Just As I Am: The life of Yesu, the man we call Jesus

Just As I Am: The life of Yesu, the man we call Jesus

by Eileen Blanchet


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He lives now as the entity who absorbed the role of the man Jesus, and wore like a crown the consciousness of the Christ. It is his choice to come now as he promised, in spirit, to bring comfort to humanity. It was my choice to work with him.

He is beyond the church; beyond religion; beyond the man Jesus. He encompasses intelligence, intellect, rationality, understanding beyond that which would confine him. Once, it is said, he spoke these words, "I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world." And, "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into this world that I should bear witness to the truth."

I know him as Leaeat-the name given to me, meaning harmony. To others, in realms beyond ours, where he is respected, even revered, he is known as the Harmonizer.

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Publication date: 02/26/2016
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Just As I Am

The Life of Yesu, the Man We Call Jesus

By Eileen Blanchet

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Michael Blanchet
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4348-0


Jesus Was a Man

I often wonder if Jesus was a man of flesh and blood like ourselves, or a thought without a body in the mind, or an idea that visits the visions of man. Often it seems to me that he was a dream dreamed by countless men and women at the same time in a sleep deeper than sleep and a dawn more serene than all dawns.

Nay, Jesus was not a phantom nor a conception of the poets. He was a man ...

- Rachel, a disciple of Jesus, from The Son of Man, by Khalil Gibran

The Wedding of Jesus' Parents, Joseph and Mary

When we speak about how Jesus came to a world I want no shadows to be left.

My mother Mary was a girl of only fifteen when a young man of the village of Nazareth older than she by about eighteen years, asked for her hand in marriage. It was their destiny to become the parents of the one who would be looked to by some, as the Messiah. Only now would Mary be reminded of her chosen task in the world.

Mary was a pretty girl of diminutive size with bright blue eyes and black hair. Joseph was not a tall man, but of good stature with brown hair and grey eyes. It was after they were betrothed that Mary and Joseph found a love for each other. The marriage took place with many family members around, and it was consummated.

It has been said that God had decreed a virgin carry a child that would be known as a chosen one. Coming from a house of David it would signify that he was one of God's chosen people. Now it must be made very clear that God would not have shamed a woman by asking at that place and time for her to carry a child without a husband. Man has chosen to find Mary a virgin according to their own meaning. In those days there were many customs such as prostituting for a priest; giving a daughter for her body when a visitor arrived; fulfilling a selfish desire. Mary came to Joseph as a virgin. It was Man who conceived the idea that Joseph took a woman to him already with child. It was not so, nor was it so that he thought of putting her aside.

When Mary became aware of the task set for her she had many fears, but Joseph said to her, "Can we do otherwise than God's bidding and still be God-people?"

If God sends one to be born of woman why not then of man? Was the seed of the man created by God not a fit vehicle to bring Man to Earth? When God wishes to send someone to speak for him he needs a man to understand Man. Could a being other than Man find an understanding? Could they have ever understood or identified with one coming as a Celestial Being? Who God sends must come as a man and this was the task I had chosen to assume for God. Had I wished for my coming to be in some supernatural manner God would never have permitted this. For my task, I must be as all others. When God makes his selection of those who come to do his bidding they are well prepared to assume the difficult task a world will seek from them.

Jesus' Birth and the Flight to Egypt

Now my father planned to go to Bethlehem called Nazara, near Sepphora (sometimes Zipporah) for the paying of taxes. My mother told him that it would be a nice day for an outing and she would like to accompany him. This much is so. It is well to understand that one paid taxes at the centre of the ruling state, which is to say, the location of the government, even as today.

The short journey was made in the morning, Mary accompanying Joseph in a cart borrowed for the occasion so she would not weary herself walking.

Nazareth was a trade route stopover but not a government seat. The town known as Bethlehem was in a convenient proximity to the capital and here many abided since they were required to camp out if their distance had been long. Mary would rest here with friends while Joseph went about his business. The day was pleasant and Mary had enjoyed the outing but before Joseph returned she was alarmed to feel the first pains of the impending birth of the child. There would be no time to return home.

The countryside was a low valley surrounded by hills pocked with caves. Friends say Mary would be well advised to stay, as many are doing, in one of the caves nearby. She is attended by the women in the camp who offer her a sheepskin to rest upon.

When Joseph returns they hasten to tell him of Mary's condition. He assists her to the cave where she is made comfortable.

Evening descends and the landscape is lit by the cooking fires. Mary is attended by the women who assist the child into the world. And so Jesus is born.

They are left to themselves when Mary has been administered to and there is no other about them at all, save the God who has sent them.

The following day Mary and Joseph remain behind when the others disperse. There are those who return to Nazareth and will take the news of Mary's delivery to the family there.

On the way back from the hills, they are set upon by the soldiers. When they enter the town of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph escape to the hills, hiding from them as they search caves and countryside and then pursue the families. Who have children of a year or less? They slaughter left and right and fear sets in as the people gather together again, as to what will befall their families at home.

