Just Thinking

Just Thinking

by Paula Sekeras


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ISBN-13: 9781463433123
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/31/2011
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Just Thinking

By Paula Sekeras


Copyright © 2011 Dr. Paula Sekeras
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-3312-3

Chapter One

Letting In Fulfilling Experiences

If we become content with small portions of
joy in our life, then we have conditioned ourselves
to believe those obstacles and the mundane are
natural when, the opposite is true.
Joy must be a major priority to bring into our
life. When we can successfully master joyful
living, the mundane will appear in small portions
and obstacles won't seem so devastating.

Everything is made up of energy with a vibrational
force, plants, animals, rocks, trees, human beings, desires
and emotions, happy, sad, good and bad.
In order to achieve our desires we must match their
vibrational frequency.
When one can accomplish this, our desires will be met
because then we correspond to their vibration.
So keep your expectations high and experience
abundance and joy.

Challenges, tests, and obstacles that come in life are all
learning experiences that show us our strength, courage
and determination.
As long as we stay connected to our higher self through
these trials anything can be accomplished.
The power is within.

At night when the evening shadow is present,
what usually comes to mind is all of the I should've,
I could've, I wished I would've, and then we
have a tendency of projecting this unconsciously
into our tomorrows.
At the end of our day what we really need to focus
on is our accomplishments no matter how big or
small; our kind thoughts, words and deeds exchanged
with another, what made us feel good about ourselves,
and what brought us knowledge, joy, or laughter.
Some if not all should be present in each day. It is our
choice what we choose to recapture.

Sometimes when our energy is up and
we are having a Great Day, someone
comes along unexpectedly and ambushes
our heightened being. What we need to do
with ALL our might is not to give the person
or situation our power or energy ... don't escalate
the drama and realize the person is displacing
their unwanted feelings and emotions on you.
Remember to set your boundaries, stay in your space
and don't let anyone take your power or
happiness away from you.

Freedom of being is accomplished when one
establishes their own comfort zone and takes
the necessary actions to maintain it.
It is then that we can break free of the past
conditioning and control drama's that life
has put on us.
At this plateau is where you will find life
was meant to be lived.
In complete harmony.

Sometimes we need to turn our "inside out"
in order to become our authentic self.

If we are not corresponding with our desires
we are missing our mark.

Time is one of our greatest stress factors.
I don't have enough time,
I'm out of time,
I'm on time,
I need more time,
You are on my time,
You've had enough time,
It's time for work ... bed ... to get up ...
There just isn't enough time.
Enough time.
Just think for a moment ... without time,
days, years, or lifetimes could be savored.
Sunrises, sunsets and seasons would be
our only time factors. As they once were.
People would be looked upon for their life experiences.
Always take time-out to just BE.
What a wonderful thought.

What is living?
Living is being able to condition ourselves
to stay in the moment.
No futurizing,
No past dwelling.
Literally Staying in the Moment!

If we always keep our back to the wind
We won't have the strength to meet some of life's
challenges that we are faced with.
Rather than reaching out to do something we love
especially, if it takes hard work, or disciplining
oneself. Instead we will just choose to be content
with whatever comes along.
By fearing the storm we will shy away from taking
a chance that could possibly enhance our life.
We will just let our negative fears consume us,
Instead of being positive and confident in ourselves
to accomplish what we need to.

When we refuse to go out on a cold snowy day,
we could be denying ourselves an exhilarating life
experience. Not realizing there could be a whole new
world waiting to be explored, if we would only venture out
to experience it and wake up our senses.
Always remember to bask under blue skies and sunshine,
Because this adds to our life by recharging and lifting
the spirit.
There is beauty and wisdom in them all and when we learn
to focus on that which is of essence to our life,
we will experience excitement and enrichment
to our soul.

It is time to take one's power back, when we have been
living within another's mind for far too long.

One way to deal with most complexities in life, is to step
outside of the event,
and become the silent observer. By doing so we take our
emotions out of the drama
and can clearly focus on a beneficial outcome.

True joy cannot be bought or it cannot be sold.
It cannot be heard, it cannot be told.
You won't find it elsewhere or outside of yourself.
It's not something you use then set back on the shelf.
We all possess its magic if we look deep within.
It's as easy as staying grounded, in the moment we
are in.
To intensify joy and keep a smile in your heart,
practicing appreciation each day is the best place to

On our path in life there are many cross roads
to lead us in many directions.
Sometimes we need to veer off the path and head into
unknown territories.
By taking these steps we become trail blazers ...
and if we walk in peace, love, truth and wisdom the blaze
will keep the path lit so that others may follow.

