Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery

Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery

by Rosalie Marsh


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This first in the Just Us Two travel series was a Winner in 2010 International Book Awards (Travel: Recreational) and Finalist in the USA Book News 2009 Best Book Awards in the same category.

This second edition is the same award-winning story but with a new jacket, format, and extra photographs.

  • He wanted a little bike to tinker with . . .
  • She had well-groomed hair and wore high heels!

Not just for bikers but for travellers and dreamers alike. Award-winning Just Us Two-Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery is an exhilarating romp through ten happy Gold Wing years of discovery and adventure and fun as a quiet middle-aged couple, who had never crossed the water to tour before, journey into the unknown into far flung corners of Western Europe with only each other to rely on.

It is also a tale of courage and triumph over adversity as, following illness when it appeared that the freedom of biking days was over, they made mental and practical adaptations in order to continue what they could while they could and then they would not say 'if only ...'

The adventures start when Ned wanted something to tinker with after a number of years bike-less. Rosie pleaded: "If we buy a scooter will you travel? Will you brave the ferry? Will you? Can we? ... and initially bought a Honda 1100cc.motorbike.They planned to visit Ireland to find Rosie's roots on what was a profound emotional tale of discovery. However, fate took a hand and Rosie discovered a Honda Gold Wing 1500cc motorbike sitting in a showroom waiting for them. Ned thought he had died and gone to heaven and they sailed off to Ireland two weeks later on what was to become known as Ned's 'baby.

Rosie pokes fun at herself as they go

  • coast to coast in France and Spain;
  • cross the French and Swiss Alps;
  • follow the Champagne Route;
  • ride through the sun scorched earth of the Sierras and torrential thunderstorms in the Andorran mountains, praying for safety as they ride into the unknown;
  • ride in the intense heat into the Dolomites.

Follow the spills and thrills as they Wing it their way, on their own-Just Us Two. And why can't Rosie afford any more shoes?

You must read this story to appreciate the diversity and colour of the travels of Ned and Rosie. The sequel and the real ending to Rosie's Gold Wing Story is Chasing Rainbows with Just Us Two, first published in paperback (Perfect Bound) in May 2011.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781908302120
Publisher: Christal Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Series: Just Us Two Travel , #1
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 3 Months

About the Author

Rosalie Marsh writes on a variety of topics from hilarious biographical travel adventures to more serious stuff based on personal development - which are light-hearted and user-friendly.
Marsh says: "In the midst of pots and pans I often dreamed of writing as many story lines popped up in my head. My wide range of activities provided me with a rich seam of material."

As 'born-again' bikers on a Honda Gold Wing motorbike, Marsh and her husband found their lost youth travelling on their own -Just Us Two - in Europe, During their first Gold Wing experience, finding that the words flowed when recording their first profoundly emotional experiences in Ireland, Rosalie realised that there were the beginnings of a story. As the years passed, they extended their horizons, travelling over 50,000 miles on their own. Rosalie wrote about their amazing experience as feature articles, eventually concluding that together they formed an inspiring story of adventure and realisation of dreams.

Later, this award-winning story developed into the 'Just Us Two' series of biographical travel adventures.

Retiring to concentrate on her writing, Marsh drew on her skills and experiences in travel and adult education. From this, the series of Lifelong Learning Personal Effectiveness Guides developed - each a big workshop in a small package.
Rosalie brings her twin passions of travel and achieving potential into her writing, which readers find 'exhilarating and inspirational'; 'a relaxing adventure not to be missed'; 'she is a gifted author who can bring her travel books alive,' that she is 'a detailed and passionate professional' whose 'knowledge of work based learning and adult education is outstanding', to name a few comments.

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Rosalie Marsh writes under a pen name..

Connect with Rosalie at:
http://www.discover-rosalie.com http://www.discover-rosalie.blogspot.com
Twitter: @Rosalie Marsh, @JustUsTwoTravel, @LifelongD

Table of Contents

1. The Door Opens and a Passion is Kindled.

2. Journey into Wing World.

3. Spreading our Wings.

4. On a Wing and a Prayer.

5. Andalucían Adventure.

6. Closer to Home.

7. More Diverse Travels of a Way Worn Winger.

8. Changing Lives.

9. Business as Usual.

10. Epilogue. 

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