It is said Rachel weeps for her children — it is so, is it not?

Weeping families pause to bury their dead. Mary and Joseph must consider now how they are to prevent the death of their newborn son, who perhaps poses more of a threat to Herod than any of the tens of babies already killed in this small place.

They hesitate to return to Nazareth but if they are to travel they must make some preparation. When the last of the weeping fades into the distance they abandon the cart and make their way homeward in the dark.

Nazareth, too, has been set upon and they are told the soldiers follow the trade route to the north. They bide their time, then gather a few belongings, tell family members they fear Herod's wrath and will leave to join relatives in Egypt. They will try to let them know how they fare but if this child is to survive, they must seek sanctuary away from the country for the soldiers will return.

They set out following roads to the east and then south using their money cautiously, finding caring people on the way. It is not difficult for any to understand their plight for they have heard of this massacre of the children. Who knows these days who will overcome the people to make of them but slaves? There is little remorse in any who can foil such governing bodies and so Mary and Joseph and the baby are passed from one to another across many miles and many days to reach the sanctuary they seek.

So it is far away in another land, they arrive safely at a home known to Joseph as the family of a distant kinsman. They are happy that Joseph and the child have come without knowing what the child is to become. None know.

Jesus Is Circumcised

Many days have passed without the child being circumcised as required by the covenant of the people and so there were many prayers about the child.

God tells them that a law does not mean that it is a part of God but only a need by the people to know that a man belongs or does not belong. "Let the child be done, and he will be marked as God's own." So came about the circumcision of Jesus a month after the birth.

It was the time of the harvesting of the grain. Joseph earned as a result of his work, a portion of the harvest now having food for his family. The family they lived with soon learned that Joseph worked well with wood and here there was a big demand for chests and chairs and beds and tables. A location is found for him to work and making furniture, he is soon able to repay their kindness.

Jesus' Early Childhood

Mary loves the small child and fusses and fusses — is he clean enough, warm enough, cool enough and on and on and fears always in her mind that being young she may not be a good mother. But the baby grows and laughs and gurgles as babies do and hears or sees nothing but a mother and a father and a family who say the baby is a beautiful child with fine curly red-blonde hair, happy, with eyes like the sky.

Near their abode is a school for Israelite children, and here Jesus goes with other children when yet very young. At this time Mary now looks forward to another child and hearing nothing about this one, her heart has pleasure in the coming. While they are still in this land, both a brother and a sister for Jesus are born. The girl is called Aleathea and the brother is called like the father Joseph since Jesus, coming for Man, could not be called thus.

Jesus attends the school for the Israelite children and excels at learning. There are other schools as well, in the city and the rabbi says the child is intelligent and he needs to hear about many different things. So he is sent to another school where he learns about a world of long ago, retaining in his learning many things of a different nature.

The day arrives when Joseph asks Mary what she thinks about returning to their own country. She is very afraid so Joseph says he will go back and if all seems well, will return for Mary and the children. Now again, Mary is expecting a child and fears another such experience, so Joseph says a child will be born there in the house with their own kinsmen and if all is well then shall they leave.

It happens as Joseph plans. The king is no longer there but there is another of equally hard heart who is unaware of the belief that has preceded him.

The day comes when Joseph and Mary and the four children prepare for their return to their own land no longer known as Canaan. They return to Nazareth and Joseph finds work in a shop. He is not a poor man as some would choose to believe but does well as men do who work a craft. Many good things come to Joseph and he provides for his family's comfort and well-being.

Their house is not magnificent by standards of the time, but pleasant. There is a kitchen for cooking and eating and a living area and rooms for sleeping separated from the children. There are mats or cots suitable for each for sleeping. There are chests of fine design for storage; table and benches in the kitchen; an oven that provides warmth when days are cool. They have many jars for storing oil and flour and such things as are required for the cooking.

To the side of the house is a yard where Joseph eventually works at his trade. Jesus helps as required but prefers to listen to the priests, while son Joseph works at his father's trade more efficiently.

And what do the brothers and sisters think? They love this brother but feel anger because he is sometimes spoiled by their parents being fearful of doing something wrong. This son is willful and sometimes their father is angry and yet does not know what punishment is suitable. His mother frets and worries and wonders and weeps at times and there is little harmony in the home.

The day comes when God speaks to him, "You have come by my direction and your choice for the people, yet here in a home there is no harmony at all because you hear only your own wishes and not what must be done."

Jesus is Sent to Rabbinical School

When Jesus was only a young man still learning a world as it may be said, he attended a synagogue where there were many students preparing to become rabbis. The oldest one was often given to the priests for training, supposing all would gain merit by this. All that often happened was that many were doing what was required, not because it was what they wanted to do.