Chapter Two

Living On Vibrational Exuberance

Life is a constant growing experience, but when present
circumstances don't permit this, love is also dampened.
Without love, especially for oneself, then joy and
happiness are hard to find.
In some cases, in order to rekindle the love for oneself,
this could require a complete transplant to a new
environment and atmosphere that replenishes the soul.
Enduring some minor pain and setbacks, we can let
our roots take hold in fresh soil, start new growth
and begin to flower anew.

People who truly know love can speak it,
project it, and act upon it.
Then there are those that just don't get it.
That's so sad for such self-inflicted misery.

Anyone can be nice . . .
But kindness comes only from a loving heart.

Take time to,
Treat yourself.
Pamper yourself.
Console yourself.
Comfort yourself.
Healthfully indulge yourself
in all that you love.
By taking the time to love yourself ...
you won't ever be disappointed.

When we are with fear, the present moment is lost.
We begin to futurize past experiences; anticipating
something bad to happen. Anxiety, anger, sadness
or even boredom can act as a mask to fear-based emotions.
Where fear resides; love is void. Love becomes
suppressed to seemingly nonexistence. Love can
and will triumph over fear. One only needs to
recapture the sense of spontaneity, the joyful present
quality of innocence and play in any given situation.
This is yet another way to experience love.

Thoughts of you keep coming into, and
traveling in my mind.
Our moments shared where not long enough,
yet they where divine.
I long for your smile again, to feel your touch
and caring warm embrace.
My soul would soar in ecstasy beyond this
earthly place.
For now I only have thoughts of you for
time and distance keeps us apart.
Although I feel your presence;
you're always in my

It is not wise to give our heart to another
person or circumstance, but to only share it.
For only we can keep it replenished with

Through this love I have learned to be
still and trust divine essence to guide me.
In this love I have learned to honor the
shadow as well as the light, knowing
that each has their place in love's growth.
And when the shadow disappears we
come in contact with soul.
Within this love I have obtained the
knowing of unconditional Love. This is
when one loves so deeply expecting
nothing in return.
Without this love, I would have never
experienced what some think they have
found; what some search a lifetime for
yet never find; what some find and never
let go.

Love, call it unconditional, call it divine ...
but in its true sense ... it goes beyond
family and friends.
It surpasses sexual attraction. It reaches into
the depths of the soul, connecting one to
their higher-self and all else in existence.
In this connection, it is not gender specific
or only towards another human being, but it
encompasses nature with its ever changing
tapestry and ALL the diverse inhabitants
that makes this earth so special.
When one feels this Love it permeates the
whole being giving you a sense of divine
connectedness and a desire to stay with this
vibrational flow of Love.

Love the highest vibrational force
Its intensity can literally sweep you
off your feet and take you to places
you can't imagine.
Ahhh ... the energy of Love.

Mastering love is when ...
feeling resonates
throughout one's being
by simply thinking of the word ...


Chapter Three

Awareness Notably Guiding Us In Spiritual Hope

Oh, what relentless turmoil of struggle with negative
thoughts that supersedes positive awareness.
The constant expectations of what others feel
we should be or do.
We must learn to stop the merry-go-round process before
we bottom out in the merciless pit of
emotional self-destruction.
Die the death of your old ways, beliefs and conditioning
that no longer suit you. So that you may enjoy the
resurrection of being true to yourself.

What is this dark lonely place I have stumbled into?
A place where wrestling with fear is a constant struggle
and anxiety lurks in the mist waiting.
At a loss for staying in the moment, while being consumed
with human mortality. Wanting desperately to go back, yet
fully know one can't.
So, I move on trusting in the love of spirit to engulf me and
light my way.

Sometimes tears are the only release
to suppressed tension, stress, and anxiety.
Let them liberate your body, mind and

Sometimes the mind can't rest it's like a spell I'm under.
Thoughts, feelings and emotions erupt like
bouts of thunder.
The swirling winds what they carry are
exciting and enticing,
spinning me around and round,
trying to change my rigid mind set.
The lightning bolts they flash anxiety and fear.
I want to step outside but only when it's clear.
When did this storm arise has it been brewing for a while?
I long for the sunshine's warm and friendly smile.

