Just Breathe

Just Breathe

by Latonya S. Hicks


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Latonya S. Hicks’ new publication Just Breathe is released just after a challenging time in her life. The author highlights her journey of self-love and self-discovery in an idiosyncratic way.

The compilation of synoptic thoughts is intended to provide an immense play on words experience for its readers. It journeys into a world of emotions that inform, touch and empower. With a focus on invoking unrefined sentiment, Latonya S. Hicks uses subtle expression to convey powerful messages.

The authors’ purpose is to unmask truths, provide assurance and offer hope and healing through poetry. Her goal is to tap into her reader’s deepest thoughts and feelings.

Just Breathe delivers an unabridged, thought-provoking voice that needs to be heard by today’s society. “Don’t take a single breath for granted.”

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ISBN-13: 9781546205265
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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i laid many days in that hospital bed some of those days i wished i was dead pain in my body and aches in my head still can't believe i survived that hospital bed


she was like roses set in harms way neglected of water on the warmest days and yet she still blossomed and never vanished her shield was too strong to ever be damaged


some people think that outside image is where true beauty starts but a lot of people have colorful shells with an ice cold black heart


someday you'll mean the world to someone

wait be patient never settle


don't look at my yesterday i was behind closed doors fumbling with words not knowing what i stood for

don't judge me by yesterday those are old scars i was convicted by my wounds i was locked behind bars

but judge me by today i am free today


if love is what we give so freely why is it hard shouldn't it be easy


real queens inspire they don't put each other down instead they admire the diamonds on one another's crowns

the gift

dear mother even though they talked about you tore you down and cursed you for their name's sake i will continue to prove why having me wasn't a mistake


we were all created to do more than we have ever imagined we could so always dance and take a chance and if believe you can fly leap


i am beautiful in my own skin i know it now i knew it then i love myself and that's why i win i am beautiful i'll say it again


i thought i needed a man to kill the spider above my shelf but being alone has taught me that i can kill it all by myself


don't search her outer beauty she shines from within she's poised with grace and elegance it's the magic inside of her skin and when she stands to walk people become unsure she's composed of the finest minerals and she's electrifyingly pure


he thinks that telling me i'm beautiful will draw him nearer but i already know what i look like i have a mirror


love is not a man or a woman love can't be placed on a shelf love is not materialistic love is God and self


promise me this

you won't lose yourself chasing what if's


he said he loved me and so i stayed but that kind of love almost put me in the grave

the mantle

remember when you cried at night and no one saw your tears remember when you shook inside and no one felt your fears and remember when you came out of it refreshed and mentally strong it's because you had HIS covering God was right there all along


and the key to surviving is learning to balance the good and the bad, the happy and the sad realizing that life has no loyalty to either one


the scars that have been assigned to me will no longer be defined by me

the reward

far too often we voice our pain to prove a point for personal gain we forfeit peace and become violent not realizing the victory was in remaining silent


i am not who i was before just ask yesterday it doesn't know me anymore


when you love yourself you love your curves and all of your waves

you're confident enough to be yourself you break rules and misbehave


growth comes by having the courage to get up you have to be the soaring eagle not the sitting duck


don't let a bad day question your being you were made to stretch and expand and expound you will always land with your feet on the ground


i can't accept mediocre anymore either we're going to crash or set waves to the shore


i think my presence does something in ways that others can't compare every time i walk into a room people always stare


he has the power to exhilarate her she desires him insomuch he's secured a place inside of her that no other man can touch

false hope

an inch of hope only seen through a microscope will keep us anticipating love forever


don't look as if you're shocked or try to act surprised you took the sacred needle and pierced it through my thighs

you sat and watched me build them you uttered not a sound and now that they've been cemented don't you dare try to tear them down


when pain is too familiar happiness is always distant we try to save what we think we have all the while it was nonexistent


don't forget to love yourself be sure to put you before anyone else open your hand and let if fizzle bring it with you and then leave a little

generational curse

maybe that's why it hurts it could be the ultimate sacrifice of debts unpaid before you

maybe you're just the recipient of your ancestors' fall maybe it's not your fault at all


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Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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