by Katrina Arbuckle, Amy Simpson



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JumpStarters by Katrina Arbuckle, Amy Simpson

Games that start the fun and the discussion! Charge up your youth discussions. . . with games for every occasion! Get serious about fun with games that your youth will really love. With everything from relays to brainteasers, you will always have the perfect game. But wait. . . there's more! These games also prime your teenagers to talk about the issues most relevant to their lives. Games cover 43 important topics, such as worship, peer pressure, dating and God's love. Strategic questions help you guide discussion and transition easily into messages or devotions. Your youth will have a blast and open up to talk about what's really important. Indexed by Scripture and Topic.

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ISBN-13: 9780764422195
Publisher: Group Publishing(CO)
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

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This book is full of games-100 games your teenagers will love-from relays to brainteasers to silly twists on old favorites.
But that's not all! Each game is also a discussion starter. Games relate to a variety of important, relevant topics, such as worship, peer pressure, dating, the Bible, stress, and God's love.
Use the games by themselves, or use the accompanying questions and suggested Scripture passages to launch discussions and connect to Bible lessons. To find the game you need, check out the Scripture and topic indexes on pages 109-110.
Use these games to help your teenagers have fun, to capture their attention, and to help them evaluate important topics. JumpStarters: 100 Games to Spark Discussions may be just the resource you need to help your fun-loving young people learn more about faith in everyday life.

Table of Contents


A Little Better All the Time: Hope
All Tied Up: Prayer
Anatomy Quiz: The Church
Armageddon: Violence
Awesome Love: God's Love
Balancing Our Faith: Sharing Faith
Bargains Are Us: Stewardship
Beard of Cheese: Temptation
Befriended: Friendship
Belly Ball: Justice
Blackout: Money/Materialism
Bland Leading the Bland: Compassion
Bomb Shelter: Forgiveness
Bound Together: Parents
Building a House of Cards: Hope
Bulging Bags: Popularity
Business of Friendship: Friendship
Button Shuffle: Forgiveness
Can I Quote You?: The Future
Candle Capers: Relationships
Chain Gang: Unity
Cheese Spread: God's Love
Circle of Friends: Differences
Clay People: God's Power
Clothespin Giveaway: Generosity
Communication Explanation: Parents
Crossing the Canyon: Grace
Crystal Clear: Love
Cut That Out!: Love
Don't Drop the Ball!: Maturity
Easy Skeet Shoot: Violence
Fitting In: Peer Pressure
Flavor of Worship: Worship
Foot Race: Servanthood
Friendship Traits: Friendship
Future Stories: The Future
Getting It in Focus: The Bible
Group Barter: Money/Materialism
Guiding Light: Relationships
Hands Down: Media
Hard-Boiled Egg Toss: Grace
Heart of Ice: Dating
Highly Motivated: School
How to Make A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: Dating
Huddle Hustle: Family
Human Boggle: Leadership
Incorrect Labels: Acceptance
Inhale, Exhale: Grace
Instant Artists: Creation
The Judge Says: Mercy
Just Ask for It: Wisdom
Kaboom!: Friendship
Leadership Scramble: Leadership
Let's Make a Deal: Body Image
Look Ahead: The Future
Losers Win: Mercy
Media Memory: Media
Morality Cups: Peer Pressure
Musical Hats: Family
Musical Prayers: Prayer
No Jelly: Acceptance
Paper Sack Potential: Stewardship
Paper-Wad Ball: Worship
Parent Trap: Parents
Picture Verses: The Church
Please Step Forward: Siblings
Power-Up Olympics: God's Power
Pressure: Stress
Prodigal Tag: Family
Puzzled: Dating
Quiz Me: School
Reach-It Relay: God's Love
Reaching the Heights: Prayer
Servant Relay: Servanthood
Service With a Smile: Servanthood
Share Alike: Generosity
Shock Wave: Compassion
Sprint 'n' Swing!: Popularity
Startled Steps: Peace
Stressed-Out Tug of War: Stress
Tapehead: Siblings
Tear 'Em Apart: Peace
Temptation on Your Shoulders: Temptation
Testing! Testing!: Temptation
This Little Light of Mine: Sharing Faith
Touchy: Body Image
Truly Trivial Trivia: Media
Turban Tag: Unity
Two-by-Two Race: Creation
Two Left Hands: Love
Two Thumbs, Way Up: Media
Unwarranted Wetness: Justice
Wandering Evil: Evil
We Are Family: Family
What Goes Around: Evil
What's Eating You?: Unity
Who Is That?: The Bible
Wise Up: Wisdom
Work of Art: Relationships
Worship Match-Up: Worship

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