The emptiness and the solitude of the soul
leaves room for new growth but with a price.
When faced with drastic changes, chaos, can
become an all encompassing force.
The heart and mind agrees only to
disagree again and again.
The physical sensation of the fire is no longer felt.
Only the hot ambers under foot remind us to keep moving.
Happiness, sadness, fear, courage, love and hate
all melt together.
One struggles with the restlessness of their being, only to
succumb to what will be.

Sentences left unfinished ...
Thoughts left unprocessed ...
Encouragement no longer there ...
Questions left unanswered ...
Genuine caring gone ...
Unconditional heartfelt love
never to be replaced ...
This empty feeling, impossible to fill ...

In contemplating life, what torment to one's soul;
knowing something more is to be grasped.
Yet, not knowing what or how to make it complete.
In the silence I wait patiently for the answer to be
bestowed upon my soul.

When disappointments come from the same
situation and person, we are not to internalize it.
Keep your faith.
By realizing that whatever you are being
disappointed about be it opportunity, money, love,
kindness, understanding ... may not be found there,
remembering that a person who callously disappoints
could have deep seated ego driven disappointments about
So take this as a nudge that you will need to
follow your heart's desire elsewhere.

Dis-ease cannot take root where
love and joy reside.

Chapter Four

Special Earthly Actions Sending Out New Sensations

During the winter solstice when everything
is barren, we must remember that nature still
abounds. When we compare this to ourselves,
it's a time for deep inner reflections of our soul,
so we will know what to bring forth to enrich it.
Much like the spring bringing forth new growth.

On this cold crisp winter day let me bring to mind
all that warms my soul,
all that makes my heart sing with delight,
all that I can add to this web of life so that
peace, love, and harmony can prevail.

As the old year has passed and the new one begins;
I shall dismiss any thoughts, words, and deeds that
don't project that which is in my best interest.
By letting them fall away they cannot hamper my
progression or another's that I come in contact with
on this earth walk.
I shall enlighten with only positive thoughts, words and
not only for myself but for others to benefit from as well.

On this special spring solstice that entered in
with a 'warm moon,' I will keep in mind all the
new dreams I wish to manifest in my life.
May each and everyone keep in mind their dreams
as if they already own them for then they shall
become your reality.

Spring a time to make room for new growth not only
in our gardens and homes, but also in our life.
So when cleaning our own personal clutter let us not
forget, our thoughts and emotions.
If it doesn't feel good, release it, so that a new positive
thought or feeling can take its place.
In doing so there will be room to grow.

OH, the summer solstice ...
to feel the summer breeze caressing
my face and body.
Gently flowing through my hair like
the finger tips of a close intimate lover.
To be at one with nature and the universe,
the soul becomes intoxicated with the
Blessings and Love of spirit.
Let me savor this time so I may recapture
it at will.

The fall equinox. What is the revelry with this
time of year?
Is it the crispness of it all, the cool air, and the
fallen leaves?
Or is it the shades of orange, red, and brown grounding us
to Mother Earth.
Let me not explain it, but take pleasure in the
autumn season.

Chapter Five

New Awakings To Universal Radiating Essences

Try to appreciate all the awesome gifts from God
that have been bestowed upon us.
Like a sunset with warm hues of gold and orange;
A pastel rainbow during a sunny midday rain;
Butterflies flittering; song birds singing their unique
individual song; a moonlit starry night; or any of the
wonders nature provides us with.
When we can acknowledge the beauty and simplicity,
we then will be Blessed with even greater gifts.

Each day should be like a walk
in a country garden.
You can either hurry through with
your mind preoccupied or you can
casually stroll.
A casual stroll is how it was meant to be enjoyed,
taking in all the colors and fragrances as the
sunlight plays upon them warming the
heart and soul.
Watching the rabbits scurry and play; seeing
the squirrels gather and perform their
acrobatic stunts, hearing the birds sing their
songs of life, and just knowing that everything
is taken care of in its own time.
If we only take the time, every day can be a
Beautiful Day.

Escape the hustle and the bustle,
replenish your energy by slipping
away with nature, if only for a few
moments. It will rejuvenate your
body, mind and soul.

The Best Human Energy Resource Available.

To revel in nature is to be one with God!

When in doubt shout ...
I am one with Universe ...
God will see me through!

When the clouds are Oh so grey ...
Let sunshine illuminate from
your heart to brighten up the day.


Excerpted from Just Thinking by Paula Sekeras Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Paula Sekeras. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Wow what a nice little book! So many verses that make you think! Just as the title states. This is a book that everyone should read ! I plan on getting copies for all my friends and family! The author really makes you think about many important issues !!