Just Between Us: Search for Balance

Just Between Us: Search for Balance

by Jill Briscoe



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Just Between Us: Search for Balance by Jill Briscoe

A Note from Jill Briscoe

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what we should be doing. There's so much to be done--all of it seemingly legitimate and necessary. How then do we decide which part of the all must be done today? We can try and make a list of our priorities, but it's hard to see which is the most important thing of all the important tasks we list.

Jesus said, "Seek first his kingdom" (Matt. 6:33). The overarching principle is to put the King and His interests first. This does not necessarily mean church things, or religious rituals, or exercises. Putting the King first may mean mothering, practical tasks, career advancement, even rest or recreation. We need to try and work out What the King Says Is First Today. This delivers us from a rigid hierarchy of priorities, such as God first, Family next, church last--or family first, church next, me last, etc.

All of us are different. We are in different seasons of life. Our gifts, families, and spiritual maturity levels vary. However, can we judge what others should be putting first? We can't--and we shouldn't. It's hard enough to sort it out for ourselves.

It's a start if we can be obedient to the priorities He dictates on a day-to-day basis. We need to be flexible as we find our list of priorities changing from day to day. Today the King may say--stay home and mother. Tomorrow--go and witness to a neighbor or teach a Bible study. The next day He may ask us to allow other people to care for our children. A friend of mine says if Jesus is first, you'll know what's next.

For women who serve Jesus, priorities abound. It's not a question of choosing between good and bad, but between better and best! We know God needs to set our agendas and chart our course--but how? If only He would type us out a schedule every day! Instead, He lets us do that.

Choices, after all, are one of God's great gifts to us. They give us a chance to fathom it out and grow because of the decisions we make. What a privilege to have God trust us to decide what comes first on a day-to-day basis.

May He not be disapointed.

In His Love,

Jill Briscoe

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ISBN-13: 9780781439558
Publisher: Cook, David C
Publication date: 09/05/2003
Series: Just Between Us Series
Pages: 70
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Meet Jill Briscoe and you will immediately sense her "heartbeat" for God, for women, and for her family. The Lord has blessed her with wisdom, wit and disarming honestly, and most of all, she wants her words to make a difference in our world, doing their part to help His kingdom come.

Jill has an active speaking and writing ministry that has taken her to many countries. She has written or co-authored numerous articles and more than 40 books. Jill is executive editor of Just Between Us, and serves on the board of directors for World Relief and Christianity Today, Inc.

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