Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey

Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey

by LMSW CPC. David Schroeder


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ISBN-13: 9781504342452
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 266
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Just Be Love

Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey

By David Schroeder

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4245-2


The Sun, the Cloud, Jesus and Me

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. — Judy Garland

In the spring of 2010, I made my yearly retreat of solitude at a place called "Christ in the Wilderness", located in northwest Illinois. On the second evening, as I was watching the setting of the sun, I had a profound experience with my master teacher. I was up on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. As the sun was setting behind a cloud, the outer edges of the cloud lit up like a string of white-orange lights. I knew I was in for an experience; I surrendered and opened to the unfolding before me.

As the sun went down further behind the cloud, a thin area of the cloud's right side lit up in a bright orange-white glow and an opening appeared like a portal into a cave. Scenes began unfolding before me in this opening. A short stone pillar appeared with a baby lying on top of it. Then I saw a young man dressed in a robe, with long slightly curly hair and a beard, walking on a path. A temple was in the background. The portal in this cloud then began to slowly close like a theater curtain. I closed my eyes and asked, "What do you want me to know?"

A gentle voice echoed from the cloud, "Just Be Love." I knew this was the voice of Jesus. I held my arms and my heart open to the sky, the cloud, the sun, and the message presented to me, as tears came.

On the way back to my cabin, I stopped in the retreat centers chapel that is constructed of cedar and has a Native American decor to it. I sat in silence and reflected on what I had experienced in the master's message. Back to my cabin, I began to write. I glanced at the clock; it showed 8:11 p.m. I thought, "Wow, this is amazing." as I recalled, Lee Carroll's book, The Twelve Layers of DNA channeled by Kryon. The eighth layer of our DNA is about the cave of creation and the quantum state. The eleventh layer is about the wise divine feminine. It is a God layer within the human being, and is the powerful energy of compassion. In numerology, which is one of the oldest sciences in the world, eight is the symbol for the cosmic Christ, the totality of the universe, associated with prosperity. It also is related to infinity, being in the flow; as one circle of the figure eight weaves into the other, two parts seamlessly merge to create the whole. Eight is the mirror as one circle reflects the other circle. Eleven is a master number and is about intuition, spirituality, patience and equality. It's a portal or gateway; it's about illumination and higher consciousness — everything I had just experienced.

I believe there was a connection to my experience and the meaning of these numbers. The cave I saw in the cloud was the cave of creation, the energy of love, is the foundation of creation. Through this cave of creation, a portal opened to me with Jesus (the cosmic Christ), asking that I remember who I am. He was offering me the gift of returning to my infinite I AM Presence through this illuminating experience. I was opened to a higher awareness of love and transcendence. With his gentle statement of "Just Be Love", Jesus was asking me to awaken more fully, to become one with the energy of Divine Love and to offer this message to others.


Just Be Love

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself — Jean Anouilh

Love is the great yearning and mystery of the human condition. There can be many questions and many definitions as to what love is truly about. There are many definitions of the word love. As I've come to understand it, love is the absence of fear and the conscious awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of the unity and oneness with all that is. Love is to return to knowing ourselves as love and to freely love and accept the self. Love is also to freely go beyond oneself for the benefit of another.

In the English language love is a noun and more importantly, love is a verb — an action word. The action we take through our intention, process, and practice in both mind and heart to love and be loved will manifest our experience and thus our understanding and belief of love.

Most of us perceive love as physical, emotional and romantic. I will expound more on this in upcoming chapters. Human love comes with expectations and conditions, based on needs, creating disappointments and barriers, which block the energy of love. True love is neither physical nor romantic in the human sense. Divine Love is the unconditional acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be. Divine Love is unconditional giving and receiving. As humans with egos, we seem to struggle with the concept of unconditional loving. Our giving comes with a desire for something to be returned in kind. Some of us struggle with feeling worthy and deserving of receiving what's been offered to us. I believe when humans love, as the Divine loves, there are no strings or attachment, and nothing is needed in return. Divine Love stands in its own power and worthiness. It gives and receives with openness, acceptance and appreciation.

In this unconditional giving and going beyond oneself, one also receives the gift of unconditional love. If you are naturally open to love, you experience this energy flowing back to you, with no expectations. When we love as the Divine loves, we instinctively know that what we freely give is also freely returned to us.

