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Just One of the Boys by Tony Haynes, Garland, Jeanette Grey, Blair Erotica

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/f, menage, BDSM, spanking and sex in public.

Just One of the Boys by Tony Haynes

When George is appointed Senior Sales Rep for the UK branch of Regal Lingerie, her first real challenge is a business trip to Amsterdam to meet her three European counterparts – Max, Robbie and Stefan. As the four arrange the meeting, the other three mistakenly take George for a man and, subsequently, arrange to visit a VIP strip club the first night of the trip. When she arrives and declares that she is up for a visit to the club, the boys are delighted; however, not as delighted as George, who ensures that it is a night they will all remember…

The New Girl by Garland

Meet Constance, the new girl. It’s her first day as a secretary at one of the biggest publishing houses in New York City and her coworkers are like characters out of a real life erotic novel. First there’s Claudia and Adam, two senior editors who have a big feud and even bigger sexual tension and let’s not forget Mr Fletcher, Claudia’s new boss and owner of the company. A spoiled rich boy who inherited the company from his father and who, according to everyone, “likes skirt”. Will the new girl be able to survive her first day on the job? Or is she in over her head?

The Game by Jeanette Grey

Everybody needs a diversion to help pass the time at work. Together with her fellow administrative assistant (and secret boyfriend) Andy, Mel enjoys playing a game they call ‘fucking or not fucking’. In it, they try to guess which of their supervisors are sleeping together to advance their careers. All that speculation leads to other games, though. Games wherein the two of them pretend that Andy is the supervisor – and Mel is the underling who is desperate to get ahead.

Negotiating Pleasure by Blair Erotica

Alia has an ambitious business plan that she needs to implement soon. The problem is money. She tries to negotiate to have a large corporation acquire her company on her terms, but they aren’t interested. With time slipping away, she meets one of the negotiators who suggests private negotiations might lead to a more interesting conclusion. He teaches her about the give and take of negotiating, and how pleasurable giving and taking can be.

Happy Birthday, Mr Vice-President by Alice Candy

It’s the boss’s birthday and his PA and her assistant decide he deserves a birthday cake to celebrate. He’s secretly delighted but, of course, buying birthday cake on company time when they should be working means they must be properly reprimanded. The two women are given a proper dressing-down in front of their colleagues that none of them will forget. 

These stories have also been published in Corporate Affairs

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781909335318
Publisher: Xcite Books
Publication date: 01/03/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 58
Sales rank: 438,788
File size: 104 KB

About the Author

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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Georgina had never really liked her name. She always thought that it made her sound like a heroine from a Victorian novel rather than a smart young successful career girl, which was why, the day she left home for university, she decided from that moment onwards she would be a George. She rather liked being a George and, if she hadn’t made the change, she might well never have had quite so much fun as she did during her first trip to Amsterdam.

After graduating from uni, George weighed up her options and plumped for a fast-track management course that Regal Lingerie were offering. Immediately, George proved to be something of a star. Privately, she reckoned it was because she was such a big fan of the products that the company offered.

Upon finishing the course, the MD of the company, Sarah, offered George the post of senior UK sales rep. Sarah explained that it was one of four new roles that Regal had created throughout Europe, and should George accept, she would be working in close conjunction with the other three new sales reps. George didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity.

As an added bonus, Sarah proposed that all four reps should meet up for a long weekend in order to get to know one another and talk tactics in terms of business strategy. So, although she’d hardly been in the job ten minutes, George found herself on a flight to Amsterdam five days into her new role.

During that first week, George exchanged a series of Emails with her counterparts. There was Max from Germany, Stefan from Sweden, and Robbie from Holland. George was pleased to note that, as the week progressed, the emails gradually became less and less formal. She quickly realised that, given her name, the other three lads had assumed she was a man. She half-thought about correcting their mistake, however, given her slightly devilish nature, she delayed doing so. Her reasoning was twofold. Firstly, she thought she might be able to use the situation to her advantage. Secondly, and far more importantly as far as she was concerned, she thought it might be fun!

Given that Robbie was the local boy it was left to him to book the accommodation for the other three. It was clear from his choice he was eager to impress, because he opted for one of the most luxurious hotels Amsterdam had to offer, which George thought boded well. 

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