Just Thinking: A collection of serious thoughts

Just Thinking: A collection of serious thoughts

by Jim Banks


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Just Thinking is a collection of blog posts that I wrote covering a wide range of subjects of interest to me personally and professionally; healing, restoration, breaking creative barriers & blockages, dealing with fear, troubled relationships, marital communication, and the like.

As one who works with people's difficulties on a daily basis, whether is it recovery of identity following abuse, trauma or childhood wounding, or trying to sort out marital communication issues, I have come to find that information shared in these topical articles are applicable to the vast majority of the populous.

I also meet with a number of 20-somethings here locally when we are not traveling to train or do member care for missionary organizations. For whatever reason, their parents failed to help them grow up in some vital areas and they need input from an adult who has been around the block a few times to help them see things from another perspective so they can make a better decision. Although these specific things don't constitute a large portion of this offering, it is this sort of information that I share in this book. Just trying to help people see things differently.

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About the Author

Jim Banks was trained as an electrical engineer and worked for several years as a design engineer for power systems for both office buildings and manufacturing plants. He also subsequently worked in technical sales and marketing management for several manufacturers.

About 35 years ago, while working fulltime, we became very frustrated while trying to help a number of young adult couples that we were in relationship with. It seemed that our limitations of skills and tools, along with our lack of training in our gifting allowed us only to pick them up, dust them off, put on a band-aid or two, then send them out for another dose of the same, only to have to do it all over again within a couple of months.

This propelled us on to what has become a life long journey of adding other healing tools to our belt. As we became better educated and more experienced, we began doing Inner Healing out of our home. What began as a couple of nights a week, quickly grew to both nights and weekends, and eventually became a full time endeavor in 2002.

In the succeeding years we have helped thousands of people find healing for the wounded and broken places in their lives. Many have found release from the trauma of rape, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Marriages have been restored and family estrangements ended.

The 23 minute audio version Trauma Prayer available on Youtube.com has reached over a million people and virtually every country on earth.

Individual prayer ministry is available on an appointment basis in a comfortable, secure private setting. They also do a great deal of training in the US and personal ministry for missionaries around the world.

Pat and Jim have four children and currently have six grandchildren. We currently reside in south central Kentucky, USA.

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