Just Another Dead White Male: a novel

Just Another Dead White Male: a novel

by Paul Enns Wiebe

Paperback(Revised edition of Dead White Male)

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High school English teacher Ed Budwieser is another Walter Mitty. His fantasy is about moving from Kirkland, Kansas to the West Coast of Mexico with two molls, reading poetry together on the beach and engaging in long philosophical discussions and engaging in carnal activity. He buys a used Winnebago and tries to escape westward, leading him to a hospital stay. His wife Mildred is a down-to-earth woman with a problem of her own, beginning with a slight fling with her dentist boss. This "affair" leads her to a stay in a mental hospital, from which she is rescued by Carole Digby, the dentist's wife. The two women plot to teach Ed a lesson.

After Ed dies, Mildred and Carole break into the author's house, where Carole begins to change the storyline while Mildred climbs into the author's computer to await further instructions.

Ed awakens on Easter Sunday with a resurrection body. He is ushered by two his molls into the Wheel of Fortune studio, where he wins a trip for himself and two guests to a Secret Destination. The three are flown to the West Coast of Antarctica, where Ed and the molls parachute onto the icy wastes below. He jumps first, but finds that only one person follows him: Mildred. They decide to travel by sled to the South Pole, using penguins to pull them on a makeshift sleigh. On their arrival, they find themselves inside a quonset hut, where there is an international team of scientists in the midst of a Christmas Eve celebration. Ed convinces his flock of penguins to perform skits. They rebel, trash the place, steal the vodka, and disappear into the wilderness.

Left to their own device, the Budwiesers discover a manhole cover just as a group of net-bearing police are let off a helicopter. The two quickly take cover and find themselves on an escalator going down a long shining tube into the bowels of the earth. They finally arrive back in Kirkland, where Ed finally discovers that his wife has been an accessory to the plot.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780971859975
Publisher: Paul Wiebe
Publication date: 05/02/2019
Edition description: Revised edition of Dead White Male
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Paul Enns Wiebe grew up in the Idaho outback. Early on he found that the life of irrigating spuds, driving trucks, repairing fences, digging ditches, chasing mad steers across the open range, and castrating the occasional boar, was losing its fascination.

This discovery led him to the halls of higher education. Bethel College (Kansas) granted him a BA; the University of Chicago eventually sent him away to Wichita State University and finally granted him a PhD. There he taught literature and comparative religion and performed the tasks of his chosen profession—translating and writing books on the theory of religion, composing footnotes for journal articles, and arriving late at the meetings of those committees he could recall having been assigned to.

But his mastery of the academic proprieties was never more than tenuous. It came as no surprise to his colleagues when he resigned his tenured position and, in an attempt to recapture a vanishing sanity, took to writing comic novels.

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