Just Life as seen by Victor Tandy

Just Life as seen by Victor Tandy

by Victor Tandy


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Life has always been a mystery to me. I believe God intends it to be so. See section on Religion. I was born in the UK and grew up there.

At 18 I volunteered for and flew with the RAF on Bombers during World War 2. I then trained for and eventually became a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. After various engineering jobs, I joined the Petroleum Industry on the technical marketing side. This enabled me to fulfill a strong desire to see the world.

So far I have visited 76 different countries, many of them several times and to many different parts of each country. I have had very close friendships with people from over 40 different countries. Including China, Japan, America, Russia, Saudi Arabia, West Africa and Europe.

In addition to the UK, I have lived in the Middle East, West Africa, and Cyprus, for long periods. In my book, which has been greatly influenced by my lifetime experiences, I have tried to cover what I consider to be the main elements of life, essentially, Humour, Love, Observation, Religion and Sex.

I am greatly concerned by how religion has divided the world into various groups for no valid reasons, set people against each other, often creating torture, unnecessary suffering and killing. The only winners have been the people perpetuating the various religions, who never get involved, only manipulate proceedings to their own advantage. I would like to think that my book may have some influence on its readers to change the lives of people for the better. On a personal note, I would say to all people, particularly young ones, who are Dyslexic, do not give up. Just say, "I can and I will". And set yourselves various worthwhile objectives, to help you along the way. Good Luck.

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Publication date: 10/22/2007
Pages: 168
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