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Cambridge University Press
Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site, Volume 3: The Earlier Cultures: Middle and Earlier Stone Age

Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site, Volume 3: The Earlier Cultures: Middle and Earlier Stone Age


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ISBN-13: 9780521200714
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Series: Clark: Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site Series
Pages: 704
Product dimensions: 8.62(w) x 10.87(h) x 2.20(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction; History of research; Geology and sedimentation; Chronology J. D. Clark; 2. The Stone Age cultural sequence: terminology, typology and raw material J. D. Clark and M. R. Kleindienst; 3. A re-analysis and interpretation of palynological data from Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site David Taylor, Robert Marchant and Alan Hamilton; 4. The archaeology from the Mbwilo member, sands and rubble: the Siszya and Nakisasa industries of the Lupemban industrial complex J. D. Clark; 5. The archaeology from the Mkamba member, ochreous sands bed. The Chipeta industry of the Sangoan industrial complex J. D. Clark; 6. The Bwalya industry of the Acheulean industrial complex. Aggregates from the white sands and dark clay beds of the Mkamba member: Inuga phase (Final Acheulean) and Moola phase (Upper Acheulean) J. D. Clark; 7. An examination of Kalambo Falls Acheulean site (B5) from a geoarchaeological perspective Kathy D. Schick; 8. Modified, used and other wood specimens from Acheulean horizons J. D. Clark; 9. The Kalambo Falls large cutting tools: A comparative metrical and statistical analysis Derek A. Roe; 10. Experiments in quarrying large flakes at Kalambo Falls I Nicholas Toth; 11. A modern knapper's assessment of the technical skills of the late Acheulean biface workers at Kalambo Falls Stephen W. Edwards; 12. An allometric comparison of Sangoan core-axes and Acheulean handaxes from Kalambo Falls John A. G. Gowlett; 13. An overview of archaeological culture and context at Kalambo Falls J. D. Clark; 14. A view of the Kalambo Falls Early and Middle Stone Age assemblages in the context of the old world Palaeolithic Derek A. Roe; Appendix A. Plant foods in African prehistory J. D. Clark; Appendix B. Geography and Kalambo Falls clays J. D. Clark; Appendix C. Carbowax and other materials in the treatment of water-logged Paleolithic wood R. M. Organ; Appendix D. Curtis McKinney; Appendix E. The Kalambo Falls flakes and fragments study of a sample of Acheulean flakes and fragments from site A4 1963 river face extension at Kalambo Falls.

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