourself warned.

Learn how to SEE every detail of that PERFECT DAY coming up in your near future. Open your third eye and hear your own internal guidance, the HIGHER SELF! Know what it feels like to GO FOR BROKE, allow SYNCHRONICITY to lead you right to the edge of your old life and push yourself over the edge into a brave new life, into a whole new you. These steps are the beginning of your HERO'S JOURNEY -- to become a hero to your Self!

The LIFE THAT AWAITS YOU is a strange and wonderful thing; MYSTERIOUS, imbued with MAGIC. Each day is truly NEW. UNIQUE! You literally never know what to expect. The most AMAZING PEOPLE, the most AMAZING EXPERIENCES, the most AMAZING LIVING SITUATIONS and CAREERS materialize out of thin air. Situations so improbable happen on such a regular basis that all you can do is smile. It is the journey worth taking, the life less ordinary, the chance to glimpse into the heavens and see the inner workings of reality. And here's the funniest part of all. The only way you'll ever know, they only way to see if it's true or not, is to try. To take the steps. To risk it all and jump off the cliff into a whole new you.

We did it! Every step. We share with you from our experience. We're living proof this life is true! We are here to do it with you!

With LOVE,
Jenny & Oti

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ISBN-13: 9781530905874
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Pages: 158
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