Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot's Tape Recorded Transcripts From Vietnam 1968-1969

Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot's Tape Recorded Transcripts From Vietnam 1968-1969

Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot's Tape Recorded Transcripts From Vietnam 1968-1969

Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot's Tape Recorded Transcripts From Vietnam 1968-1969


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Jungle Combat

A Combat Pilot's Tape Recorded Transcripts from Vietnam 1968-1969

Colonel John "Ace" Astle, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

Combat Pilot, Vietnam War and Desert Storm Veteran

Presidential Helicopter Pilot, Medical Evacuation Pilot

31 Air Medals, 2 Purple Hearts and Presidential Service Badge

Former State Senator of Annapolis, Maryland's 30th District

"Many autobiographical books have been written about the Vietnam experience, most of them years after the fact based upon imperfect memory. By contrast, the contents of this book reflect immediate reactions to the grim reality I encountered in Vietnam at the time on a daily basis.

It's all here, from the drama of facing danger in combat, to the frustration of dealing with the military

bureaucracy, to the excesses of exhausted Marines in drunken revelry. What follows is a chronological

transcript of those tapes edited only for coherence, and not to protect the readers' sensibilities. It

reflects my extreme swings of mood-from fear and anxiety to grief and exhaustion to relief and

exhilaration. The events described are sometimes barbarous, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes

sublime, but they are always real. In the theater of war, life gushes forward at a heightened pace. But

amid the cacophony and confusion, the discerning reader will hear the earnest sounds of a young man

emerging into manhood. Be forewarned the language is sometimes raw and cruel, for which I make no

apology. It is the honest language of who we were then, an audible snapshot of that hardest of times.

Committing this story to paper has helped me come to terms with the war, and to put it in focus. It has

become commonplace to describe the conflict there as a defeat, but those of us who took part in it have

difficulty with that. We were never bested on the battlefield. Every time the enemy stood up to

challenge us, we took the worst he had to offer and returned it with interest.

Yet we were the ones who withdrew, not because we were defeated on the battlefield, but because of

a failure of will among our political leadership. For a variety of reasons, the Vietnam conflict provoked a

divisive cataclysm that ripped our society apart, and shook our nation to its very foundation.

For me, the final evacuation was terrible humiliation. I thought of the brave men who had given their

lives in the cause. Turning our backs and running away seemed to dishonor their sacrifice. It ran

contrary to everything I had ever held fast and believed in, a betrayal of my values and heritage..."

- Colonel John "Ace" Astle U.S.M.C. (Ret.)

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ISBN-13: 9798985170108
Publisher: Gemma M. Jablonski
Publication date: 03/01/2022
Pages: 300
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About the Author

Gemma is the daughter of creative and entrepreneurial first generation Italian/American parents. Growing up as the youngest of 4 and spending her youth working in the family restaurant business, she learned a lot about business and people. After graduating college, she enjoyed a career in commodity futures trading for nineteen years while living in Manhattan and Chicago. On a snowy evening visiting her sister, she met the man of her dreams. Soon after, Gemma relocated and married Mike off the 18th hole on Pebble Beach in Monterey, California. She happily and creatively lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania and writes books about people and circumstances. After meeting and becoming friends with John over the past 18 years, Gemma was and remains impressed with his military stories about his heroism and that of his military brothers. She felt compelled to put his words to print, and to share with others who wore the uniform, who served, and who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom.

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