Just Like Gravity

Just Like Gravity

by Sorchia Dubois


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Do souls carry debts from one life to the next? Are we doomed to relive tragedies from the past?

Anna arrives in Scotland with more on her mind than the hike along the Great Glen Way she and her daughter have planned. Despite warnings in her tarot cards and tea leaves, her life spirals into an eerily familiar pattern. Nightmares filled with blood and despair send her to the mountains and lochs of the Highlands where she meets a tall Scotsman with troubles of his own. Every woman he meets slaps him, gangsters from Glasgow are hunting for him, and his half-brother wants him dead. None of that matters. She falls more and more in love with this man who may get her killed... again.

When she sees the ancient broch, the ruined building triggers a terror she can't explain. Scenes from her past lives provide glimpses of the web of events linking her to the broch and the man she's lost countless times before.

In 1609, they met and joined for a brief moment, betrayed by kinsmen. In 1932, their paths crossed with tragic results for both, but the groundwork was laid for one more try at happiness.

She's been here before, but-this time-can she save herself and those she loves?

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ISBN-13: 9781633730205
Publisher: Lagan Press
Publication date: 10/23/2014
Pages: 402
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

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Just Like Gravity 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Raine23611 8 months ago
I'm not a romance reader by nature, but this was a cute paranormal romance that spanned hundreds of years. I'm always a sucker for anything time travel or reincarnation-related. I almost wish more of the story took place in the past as I loved the historical era! Lovely.
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
Just Like Gravity I received a free copy, through LoP on Goodreads, in exchange for an honest review. Anna is on the adventure of a lifetime. She's taken herself to Scotland, to see if she can find the answers to the nightmares that have been haunting her. What people don't realize about her is that she sees glimpses of things - past, present, possible future. Everything is all coming to a fast conclusion and that ending is somewhere in the hills of Scotland. Once she finds this visioned place, she can hopefully put an end to this nightmarish cycle, before it starts all over again. "Yes. Blood, death, smoke. It got so bad I couldn't sleep at all.: I looked at him sideways to see how he was taking it. I decided to let him have both barrels. "I'm a fortuneteller from a long line of fortunetellers. But I never thought I could do it. I just made stuff up before - just told them what they wanted to hear. Then the dreams started and they led me here." "If ye dream of blood and death in Scotland, do ye not want to avoid it?" "I tried avoiding death, and it didn't work." Not bad. At first, I didn't know what to really think about the story. But, once I got into it, it moved fast. Anna is a likable character and the interaction between her and Davey had me laughing pretty such through the book. Perfect length and great pace.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The main characters in this novel are Anna and Davey. Anna is a recently widowed psychic who is looking for ‘what to do with her future’ while backpacking across Scotland with her daughter. Davey is a troubled local who happens upon her while hiding to save his life. Neither one is thrilled at their first meeting. When he decides to keep her safe while she continues her journey, things get amusing. As the story continues, you learn things about their past lives and learn how it ties in to the present. This story has mystery, family feuds, treasure hunting, ghosts, secrets, and, of course, romance. It keeps you guessing who the bad guy is. Will they figure out what happened in the past? Will they be able to stop it from happening again? Will the feuding ever be resolved? I loved that the story was set in Scotland. This story does jump characters and time, but once you get past the first few chapters, you start to realize why and it’s fairly easy to keep up with what is happening. It keeps you on pins and needles wondering what is going to happen next. There are minor errors such as a word or letter in a word missing or wrong word tense used, but it was nothing major and I barely noticed while I was reading. If you love a good romance story with mystery and excitement around every corner, you will want to read this book for sure. Review by H... G... Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team
peggychambers More than 1 year ago
Dinnae fash – don’t stress, this was one of the best books I’ve read in a while.  Sorcha Dubois can spin a tale with the best of them.  To say that Just like Gravity is a time travel story does not do it justice.  Anna and Davy are lovers and have been throughout the ages.  At least that is the way they remember it.  This novel covers families and relationships from the 1600s until the present day and keeps your imagination running wild the entire time.  The Scottish Highlands in the background lend a magical touch to an already magical story.  Kudos to a great story beautifully told. Check out Sorcha Dubois’s Just Like Gravity.