Kadashan Speaks: The Law of Nature and Nature's God, Our lives, our liberties, our Pursuit of Happiness

Kadashan Speaks: The Law of Nature and Nature's God, Our lives, our liberties, our Pursuit of Happiness

by Kadashan


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For six years Kadashan wrote a column for the Juneau Empire, the major newspaper for the capital city of Alaska, From a Native American Perspective—Kadashan Speaks about the Law of Nature and Natures’ God; these are essays based on a compilation of some of the writings that appeared in the monthly column. Others are from his website www.kadashan.simplesite.com and www.kadashan37.com.

Kadashan is his Tlingit name and he lives in a small village in the southeastern part of Alaska. He was named after his great grandfather who guided the world traveler John Muir through the inside passage of Southeast Alaska into Glacier Bay. Kadashan was born in Sitka, Alaska but makes his home in Yakutat where he grew up as a commercial fisherman.

He obtained his formal education at Yakutat and Sitka, Alaska, Holland, Michigan and attended Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka and Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He self-published two books: WHEN RAVEN CRIES and a short story collection called THIS IS YAKUTAT. His political commentaries are included in this book and in Kadashan Speaks, Legal Plunder. Kadashan was fortunate to serve as the elected President of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for twelve years. Here he learned about the functions of tribal governments and their relationship with the federal government from which many of these essays are founded.

Kadashan means Red Tide Coming. When the red tide is seen in the bays of Alaska it is a warning that people should not eat shellfish during this time. The red tide has poisonous elements in that will cause immediate death if consumed. In this work he warns the American people about the consequences of drifting away from the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.

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About the Author

Here, Kadashan approaches this second volume of works as he approaches everything, with great respect.
Watching him chair the Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Council meetings was nearly magical. He opened every meeting with a tribute to the respect we owed the proceedings and each other, and somehow, he maintained those tenants, as did we. Under his guidance, the most contentious of issues were discussed and decided across barriers. Acknowledging the respect due everything in our presence allowed for genuine understanding, and in most instances, resolution.

In this work, Kadashan brings you a respectful and truthful perspective of Alaskan Tlingit heritage, bridging cultures to also respect patriotism and Godly service.

A well-respected Tlingit Elder, author, leader, friend, prayer partner, humanitarian, and amazing addition to my personal and professional development, this is Kadashan. Those skeptical to read about the things described in the title can be assured that your own faith will not be compromised and may in fact be refined and enhanced.-Jennifer Yuhas

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