Junos Enterprise Routing

Junos Enterprise Routing

Paperback(Second Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781449398637
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/25/2011
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 770
Sales rank: 942,147
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Peter Southwick is a Senior Network Engineer at Proteus Networks, providing both professional services support and training for Proteus Networks customers. He is a JNCI, holds JNCIE-M #473 and other Juniper certifications in routing and security. He is an author of Telecommunications: a Beginners Guide, co-author of ISDN: Concepts, Facilities and Services (both published by McGraw Hill), and contributing author to The Handbook of Local Area Networks (CRC Press).

Doug Marschke is an engineering graduate from the University of Michigan currently a principal partner at Proteus Networks. He is JNCIE-ER #3, JNCIE-M #41 and JNCIS-FW, JNCIA certified. He is a writer of various Juniper certification exams and co-writer of the JNCIE Enterprise Exam. He has also authored the JUNOS Enterprise Routing book, and coming in 2009, JUNOS Enterprise Switching. Doug currently spends his time working with both service providers and enterprises to optimize their IP networks for better performance, cost and reliability. He has spent the last 6 month working on a next generation government satellite network. He also flies around the world and back sharing his knowledge in a variety of training classes and seminars with topics ranging from troubleshooting, design and certification preparation. If Doug is not on the road, you can find him at his bar in San Francisco, Taco Shop at Underdogs, discussing a wide variety of topics. He has also recently started a new company Funny How Films, producing independent films such as Amsterdam Heavy and Mad Cow.

Harry Reynolds is a senior test engineer in the JUNOS software Core protocols group at Juniper, where he also has worked on courseware and certification offerings. He is CCIE # 4977, and JNCIE # 3, and holds various other industry and teaching certifications. Harry was a contributing author on the Juniper Network Complete Reference (McGraw- Hill, 2002), and wrote the JNCIE and JNCIP Study Guides (Sybex Books 2003).

Table of Contents

About the Authors;
About the Technical Reviewers, Second Edition;
About the Lead Technical Reviewers, First Edition;
What Is Enterprise Routing?;
Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program (JNTCP);
How to Use This Book;
What’s in This Book?;
Conventions Used in This Book;
Using Code Examples;
Safari® Books Online;
How to Contact Us;
Chapter 1: Junos in the Enterprise Network;
1.1 Introduction to Junos Enterprise Routing;
1.2 Routing Platforms;
1.3 Switching Platforms;
1.4 SRX Series Services Gateways;
1.5 Conclusion;
1.6 Exam Topics;
1.7 Chapter Review Questions;
1.8 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 2: Enterprise Design;
2.1 Design Guidelines;
2.2 Dual Star Internet Access;
2.3 Data Center and Disaster Recovery (DR) Architecture;
2.4 Campus Architecture;
2.5 Conclusion: Design Best Practices;
Chapter 3: Juniper Switching and Routing Platforms;
3.1 Enterprise Network Roles;
3.2 L2 and L3 Deployments;
3.3 All-in-One Versus Components;
3.4 Chapter Review Questions;
3.5 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 4: Interfaces;
4.1 Permanent Interfaces;
4.2 Transient Interfaces;
4.3 Interface Properties;
4.4 Interface Configuration Examples;
4.5 Interface Troubleshooting;
4.6 Conclusion;
4.7 Exam Topics;
4.8 Chapter Review Questions;
4.9 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 5: Protocol Independent Properties and Routing Policy;
5.1 Protocol Independent Properties;
5.2 Routing Policy;
5.3 Conclusion;
5.4 Exam Topics;
5.5 Chapter Review Questions;
5.6 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 6: Interior Gateway Protocols and Migration Strategies;
6.1 IGP Overview;
6.2 RIP Deployment Scenario;
6.3 IGP Migration;
6.4 Overlay Migration Scenario: RIP to OSPF;
6.5 EIGRP-to-OSPF Migration;
6.6 Conclusion;
6.7 Exam Topics;
6.8 Chapter Review Questions;
6.9 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 7: Border Gateway Protocol and Enterprise Routing Policy;
7.1 What Is BGP?;
7.2 Internal and External BGP;
7.3 BGP and the Enterprise;
7.4 Asymmetric Link Speed Support;
7.5 BGP Deployment: Asymmetric Load Balancing;
7.6 Enterprise Routing Policy;
7.7 Multihome Beer-Co;
7.8 Inbound Policy;
7.9 Conclusion;
7.10 Exam Topics;
7.11 Chapter Review Questions;
7.12 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 8: Access Security;
8.1 Security Concepts;
8.2 Securing Access to the Router;
8.3 Firewall Filters;
8.4 Spoof Prevention (uRPF);
8.5 Monitoring the Router;
8.6 Conclusion;
8.7 Exam Topics;
8.8 Chapter Review Questions;
8.9 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 9: Junos Layer 2 Services;
9.1 Junos Services;
9.2 Layer 2 Services;
9.3 Additional Service Options;
9.4 Conclusion;
9.5 Exam Topics;
9.6 Chapter Review Questions;
9.7 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 10: Class of Service;
10.1 What Is IP CoS, and Why Do I Need It?;
10.2 IP Differentiated Services;
10.3 CoS Capabilities;
10.4 DiffServ CoS Deployment and Verification;
10.5 Adaptive Shapers and Virtual Channels;
10.6 Conclusion;
10.7 Exam Topics;
10.8 Chapter Review Questions;
10.9 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 11: IP Multicast in the Enterprise;
11.1 What Is Multicast?;
11.2 Multicast Protocols;
11.3 PIM Sparse Mode: Static RP;
11.4 Configure PIM Sparse Mode with Bootstrap RP;
11.5 PIM-Based Anycast-RP;
11.6 Conclusion;
11.7 Exam Topics;
11.8 Chapter Review Questions;
11.9 Chapter Review Answers;
Chapter 12: Junos Security Services;
12.1 Junos Software and Security;
12.2 Conclusion;
12.3 Exam Topics;
12.4 Chapter Review Questions;
12.5 Chapter Review Answers;
Junos Layer 3 Services;
Layer 3 Services;
Layer 3 Services Configuration;
Combining Services;
The Life of a Packet;
Exam Topics;
Appendix Review Questions;
Appendix Review Answers;
Upgrading Junos;
Migrating to a Newer Version of Junos;

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