Just Around The Bend: Mas o Menos

Just Around The Bend: Mas o Menos



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Just Around The Bend: Mas o Menos by Renée Paule

Apparently, just around the bend is everything we've been looking forward to including world peace, winning the lottery and a blissful retirement. Regrettably however, the energy and drive most of us need to enjoy them, should they materialise, have been left way behind us in a place called 'The Past'. The buzz word is 'Now' but somehow we always seem to be either side of it. We're far too busy with daily rituals to consider what homilies like 'Know Thyself', and 'Who am I?' really mean. Maybe we've missed something along the way and prefer to live with the mystery of it all.

Paying close attention to our thoughts, reactions and feelings reveals a great deal about us, but only if we're willing to let go of pain and suffering; these cunning obstacles need to be faced rather than pushed to one side. When we truly want to return to completeness, no power on earth will be able to stop us. If you're up to examining your mind whilst I examine mine, then flip the book over and let's get started.

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ISBN-13: 9782954681146
Publisher: RPG Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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Just Around The Bend: Mas o Menos 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
DeviNair More than 1 year ago
Philosophy has always been my favorite topic. So when I came across this book, there was no second thought. And it was absolutely worth it. Renee has written a beautiful book with so much points to think and ponder about our own life. After reading the book, you really feel like going back and analyzing your life. Renee has given so many points to think of and improve our lives. The book is more of a self help kind of book in a very different. There are so many self help books available in the market? So what is different about this one? All the other books give us answers to questions which may not be even relevant to us. Renee with her book “Just around the bend” gives us only questions, but those questions are more useful and beneficial than all the other irrelevant answers. These questions make us think and find answers tailor made for ourselves. These answers which we find out ourselves help us so much better than all the ready made answers we get through other self help books The way she has explained to find happiness within and not to search for someone else to make you happy is something really amazing. Chapters like emotion being energy in motion, or perception, really makes you wonder at things you would never have thought about. The question “Would you be your own friend if you were to meet yourself someday?” is a well known question to check if you find yourself interesting. And Renee has put it up wonderfully in the book. The book is deeply philosophical and insightful. The entire journey with the book had been beautiful and really knowledgeable. Unfortunately I read the second book first and now going to the first book. But after this, I am sure I will love the first book just as much, if not more.