Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How They Buy

Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How They Buy

by Mary Lou Quinlan


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An enlightening blueprint of the secrets of reaching female consumers from the expert

Just Ask a Woman is a powerful book about how to tap into female consumers' needs. Mary Quinlan, the founder of the premiere consultancy dedicated to marketing to women, has personally interviewed 3,000 women in the course of her research for Just Ask a Woman. Women are the decision-makers in an estimated eighty-five percent of household buying decisions, and yet far too often, products marketed specifically to them fail to connect with their needs. Here, Quinlan explores topics such as how women judge brands and advertising, how they make decisions, the effects of stress on their consumer behavior, and their increasing demands for service and communication. Quinlan rejects the traditional focus group approach in favor of highly energized and intimate talk sessions where women reveal their deeper feelings about products and services. In Just Ask a Woman marketers, brand managers, and advertisers will find a revelatory resource filled with ideas and action steps for building your brand with women-from a woman who has walked in a marketer's shoes.

Mary Lou Quinlan (New York, NY) is the founder and CEO of Just Ask a Woman, a marketing consultancy dedicated to building business with women. Just Ask a Woman is a division of bcom3, a $15 billion global communications firm whose clients include Citigroup/Women & Co., Lifetime, Saks, Hearst Magazines, Toys "R" Us, and Time Inc. Known as a brand-turnaround expert, she has helped to remake brands like Avon and Continental Airlines. Quinlan has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company and Advertising Age and appeared on ABC, CNN, CNBC, Lifetime LIVE, Fox and nationally syndicated news shows. Her articles have been published in Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and More, among others.

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Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/18/2003
Pages: 272
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About the Author

MARY LOU QUINLAN is the founder and CEO of Just Ask a Woman, a New York—based marketing consultancy dedicated to building business with women for clients including CitiGroup, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her twenty-five-year marketing career led to her reputation as a brand turnaround expert, from director of sales motivation and advertising for Avon, to CEO of N. W. Ayer Advertising. She speaks frequently on women’s issues, has written for Redbook, MORE, and Marie Claire, and has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek, as well as on CNBC and the Lifetime Network.

Table of Contents



Chapter One: A Checkup for Marketers: Listening or Not?

Chapter Two: Self-Induced Stress.

Chapter Three: Deliberate Decision Making.

Chapter Fou: The Vigilante Shopper.

Chapter Five: The Tug-of-War with the Mirror.

Chapter Six: Intimate with Technology.

Chapter Seven: Demanding Respect.

Chapter Eight: Craving Comfort.

Chapter Nine: A Listening Action Plan for Marketers.

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What People are Saying About This

Gordon Bethune

Just when you think you know it all, Mary Lou Quinlan helps you with your thinking in a new and wonderful way. If you want to capture a larger piece of your market, read this book.

Melanie Wells

Think you know how to make women buy your product? Think again. Mary Lou Quinlan surprises and delights with insight into what it takes to sell almost anything to any woman.

Stephen A. Greyser

Mary Lou Quinlan harnesses her decades of experience to provide powerful insights into how to not only 'ask a woman' but also to listen to her. Highly readable, this book speaks cogently to practicing and aspiring marketers about tapping into the minds and pocketbooks of women. Quinlan provides a guide to smarter and better marketing.

John Pepper

A deeply insightful and actionable articulation of how women live today, their deepest feelings and hopes and desires. There's a depth of understanding here that clearly reveals the enormous experince that Quinlan has had in marketing and advertising.

Rance Crain

Mary Lou's fascinating book delving into the commonsense insights of women toward products both mundane and high tech is a watershed event. Mary Lou shows that women are both procedural and disciplined (many even use an 'informal board of directors' to confirm their own opinions, and marketers who don't take them seriously do so at their own peril.

Sharon P. Smith

Mary Lou Quinlan's Just Ask a Woman is a fascinating and important study not only for marketers, advertisers, and brand managers, but for the general public. The big message of this book is: Understand the woman you want to reach or she will align herself with someone who does. Here is a terrific guide to achieving that understanding that should be required reading for any business manager.

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