Just Say When

Just Say When

by Kaylee Ryan


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Saving myself for marriage, not hardly.‬‬
Saving myself for someone who will make my heart race, most definitely.

In theory it's a good plan, however even the best-laid plans fall through. Seeing him, being around him, alerts all my senses and I dream about being his, wrapping myself in his arms and never letting go. The only problem - he sees me as his sister.

My name's Ava Evans and I'm in love with my older brother's best friend, Nate Garrison.

Burying myself in work for the past two years, avoiding any thought of her, has worked, until now. She's everywhere, in my dreams, in my gym, and in my heart. I'm not sure when I fell in love with Ava Evans, but I am completely in love with my best friends baby sister.

At first she was too young for me and that made it easy to stay away. Now, it's a struggle to keep my distance.

How am I supposed to resist her when I can't escape her? If he ever found out, it would ruin our friendship. Even with that knowledge all she would have to do is...

Just Say When.


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ISBN-13: 9780986180033
Publisher: Kaylee Ryan
Publication date: 05/09/2015
Pages: 242
Sales rank: 567,757
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Kaylee Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the With You series, the Southern Heart series, and the Soul Serenade books, in addition to several stand-alone titles. Visit her at kayleeryan.com.

Jillian Macie loves narrating audiobooks, especially racy stories with strong female protagonists. When not in the recording booth, you can find her running on the trails near her home or chauffeuring her children to all of their various activities.

Nelson Hobbs lives on the sand with a classical guitar in one hand and a glass of sangria in the other. His villa on the beach is lined wall-to-wall with a coveted library of romantic classics. His voice resonates in this paradise which has led to the natural transition to audiobook narrator.