We cannot do great things on earth, only small things with great love. — Mother Teresa

My mystical experience with the sun, the cloud, and the energy of Jesus was one of bliss — extreme happiness/ecstasy for me. There was this amazing synergy between Jesus and me, that was unconditional and a profound energy exchange — a very special giving and receiving. As we experienced the interplay of love and life, there was also an exchange of energy and vibration. These forces are subtle and difficult to detect when our senses are untrained, yet they are always present; impacting us and our interactions much more than many of us realize.

As we experience our physicality, love asks us to live this experience not only as humans, but to be open to experiences from the soul perspective. I will offer more on the soul perspective in upcoming chapters.

Our life journey seems simple enough: Just Be Love. Life is to be experienced and to realize that we are love within the context of our experiences. We desire and dream about love. Yet we learn to fear and doubt it, so we reject this yearning. Our journey to love is avoided or at best, misunderstood and misguided. The energy of love calls us to our imagination, and to embrace the desire of our soul and heart, like we would embrace the Divine when we meet. We are to let go of our fears, our unworthiness and Just Be Love, and let ourselves be loved — we are alive and free.

Just Be Love is having the intention, courage and determination to take action toward this purpose. It is about understanding, accepting, working through and releasing the limiting beliefs and barriers we've created to love. It calls us to come to terms with truly loving ourselves, our sisters and brothers, and all that is seen and unseen. Love is the totality of our being. Love calls us to come home to this totality — to our divinity. We come into this world from and as love and our task is to reconnect to this love through the experiences in life before we leave. This is the essence of the message of this book.

Humanity has had a long held practice of living from our head and intellect, our logical thinking state. One of the highest intentions we can have in these times is the willingness is to shift and merge the intellect with our feeling, emotions and intuitive state. The ability to live more from the heart, from our intuition and our higher self, puts us more in alignment with love and our divinity. I will expound more on this in chapters to follow.

Just Be Love means choosing to look at our life experiences from the soul's perspective, to allow for an opening to punch through our clouds of darkness and illusion, so the light and love of our divine essence can illuminate our experience and its intended life lesson for our soul's growth.

To Just Be Love is to recognize and accept that my life is happening for me, not to me. My physical body and mind is just a vehicle to experience life; it is temporary and is not the real keeper of truth. It is the energy of the soul that holds our truth. Out of love, I choose to see my life experiences from the perspective that governs all souls.

Love is the innocence of being. There is sacred wisdom and strength in "just being". This returns us to the love we are and our divinity. Just Be Love is to — Be and live with childlike innocence and wonder.

Just Be Love calls us to a greater understanding and commitment to explore these spiritual truths. It is our choice to align ourselves with these truths. At any given time it is our choice to follow our ego or the promptings of the Divine, of our soul and of our heart. Many of the teachings from spiritual masters such as, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad encourage us to live life as the Divine guides us. Aligning with divine truths will naturally and grace-fully bring us to knowing ourselves and others as love.


Love and the Soul

The soul allows for contradiction and pain, it dwells in darkness and light. The soul is the seed of love — nurture it and it grows.

As I go about an ordinary day, I notice these two inner voices seeking my attention. One voice is rather loud and obnoxious, coming from what seems like my fear and doubt. The other appears soft and subtle, coming from what appears to be love and assurance. I ask myself. "Is this the dance between my ego and my soul?" As I listen more intently to their exchange it sounds like this:

My ego says, "No."

While my soul says, "Yes."

Ego: "I can't change; change is fearful."

Soul: "Trust me; change is an act of love."

Ego: "It's their fault."

Soul: "The other is a reflection of your own consciousness."

Ego: "Why me, poor me."

Soul: "We create our own reality."

Ego: "I'm not worthy or good enough."

Soul: "We are love and goodness."

Have you ever had this type of conversation with yourself? This is the great paradox, the dance of a spiritual being having a human experience — of being a soul, yet living an ego. This is the dialogue of the lower self or ego and the higher self — the soul. The lower self is the part of us that is defined by its human physical form and by its human experiences; as if this is all there is to itself. It carries the human burdens of fear, doubt, anger, shame, striving, etc. It holds the perception of separation and low self-worth. The higher self lies at the core of our being, the soft inner voice that acts like a best friend or inner guide, the wiser part of us. It is pure love and formless energy. It's our intuitive knowing that is in communion and communication with God and the angelic realm. It's not defined by human experiences; it observes, with awareness of our life experiences from the higher divine perspective. The higher self is open and available to connect with the lower part of us; we are encouraged to openly plug into it, in surrender, trust and allowing — in order to receive its messages and guidance.

