Just in Case: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Y2k Crisis

Just in Case: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Y2k Crisis



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Just in Case: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Y2k Crisis by Michael Brownlee

This is a front-line dispatch that brings readers face-to-face with the national global emergency that may develop at the beginning of the year 2000-the potential crisis known as Y2K. The basic fear is that the world's computers may malfunction because they may not "recognize" the year "00." This authoritative introduction to Y2K marshals a host of experts in many fields to give readers all the information they need to make some of the most important decisions of their lives...just in case. Timely, compelling and essential, Just in Case features 18 essays from a seasoned roster of journalists and community organizers with a grass-roots perspective. Joining Senator Robert Bennett are, among others, Ed Yourdon, one of the world's leading authorities on computer programming; Rick Cowles, a foremost expert on Y2K's impact on electric power; Margaret Wheatly, renowned author and management consultant; Jim Lord, retired naval officer and the author of the first book on Y2K; Karen Anderson, chief spokesperson for Y2K's impact on women and families; Shaunti Feldhahn, national spokesperson for a balanced Christian response; Tom Atlee, social theorist and Y2K activist; and Michael Brownlee, a leader in the "inner preparedness" movement. Organized into four sections, Just in Case assesses the Big Picture, the Infrastructure Challenge, Personal and Community Preparedness and Implications for the Future. There is also a resource guide and the text of the Executive Summary of the U.S. Senate Special Committee Report. By separating fact from spin, Just in Case gives the most reliable picture of the true Y2K threat, as well as its surprising upside as a catalyst for personal and social improvements. Addressing the effect that Y2K will have on all aspects of life, from global politics to the home front, from national security to personal safety, Just in Case is the most comprehensive and balanced collection of credible authorities discussing this urgent public-and personal-issue: Y2K.

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ISBN-13: 9781579830045
Publisher: Origin Press OH
Publication date: 04/01/1999
Pages: 199
Product dimensions: 8.08(w) x 7.94(h) x 0.25(d)

Table of Contents

Part I - The Year 2000 Crisis: The Big Picture

Part II - Y2K and the Infrastructure Challenge

Part III - Personal and Community Preparedness

Part IV - Beyond Y2K: Implications for the Future

Appendix A: Resource Guide

Appendix B: U.S. Senate Special Committee Report (Executive Summary) on the Year 2000 Technology Problem

What People are Saying About This

Richard Landes

Y2K's threat is a function of procrastination and denial. Don't procrastinate-read this book.
— (Richard Landes, Ph.D., director of the Center for Millennial Studies, Boston University)

Hazel Henderson

Just In Case is just what's needed to prepare yourself and your community. Y2K is a vast mirror, reflecting our values and the kind of technological societies we have created. Let's use Y2K's lessons to rewire our technological networks to recreate local neighborliness and self-reliance, prosperous home-grown economies, and culturally richer communities. This book will guide you along the way.
— (Hazel Henderson, futurist, author of Creating Alternative Futures)

Arthur Young

This book speaks volumes about the breadth and depth of the coming millennium rollover. Here in one source is clear, sharp, and actionable information for everyone.
— (Arthur Young, former assignments editor for ABC TV News)

Valerie Quigley

This book doesn't pretend that someone (i.e., the government) is going to step in and take care of you. Instead, it emphasizes personal responsibility and working within communities. The advice it gives is very down-to-earth and sensible-preparations we should all be making anyway.
— (Valerie Quigley, coordinator of emergency services, Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services in Marin County, CA)

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