Jurassic Classics: A Collection of Saurian Essays and Mesozoic Musings

Jurassic Classics: A Collection of Saurian Essays and Mesozoic Musings

by Donald F. Glut



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ISBN-13: 9780786409617
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 01/30/2001
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Donald F. Glut is a prolific book and article writer, and movie producer-director. Among his many works is the award-winning Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia and its supplements. He is the president of Frontline Entertainment and lives in Burbank, California.

Table of Contents

Cave Writings (A Prehistoric Preface)1
1Paleo Words
Giving Life to Ancient Bones5
Tyrannosaurus rex in the Public Eye15
A Middle Triassic Floodplain23
The World of the Mesozoic42
Natural Prehistory53
Tracking "Trachodon"61
Remembering The Field Museum's Hall 3868
In Search of Spinosaurus77
Fossil Foolery86
2Personal Petroglyphs
Amateur Animation: Dinosaurs and Ancient Apes97
Man-Lizard, Stone-Age Avenger109
The Trials of Dagar, Prehistoric Warrior119
A Love Affair with Dinosaurs126
According to the Fossil Records132
Dinosaur Valley Dinosaurs145
Jurassic Punk158
3Mesozoic Media
Tor of 1,000,000 Years Ago165
One Million B.C. (The Original)174
King Kong and the War Eagles184
Godzilla--Tokyo's Greatest Nemesis196
The Creature Features208
King Kong Climbs Again218
Godzilla, Saurian Superhero225
Who Is ... the Creature?230
The Sea Sick Sea Serpent234
Dinosaurs: Real vs. Reel250
Dinosaurs in Popular Culture260

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