The soul is the most important part of us, yet we have limited awareness of it. The relationship and interaction between body, mind and soul is vital in understanding our divine purpose and fulfilling our soul's mission for being. In mainstream systems there is limited teaching or even discussion about the soul and its purpose. We educate our children about the facts of life, yet few families talk about the soul and its journey while in human form. The main conversation revolves around our soul passing on to an afterlife when the physical form ends. Many struggle with the concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that the soul has had many lifetimes incarnated as human. Fear, mistrust, avoidance, and ignorance all create barriers to understanding the soul and its purpose.

When I was in graduate school getting my degree in social work, I took a class on coping with grief. The professor gave a one-hour talk on spirituality. There was minimal discussion on the transition process of the soul when physical life ends. We learned the stages of grief, which are real and important from the aspect of human personality and life cycle, yet little was discussed on the soul's journey and how this could assist with the grieving process for the ones left behind. Albert Einstein once said, "It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

We have physical medicine to study and treat our physical state. We have psychology to study and care for our mental and the emotional state. There is religion to study and learn about God and our relationship to God in our world. Fair to say, there is little attention paid to the study and advancement of our souls. It's only been in the past fifty years, that the emphasis on spirituality has once again come more to the forefront. In the last ten years especially, we have grown in understanding the importance of inclusion, unity and soul work. I believe spiritual teachings that speak of greater connection to the true self and the concept of unity consciousness; are love based vs. teachings that are based on fear and shame. Spirituality is the appreciation of the intangible, yet meaningful attributes of our lives. It asks us to do our inner work and be in the process of co-creation, rather than just giving it all to God and then sitting back praying — hoping and waiting for the miracle. Divine Love invites us to be who we are and, more importantly who we can be. Many people today are seeking out and listening to the true spiritual teachers both past and present, who offer the grander message of love and a broader understanding of who we are as souls.

More attention is being devoted to the metaphysical aspects, i.e. inquiry beyond just the physical, to include the spiritual, mental and emotional aspect of life as well. Metaphysical research and numerous real-life examples show that a significant part of physical and mental illness occurs on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels of the individual more so than the physical. Yes, illness occurs due to stress/trauma, chemical imbalances, toxins, weaken immune system and such. However, on a deeper spiritual level, I believe much of illness is related to a neglected soul. The energy that is the soul emanates from the Creator of all that is — connecting to the cosmos, the spiritual, mental and emotional realms of the universe, as well residing in our physical bodies. The earthly part of the soul, the part experiencing the physical world, has been ignored. The ego has misunderstood its purpose for being and becomes too controlling and reactive. The result is that the ego is in charge while the enduring love, wisdom and light of the soul has been disregarded and blocked, creating dis-harmony and dis-ease within the energy system of the physical body.

This being said, the soul may have agreed to the illness and lessons that it would offer the individual in this life time. The experience of illness may also be intended to being lessons to those close to the person having the illness, i.e. family, partner, etc. Disease, illness or disabilities are not about being punished by God. These situations, like all of life experiences, are to be viewed from the higher perspective, as experiences and lessons for soul growth and advancement on both the individual and collective levels.


Excerpted from Just Be Love by David Schroeder. Copyright © 2015 David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Part 1: The Human Journey,
Acknowledgments, ix,
Introduction, xi,
1 The Sun, the Cloud, Jesus and Me, 1,
2 Just Be Love, 3,
3 Love and the Soul, 6,
4 Love — The Heart of All that Is, 31,
5 Is Your Heart an Open or Closed Door to Love?, 38,
6 Love and Family, 41,
7 Love and Self-Worth, 45,
8 Love Me; Hold Me, Father-Mother, 59,
9 Love and the Mirror, 62,
10 Love and Fear, 66,
11 Loving with Freedom or with Possessiveness, 75,
12 Love and Loneliness, 106,
13 Love and Forgiveness, 121,
14 Love and Hope, 131,
15 Love within the Light and the Dark, 138,
16 Love and the Paradox, 146,
17 Love and Freedom Are Found in the Unknown, 150,
18 Thoughts to Ponder With Just Be Love, 152,

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