Just an Illusion - The B Side

Just an Illusion - The B Side

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Just an Illusion - The B Side by D. Kelly, Regina Wamba

The B Side is the second book in The Illusion Series and Side A should be read first.

Three life-altering months ...
That's how long it's been since Amelia Greyson joined the Just an Illusion Tour with Bastards and Dangerous. She's made new friends, embraced her past, and even found love.
Back on the road ...
Following a tragic situation, Amelia is determined to hit the road, put her life in order, and finish the book she was hired to write. Mel's not the only one affected by what happened; the men of BAD are all trying to move forward, not wanting the past to ruin the remainder of their farewell tour.
Brother vs Brother ...
Tensions are high on the Weston brothers' bus. As each brother settles into their role in Amelia's life, secrets threaten to rip their relationship to shreds. Can Noah and Sawyer find a way to save the brotherly bond they share? Or will the woman of their dreams end up tearing them apart for good?

The B Side is the second book in The Illusion Series

*Mature Content- This book contains situations not intended for persons under the age of 18. Including, but not limited to - open door sex, cursing, alcohol and/or drug use, and possible triggers.*

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BN ID: 2940157565695
Publisher: Dee Kelly
Publication date: 03/30/2017
Series: The Illusion Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 77,161
File size: 751 KB

About the Author

D. Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.
Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.
A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it. For all things D. Kelly, you can visit her website:

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Just an Illusion - The B Side 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
Book 2 in the Illusion Trilogy and you do need to read book one as this book starts right where that one finished and once again this author gives us a emotional roller coaster that you will find hard to put down. The boys from Bad are back and are still as hot as ever and once again we get inside their heads, follow their life on the road, feel their happiness and feel their pain and that's all I'm going to say about this story because I don't want to give too much away. What I will say is this book left me with my heart in my mouth and I really hope book three is not far away. The boys from Bad are loveable sexy characters but D. Kelly goes deeper than just a book about a hot band she takes you into their life's and by the end of the book you feel like the boys, their partners and their family are your friends. Brilliant book that left me wanting more .....
Vuhneeeeesha More than 1 year ago
Noah and Amelia's love story is going too fast. It made me think how perfect they are for each other but I can't set aside that I'm still rooting for Sawyer. When the story seems to be too perfect, I can't read without overthinking what will happen in the next chapters. I'm worried, I feel restless. Amelia's story is a mystery to me. After reading the JAI Side A I'm super excited for more and now, I could only wish to make time moves faster (or better yet D. Kelly pls. don't make us wait for too long. Vacation is just starting and the next book will be released on July. Oh, I can't stop thinking about it.) Noah is the perfect guy and Amelia is a lucky girl. Sweet, caring,understanding and most of all a family man. Amelia may had a big wall surrounding herself but Noah manage to slowly break it and directly aims for her heart. Noah now have Amelia's heart. Amelia is slowly accepting changes that had happened to her and allowed herself to be loved. These two had face many problems;big and small, insecurities and fears that made their relationship much stronger. Everything is going smooth, until it didn't. This is I think will be the cause of turn of events. Reading it is heartwarming especially the MelNoah moments and at the same time heartbreaking. Loved it! RECEIVED AN ADVANCED READER'S COPY IN EXCHANGE OF HONEST REVIEW.
bookbruin More than 1 year ago
Hang on to your hats ladies and gents! This is one emotional ride! Just an Illusion - The B Side is the second book in the Illusion trilogy, so please keep this in mind when you sit down to devour this book! You should definitely read Just an Illusion - Side A first (because it's awesome!) and because The B Side picks up where Side A left off. This book is heavy on the feels and at times you will be riding the highs, but oh, there are some truly heavy lows too. Prepare yourself for the swoons (#TeamWeston for the win!), steam (still fanning myself here), and some heartache too (Noooooooooo!). I really loved the mix of playfulness and lighthearted banter (LOVE the Weston and BAD family) and the angst and mystery. There are some truly epic surprises in this one too! Forgive my vague wording/review, but trust me when I say that you want to experience these moments from D. Kelly on your own. I could not put this book down and finished it in one sitting (Yes, adulting was ignored and children *may* have eaten cereal for dinner, but they understood that this book could not be ignored! Hahahahaha!) The B Side was a slower burn for me, really fleshing out the characters and what drives/motivates them. You get to know all the characters better and get to meet some sweet new additions as well. The wait until June for the final book feels torturous and bittersweet, but I know it will be worth it! Don't miss this amazing love story!
Anonymous 16 days ago
love this series. highly recommended...!!!!!!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
WARNING--TISSUES NEEDED - WOW, I thought just from reading the prologues that Mel was childless but, WOW, I'm heart-broken as to the rest. I'm gonba have to take a minute before I continue on. So sad but good.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Not at all what I expected but the series was an amazing read, I couldn’t put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait to see how this story ends
AuthorsWebTVHost More than 1 year ago
I can’t review one without the other two because I don’t see any way someone could read one without reading the others (and in order). Once I read The A Side, I was hooked. Kelly’s characters are believable, loveable and so real. You are immediately drawn into their world and by the time you reach the last page, they feel like part of your family. The story line is captivating and something that could easily happen; but more than a story about rock stars, it’s a story about human beings who feel love and grief, happiness and unbearable sadness. Hilariously funny in places, unbearably sad in others, but always satisfying as the story takes you through the lives of three wonderful people and the others that make up their world. I could not put these books down and am feeling sad that I’ve finished. The next book won’t be out for a few months and I eagerly await its’ arrival. Great job, D. Kelly – you’ve scored a hit with this series.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
(4.25 stars) I loved “B side” just as much as “Side A”. This is surely becoming one of my favorite series. But…I do have to confess that as Amelia and Sawyer’s relationship developed the anticipation to find out if it would impact her relationship with Noah was too much to take. I did have to peek and went a bit too far LoL. All I can say is that if you thought “Side A” had a hell of an ending then “B Side” will knock you on your butt.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
I’m not sure my heart can take this crazy, wonderful, intense roller coaster ride. Who am I kidding, I’m loving every emotion filled moment. It’s wonderful to see Mel come out of her darkness and embrace this new family she has found. The love she has with Noah is intense and all consuming, something I don’t think she felt she deserved. Of course, the lives of musicians isn’t an easy one so as we get to experience all the highs, there are also a lot of lows along the way. You truly have to just dive into this series and experience all of the crazy, intense and exciting moments. You won’t be disappointed.
HeatherLM More than 1 year ago
I was anxious to get my hands on Just an Illusion- The B Side. It picks up right where The A Side left off. We find out what happens with Noah and Mel. The group takes some time off to regroup and for the holidays. They've all been through a horrific ordeal and need some time to recover and heal. Noah and Mel grow closer than ever. Poor Sawyer is so confused on his feelings for Mel and the love for his brother. This book was just as wonderful as the first. Action packed, angsty, sexy and emotional. I devoured it. I was torn with wanting to read as fast as possible to know what was going to happen next and wanting to go slow and prolong the journey. When it ended, I went back through and read some parts again. This story is so good. I can't wait fro book three, EP to come out. I'm ready for more BAD.
S_W_ More than 1 year ago
I seriously loved this book so much!! I don't want to give anything away about the plot or story but I will tell you this~I loved every single word! There was swoon-worthy romance, all the feels, happiness, sadness, surprises, personal growth, family, friends and everything in between. It was A-MAZ-ING!!
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 of the 3 book story. And there is a major cliffy at the end! Fair warning! This was a great continuation of Mel's story. Mel and Noah fall deeper and deeper in love with each other. Mel also develops a deep friendship with Sawyer even though Sawyer feels more than friendship for Mel. This part of the story is setting us up for the tremendous ending that I know is coming. The story is well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cliffhanger ending is one that really broke me and I don't know how I will wait until June to find out what happens! Well written and I'm in love with the characters. This band is so much more than a band, they are a family. Great read!
A_Hayes More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books that grabs you by your lady parts and makes you weep that men like Noah Wesson aren't really real. I don't even know how to write this without spoilers but I'm gonna give it a damn good try. I fell in love with the characters in this series in Side A and this book is even better in my opinion. The author has really outdone herself but OH MY GOD, there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end and I might have been swearing just a little bit at that part. It's something I was expecting because there was way too much happiness in this book but it also has me even more excited for the next book to come out in June. These do have to be read in order to understand the story-line so please be aware of that. Side B starts out where Side A left off after the incident with Noah's ex-girlfriend who was more than a little crazy. The emotional roller coaster starts here and continues throughout so make sure to have tissues handy!!! I literally got this book in my hands and had it read in the course of 2 days so that tells you how much that I was absorbed into it. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm team Noah or if I'm hoping that somehow in the end Amelia will end up with Sawyer somehow. That would cause a huge mess in the details but who cares.....I love the bad boys especially when they have huge hearts. LOL There are babies, marriages, and wonderful family holidays included but there is also tragedy, heartbreak and struggling with emotions. I ugly cried a couple of times and even just had tears from the pure joy of some parts of the book. In the end, read these books. Go right now and one-click them even if you can't start them immediately. You'll thank me later. Promise.