Kalashnik Love

Kalashnik Love

by Speed Caravan

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Kalashnik Love

Mehdi Haddab has put his oud in unusual situations before as part of the band DuOud, but this takes it further, mixing it up with some serious rock and electronics. After a brief intro, the band states its case with the overpowering title cut, which is actually a traditional song, although it sounds anything but: with instruments roaring, it's hard to tell where oud ends and electric guitar begins. Covering "Killing an Arab" could have been an act of genius, a chance to turn the song inside out, but instead it's played fairly straight and fast. Things really take off with "Dubai," which offers echoes of Massive Attack if they'd come of age in Cairo instead of Bristol, while "Galvanize" is pure metal (possibly the very first oud-metal track ever). Even when it lets off the gas a little, as on the brooding "Erotic Chiftetelli," or "Hotel Zyannides," there's an atmosphere of menace about the album, with odd samples low in the mix (and sometimes higher) here and there. The real shock comes when the band revert -- more or less -- to their Maghrebi roots with "Parov Yegar Siroon Var," which is essentially a showcase for Haddab's virtuoso oud playing, although it inevitably takes a left turn into a kind of warped, modern prog rock. But this band is all about confounding expectations, since "Idemo Dalje" puts a traditional piece through a modern wringer and turns out something very danceable, but with its origins recognizable. It's not so much music that crosses boundaries as it is music that doesn't even acknowledge that boundaries even exist. But at the same time, it avoids being an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink affair, thanks to precise arrangements, and the skill and taste of those involved. The whole thing is rounded out by a pair of remixes, both interesting and offering different perspectives to the music, but peripheral to the core itself.

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Release Date: 03/09/2010
Label: Real World
UPC: 0884108016725
catalogNumber: 167

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Speed Caravan   Primary Artist
Erik Marchand   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Paul Kendall   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Rachid Taha   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Pascal Teillet   Bass
Rodolphe Burger   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Rabah Khalfa   Percussion,Guest Appearance
Mehdi Haddab   Oud
Christelle   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Richard Archer   Vocals,Guest Appearance
David Husser   Bass,Guitar,Guest Appearance
Rocky Singh   Drums,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Mohamed Bouamar   Percussion,Vocals
Rabah   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Arnaud Dieterlen   Cymbals,Guest Appearance
Franck Vaillant   Drums,Guest Appearance
Bruno Ferrier   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Wattie Delay   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Viorel Tajkuna   Synthesizer,Guest Appearance
Stephan Gensbittel   Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,fender rhodes,Guest Appearance
Spex MC   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Simone Alves   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Lady Flo   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Hermione Frank   electronics
Haha Girls   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Christophe Schwob   Guest Appearance
Abdulatif Yacoub   Vocals,Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Michael Dempsey   Composer
Charles "Chick" Ganimian   Composer
Robert Smith   Composer
Laurence Tolhurst   Composer
Tom Rowlands   Composer
Ed Simons   Composer
Pascal Teillet   Arranger,Composer
Kamaal Fareed   Composer
York Tillyer   Band Photo
Mehdi Haddab   Arranger,Composer
Traditional   Composer
Richard Archer   Composer
David Husser   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Rocky Singh   Composer
Udi Hrant Kenkulian   Composer
Laurent Maestre   Vocal Recording
Christophe Schwob   Programming

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