It was Jesus' nature to be much attuned to an academic training although he had no desire to become a rabbi in a synagogue being not much inclined to go along with the teaching of his day. Many generations discover dissidents among young people. So it was that Jesus, questioning teachers overly much, was not always a favorite student. Others being more docile; it was not in his nature to accept without questioning. These questions were not always welcome often being a matter of acceptance rather than reason. He learned to store these things in his memory. They would be brought out when a time came for him to study with others of a different orientation.

Jesus, growing from a boy to a young man sees his family worrying about him and asks himself why he feels such a disharmony and such a longing for other things. God hearing him tells him that a man cannot help a world until he helps himself. What you are asking is the self-asking, and this is not acceptable.

And so Jesus came to the brink of manhood as a spoiled and willful boy bringing pain to his mother and father who not knowing what to do often turn their anger against the other children who cannot understand why he is indulged. How unhappy a family has become!

When Jesus has asked why he is not getting along as well as he should, he is told that his mother and father have let him do too much as he has wished. When a child should be made to mind his parents, and they have not always done so. Now the time comes when he will need to hear for himself and God speaks to him for his understanding.

"As a boy is, a man becomes, and willful actions indulge the self and can never help others in the world." Jesus wonders how asking about a family has anything to do with helping a world.

"A boy learns wisdom from all about him and when he grows, if all is well, others may learn wisdom from him."

"You are not a wise young man. About you are many who can help you arrive at a place of wisdom and so, as you are now becoming a young man, it is no longer fitting that you are growing up only around home and priests, not learning what you are to become. You cannot only do as you wish, but need to know what you are to do to go about helping a people. You are an idle young man not given to asking much but telling everyone around you. God does not like an arrogant person and you have not learned about humbling yourself before Man as well as God. You are persistent and angry and question everything and yet are not willing to see what people around you are searching for."

A child must ask another for everything — food, clothing, training of all body functions. How can a child be arrogant when it needs all of the services of a parent? What a shame when a child does not carry humbleness with him as he grows and learns what a world is. Humbleness he must know if not to be self-centered. Humbleness he must know if he is to learn about helping others for how can one help others from arrogance? One must be humble to be allowed to assist others or there will not be any understanding at all.

So now this child chosen by God has not learned as a child should learn. Mary and Joseph pray to God to ask how a son can be a "hear" for God when he gets along so poorly with everyone — an impatient young man with no direction.

The child attends the priests and learns because he has a mind that absorbs much and asks and asks and learns and learns. The child wishes to know everything there is to learn. At a synagogue he might be busy wanting to learn and forget his mother and father are waiting for him for he is not overly mindful of his parents concern. A willful child.

Jesus Attends the Essenic School

Mary, my lovely young mother, was but a girl herself and my father a young man. What a handful I presented, seeking none but God to help them understand.

No one is to know what he is yet to do for when a boy is yet a boy he could not cope with such a responsibility. First he must learn a world and then become a man and when he becomes a man he will seek out his task and be able to understand what has been chosen. Was I not also seeking, as one does, unfulfilled by my lonely way.

My first years were lived in a country other than my own but you must remember I was very young and my training came still within the faith of my people. Although we were aware of all those who were non-believers about us, we were kept from their corruption by stern rules of family. Being young we were not of a rebellious age. Perhaps it may be said that a recollection of another people was always carried with me for it is true I questioned much.

When the day came that I was particularly obstreperous and not giving proper obedience to those from whom I learned, my father decided it was now time to find a place and instruction more in keeping with my undisciplined attitude to scripture and ancient custom. It was a difficult thing for those who loved me and yet feared me, to decide what should be done. We three were many a day seeking to hear God and what the direction my life was to take. I did not yet, of course, understand the full extent of the concern of my parents, for I was not yet tuned in as to the task I had so unwisely, as it would seem, chosen.

At a location some small distance away, there is a sect of people who do not allow a woman to join them; permitting no indulgence of flesh or mind. They are clever, clever about learning and knowing. It is given to Joseph to be told about his son and what he must do. And so it is that Jesus is sent to the Essenes.

Although the Essenes had many different locations, for Jesus there was only one place to go. A place where there are only males, young men but no children.


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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Introduction Let Us Understand, xi,
Chapter 1 - Jesus Was a Man, 1,
Chapter 2 - Jesus Follows His Calling Wealth Kidnapping and Magic, 17,
Chapter 3 - Jesus Has Doubts about His Mission, 45,
Chapter 4 - Selling Love in a Barbaric Time Jesus Applies Business Tactics, 73,
Chapter 5 - The Impossible Ministry Why Jesus Feels He Failed His Mission, 127,
Chapter 6 - What the last Days Really Looked Like Crucial Details Jesus Wants Revealed, 179,
Chapter 7 - Christianity is Misguided What Jesus Really Wants You to Know, 211,
Chapter 8 - Comments given from other entities on the Life of Jesus, 225,

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