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Just Say When 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
JamieLB More than 1 year ago
When two people have known each other all their Lives, comes a friendship that turns into Love to last for Infinity. Ava is Brody's little sister, Nate is Brody's Best Friend, They have been through thick and thin even served a tour in the Military together. Years later Ava and Nate are suddenly in each others lives, and now the feeling they both have pushed aside are now front and center. Each not knowing that they have these feeling for each other so they fight it. First to scared to try due to not wanting to make Brody made. But when they no longer can or want to fight it the strong pull adds fuel to the fire. The are willing to see where this will go no matter what. But can they make Brody understand or will he make them choose. Can their Strong love over come and stand strong with the one person they both Love, and really would like to understand and get his Approval. This Kind of love was meant to be. This is a Must read. I love each and every Kaylee Ryan Book. I thinks I have been swoon by Nate. (less)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was awful. Nate was a wimp and Ava Marie was a tantrum throwing brat. I think this book takes place in the land of make believe. I love a male lead who is good-hearted but come on. Everything he does is to make Ava Marie happy. He owns a business, she is in college, and yet you would never know it because all they ever do is sit around his house and make googly-eyes at each other. And she falls asleep every 15 minutes or so. It is so completely unrealistic. Has this author ever lived in the real world? Or does she wear a princess dress and tiara and ride around on her pretty purple unicorn all day? The book was so corny I could not deal with it. If I could have given negative stars I would have. Do not waste your money or time on this.
Roz_FromWickedBabes More than 1 year ago
ARC copy provided to this fangirl for an honest review. At the risk of sounding totally and completely cliche, Kaylee Ryan has done it again! Just Say When was a great read and I didn’t want to put it down. (If you’ve never read any of Kaylee’s books—just stop reading this review and go one-click. Seriously…) I will say that I had high expectations going into this novel. It’s the concept that I was worried about. Nate and Ava Mae have fallen for one another, but Ava Mae is Nate’s best friend’s little sister—making her totally off limits. The “best friend’s little sister” idea is something that Kaylee has tackled before. (Ha. Tackled. How appropriate. And if you don’t know what I’m snickering about…go one-click some Kaylee!) I was very curious to see how she was going to take this idea and make it fresh. I’m happy to report that I didn’t feel like this was a recycled story at all. She had me gushing over Nate and Ava Mae almost the whole book! The dual POV was perfect. I like when I get both sides—it keeps things clear. The pace was good. There was only one spot where I wish she could have slowed down just a tiny bit, and one spot where I totally guessed what was coming next. In either case, it didn’t take away from the story. Her secondary characters were fun (and managed to get me riled up a couple times!) but the hero of the story… Let it just be stated for the record, I’m ruined. Kaylee has ruined me with yet another marvelous book boyfriend. I like to say that they come from this sweet spot that only she has access to; she plucks them out and plops them in front of you and they’re So. Freaking. Swoon-Worthy! Nate definitely gave her other heroes a run for their money… Have I convinced you to one-click yet? Just trust me, okay? Bravo, Kaylee. Bravo!
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars Just Say When follows the story of Ava and Nate. Ava has been in love with Nate for as long as she can remember. The problem: Nate is her older brother’s best friend. Nate and Brody are as close as friends can get, practically brothers. For years, Ava has longed for Nate, but has kept her feelings hidden. Now, years later, Ava runs into Nate again. Ava had hoped that her feelings had dulled with time, but is quick to see that her feelings haven’t changed. In fact, the pull that she feels for him is even stronger…..Nate has always had a thing for Ava. But, she was forbidden or off limits to him because of his friendship with Brody. Now that Ava has come back into Nate’s life, he finds it difficult to hide his feelings. The two of them are desperately trying to deny what everyone can clearly see. Both afraid to let the other know how they feel. However, the more they try to fight it, the stronger the pull, the deeper the attraction. Until one day, they both decide that can’t, no they won’t fight it anymore. They have to find out if there is more there than just an attraction. Now, that their feelings are out there, there is only one obstacle left in their way: Brody. Ava and Nate want to be together, but want to have Brody’s blessing. This will prove to be the ultimate test. Is their love strong enough to face down Ava’s brother? When the time comes will Nate be forced to choose between his best friend or the woman he loves? I just adored Just Say When. The story was sweet, really well written and had a great flow to it. The characters were fun and enjoyable; even the secondary ones. There wasn’t one person that I didn’t want to know about. I loved Ava and Nate together. I loved the push and pull between them. I felt their chemistry instantly and the incredible bond they shared. Friends for a lifetime, that shared a love that grew into something more, something incredible, something infinite. Just Say When was a quick read for me and is one of those stories that will leave you with a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a sweet romance that will make you swoon and is light on the drama, than look no further. *I was provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
rocketlivy More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read, the chemistry was there along with entertaining supporting characters (that I hope she writes a book about!!). The romance was realistic and sweet! I have reread this one many times.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it took to long to tell someone you loved them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. It's the first Kaylee Ryan book I've read and I will be looking for more. The story was fun and engaging.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never written a review. This book lacked plot, was corny, characters are unrealically polite and they all have the same "voice." How this was published is beyond me. Total crap.
MariannMurvai More than 1 year ago
Okay... another fantastic read from the amazing Kaylee Ryan! Not kidding guys... Ava and Nate are a really hot and sweet couple. so many years without each other... heartbreaking. They want the other one, but they cant. Cause of Brody. (btw they are so adorable with Sara. maybe another book with them? *-* I'm very curious what happened in Las Vegas for example) It was a very sweet and well-written story. I liked the other characters like Kara, Zach, Tanner... they are good friends. My fav part in the book was the bday-week. Fav gift the letters.  Highly recommended, so start reading ASAP. Oh, and can you resist this amazingly beautiful cover???? ps.: Just say when, babe, just say when <3
micharch More than 1 year ago
Ava and Nate find themselves seeing each other after not having done so in two (2) years.  Nate is her brother, Brody's best friend and, therefore off limits to her.  Nate finds himself fighting his feelings for her and is unsure how Ava feels about him.  After getting thrown together several times, Nate decides he has had enough and is going to go for it.  Ava gets on board with this plan and they both take it slow.  Nate and Ava try to get a hold of Brody several times to no avail to let him know of their relationship.  Both of their parents are supportive of their relationship and Brody comes home hiding a secret of his own.  Brody acted like a total a**hole about the whole situation and would not listen to reason.  It could have caused strain but Ava and Nate hold strong to each other.  The ending was well done and the whole book was an easy read.  It had a light angst factor and with dual POV's you knew where each character stood which I really liked.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars I really thought this book was cute. I did like the fact that it was a best friend little sister book. And I did like Ava and Nate. I thought they were cute together. This book was cute (As is all her other books), but it lacked something in order for me to love it. I really liked the secondary characters. I liked Ava’s best friend. And I liked Nate’s best friend too. Which just so happened to be Ava’s older brother. I do wish that he was in the book more thought. I felt that you really didn’t get to know him. I also wish their parents were in the book more to. I am glad that they both had both of their parents. Usually in a book one or the other never have both of their parents. Things I did not like…. I wish the brother and parents (both sets) were in the book more. Another thing I didn’t like is where Ava got really upset about Nate wanting to tell her brother about them. I would have told him, I really didn’t get her little tantrum. Overall thoughts… Overall, I thought it was cute. Nothing special about the book. If you wanting something light and fluffy, then this book would be prefect. Happy Reading!
rhino99 More than 1 year ago
Got it last night and finished it this morning @5AM. Could not put it down.  A nice, sweet, adorable love story. Well done Kaylee.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a must read ! I literally couldn't put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a book that makes your heart feel good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not the best writing.  Characters were trite. Story line was predictable.  Found myself skimming through several parts just to get through them.  My first time reading this author and although it was not the worst writing, it certainly was not the best.  I personally would not feel compelled to read another book from this author.